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  1. Why does Kendra look so orange/brown?? She needs to lay off the heavy make up.
  2. I didn't believe any of Abby's act. The entire innocent act was just a big put on. She came off as very manipulative. Definitely a "victim" of her circumstances but you could see that she knew right from wrong and enjoyed the ride. Not sure why more people didn't see through her act (the sheriff and the lady that took her in for starters).
  3. @displayname, unfortunately, that is only marginally better, but better non-the-less. Just pumping up Rachel to be the most "traveled" racer is so wrong in my book!!!
  4. I was curious why Kelly so quickly dismissed the idea that the daughter and son-in-law used the trailer house they took on their trip to dispose of the mom's body. She thought it was an utterly ridiculous idea but I thought it was a reasonable idea, especially to dump the body far from where the lady was last seen. Then, clean it well but leave it somewhere where it will easily get flooded and destroyed.
  5. The Trent murder was another warning to never commit to paper what you don't want read in public. It seems pretty unfair that the lawyers were able to execute a search warrant on the witness and this was a typical case of dragging the witness through the mud when they are only trying to help bring a killer to justice. I don't know how these type of defense attorneys can sleep at night!!!
  6. @Melina22, If you look under the last post on the page, there will be a list of the past 6 pages listed from left to right and then on the far right of that I see right now "Page 109 of 109" and a little down arrow. If you click on that down arrow a pop up box will appear that lets you jump to whatever page you want. Just enter page 67 and hit GO. I'm not sure if this forum allows for custom page set up but if it does, you might have yours set for more or less posts per page than the person who said the post was on page 67 (just something to consider). When an option, I always set my "post
  7. Yet another case they couldn't find enough solid evidence to prosecute. These cases have lots of circumstantial evidence but just not enough to go beyond a doubt. I think the last 3 have ended this way. I wonder if all their cases this season will end this way???
  8. I always want a bit more background on how the first night went. That first night in the "shelter" is usually pretty brutal and I want to know how it panned out.
  9. I am so sorry, but "cutie pie" is the last descriptor I would use. I had an instant impulse to look away. That is a very unattractive child (I'll be praying that it is short term as I know everyone undergoes a lot of changes this early in life.
  10. A few questions: (1) Do the editors/show runners want a likable winner? (2) Are we supposed to like Brian or Shonee? (3) Are we supposed to be rooting for Brian and Shonee? All I know is that I am very impressed with the survivor fight that Sharn has shown the entire game, never once just letting things happen, and I really like how adaptable and wily Shane is. There is something about Shonee that just annoys every fiber of my being. I could very well be seeing things from a very different perspective and there are loads of fans that really like Brian and Shonee. Anyone
  11. Oh God, if Shonee wins this will be one of the worst Survivor outcomes I've seen!!
  12. Wasn't that so sad. The look on the brother's face at the end when he realized that it seems pretty definite that his brother is guilty. The pain, sadness and confusion that flashed across his face was so sad to see.
  13. Forgive me if this is obvious, but who is Peeing Grub?? I have to wait a week to see these last two episodes as we have company this week.
  14. Good point about Shonee. I don't know if I've ever seen such an "airhead" as her. Her mind just seems vacant of any educated thought. It was crazy when after the merge Shonee was telling Fenella that she hasn't understood a single word that the Champion's tribe has said because the words were too long!!! She didn't know what the word efficacy was and acted like it was a nonexistent word. She is young but sounds so stupid. I'm hoping Fenella is just dumbing herself down when she is around Shonee.
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