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  1. Bingo. See politics. And members of party who forgive internally by rant and rave if the other side does it for a non-religious example. And you get into a self-perpetuating loop. If someone like the Duggars doesn't forgive Josh, then they can be criticized for not living up to their own Christian standards of forgiveness, too. So you have multiple things at once: People who genuinely forgive because that's what the tenets of the faith require. People who claim to forgive but are really only protecting their brand. People who don't forgive exactly, but bring someone back in because they
  2. Ben just needs some time at a decent college. It's a shame he probably won't get it, because I think he would genuinely like to engage people in debate, but he has no idea how to do it, and has never been around people who think differently than he does and don't care that he does, which I think would be very eye opening for him. Social media only reinforces that he's wonderful/stupid via comments. People who say things like "whatever" or "if that's what works for you" aren't going to post.
  3. Most best sellers are written at a sixth grade level or so. That's not a slam, but the idea is that a book should be a page turner. You aren't turning pages if you are concentrating on text. Most natural dialog is rarely over fifth grade level anyway. Few people from anywhere have perfect grammar, for instance, or don't use slang occasionally, or put place holder type markers in their speech.
  4. As a rule, I would bet the older children were happier because even with tempers and lack of money, their home had structure. Maybe too much structure, but most children out there like structure and knowing what is going to happen next. It's reassuring to them, and probably accounts for what self-assurance the older children do have. The younger children have no structure at all. They have plenty of money and a big house and less discipline, but one day it's this and the next day it's that. Most young children find that difficult. And they become sort of "lost."
  5. Well, I am of the philosophical opinion that sexual sins aren't different from any other sins. And I know a lot of Christians of all sorts, Fundy, Evangelical, Mainstream and Progressive, who take a similar point of view. I think we have a media fixated on sexuality, so we consequently get a skewed perspective of religions through that lens when they are portrayed. (I think most religions are portrayed very badly in the media because most positive stories make for very boring viewing.) That said, it's no secret that criminals of all sorts find Christians easy pickings. There is a fine line be
  6. I think the Duggars used to have more theology (Gothard theology, but at least some theology) about 20 years ago. But over time that's been replaced with a set of political beliefs and a handful of rules regarding sexuality.
  7. But she was doing things like that on her own, even without being attached to the Duggars. I'm not sure he's her best option now for fame. She had quite her own following - and if they are reduced to You Tube, her following might be larger given that it's younger.
  8. Michaela is also the one who thinks her parents have gone "soft" on child training.
  9. The media saturation for Monica Lewinsky is a thousand times that as it has been for a C list reality star. Plus, She didn't come from a world that could reabsorb her. We might know, but I'm skeptical. He could be working for IBLP in some capacity now, setting up meetings of people or arranging fundraisers. We would have no way of knowing. Josh worked for FRC Action, which might have been paid out of a different filing altogether. As I said, I've always somewhat suspected it might have been funded by someone in the Fundy world. Someone like the Hobby Lobby guy.
  10. Off the top of my head, I'd guess that Josh probably made about $75K in DC. That's the low end for what he did, but he was on the low end for education (serious understatement) and experience. I always figured that the job had been partly funded by someone on the inside of his world and that was part of his getting the job. But I doubt it was higher than that. The FRC is a high profile think tank, but not necessarily a high numbers one.
  11. Josh and the older children certainly have a basic high school education. To graduate in Virginia at the basic level isn't particularly rigorous, and I imagine they could meet those standards. And as I said, I'm not particularly upset that most of the Duggars don't read, as most people don't read. It's their antipathy for reading and books in general.
  12. I think it would hamper him in almost anything in the "real" world. But as long as he stays within the super Fundy/quiverful bubble, they will likely find a place for him. Assuming, of course, that he genuinely isn't hurting anyone.
  13. That mustache IS awful. Really really awful.
  14. Right now, as I've mentioned, I think he had a severance package, which will go a long way in AR where he likely doesn't have to pay for housing. He probably doesn't need a full time job for a year, and by then much of this will have blown over, the media will be about the presidential election and he can quietly slip in working behind the scenes for some PAC or organization regarding a state or local election that won't get media attention if Jack the Ripper were on its payroll.
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