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  1. cpansy

    The Keepers

    I've watched through episode five, and one of the things I think this series is doing best is detailing what kind of position the Catholic church had in a Catholic community like Baltimore in the '50s, '60s and '70s. Priests and nuns were so revered that the very IDEA that there could be individuals hiding behind the shield of the church who would use/abuse children, commit murders - basically do as they chose, indulging any vice they chose - was simply unthinkable. The fact that Jean was afraid to tell her parents about this because Fr. Maskell was helping her, and she was a slut (he calls her that!), and that he manipulated her so fully is absolutely disgusting. The darkness he carried within him was used to blight the light in so many of these girls, and it is appalling. Here they were, getting what seems to be a pretty magnificent education, ready to bloom out in the world, and he took that away from them....and invited others to do the same. What I am taking away from this is the strength of so many of these women, not just Jean, but you will keep hearing how many of them end up triumphing over this initial circumstance. I think the film itself will help accomplish even more. I just want to turn the city of Baltimore over and watch the remaining roaches scuttle out for some final punishment. I think this is a must-watch so people are aware of the power we voluntarily give to churches, politicians, doctors, attorneys, etc. Just beware, and make a conscious decision as to whether or not you really want to turn that power over - are those individuals truly deserving?
  2. cpansy

    S09.E01: Oh. My. Gaga!

    Halleloo - I agree with everything you said from Gaga to Valentina. I can't say it any better, so I'm resuming my seat in the peanut gallery. Just yes, yes, yes.
  3. Please no Johnny W - someone on So Cosmo just mentioned to him that it's interesting to see a creative director who dresses like a personal trainer and I had to laugh. That's exactly how he dresses - like a personal trainer from the '90s.
  4. cpansy

    S04.E06: Federal Budget

    I wish I thought people were catching on to him. Unfortunately, I don't. I think it's going to take much, much longer.
  5. Agree on the control issue completely. And, perhaps something else she was working on fell through...or she found it was less interesting staying home and taking care of an infant than she previously assumed.
  6. I cosign this x infinity. Tyra could not keep her nose out of this once positive reviews indicated the franchise was revived. She will once again institute meaningless words like "smize" "tooch" and "booch" into our language, hire panelists who will not have the nerve to disagree with her, randomly select someone as a winner and then construct challenges based around that individual's strengths and lower the (slightly) elevated tone that this cycle provided. The girls who participated this time around should consider themselves lucky. Law, Drew and Ashley were excellent mentors, ditto for the fantastic Stacey. While some of the photo or video shoots were repetitive, there was nothing alone the lines of Tyra's crazy stunt photo shoots (remember having to model in that plastic bubble that rolled on water? or walking a runway while dodging swinging pendulums?). I sincerely hope the ratings go down significantly, and Ty Ty decides to stay on as a producer PERMANENTLY. I would take Rita as a host over Tyra any day. She had opinions, was not afraid to contradict the panelists - and they weren't afraid to contradict her. So what if no one really knew what being a "boss" was!
  7. Yea! I know she has more to say about Scientology, and I will be glad to see Leah and Rinder go after the COS again. Like most here, I also would love for her to examine multiple kinds of cults and discuss deprogramming. I was inspired to do more COS reading after the first series and Scientology continues to be a fount of depressing, heartfelt stories about lives ruined. They definitely need their tax exemption revoked, and quickly.
  8. cpansy

    S02.E10: Finale, Part Two

    I can't believe I'm writing this, but I think Chris was robbed. I didn't like anything he did during the season, but I thought his finale collection was extremely well-done, and full of wearable pieces. Even the little throwaway jacket he made was charming to me. I love Chelsea, and have ever since she asked Tim for a hug, but I did think that Chris's collection was significantly better. I didn't see the first season of PR: Junior, so I was excited all season to see the minimal amount of shade and snark thrown. These kids mostly got along with each other, were supportive of each other and - mostly - listened to Tim. They are so much more fun to watch than the adults.
  9. cpansy

    S23.E12: And Action!

    I must be crazy, but I actually liked the way Cody smeared her makeup. If she hadn't been making some of those crazy, faux-fierce faces, I think she could have won this one. The entire episode was worth it for me to see Drew screaming about the wig reveals! I sincerely hope these girls are getting some better advice than we are seeing at panel: find your light, learn your angles, look model-crazy - those are stunningly unhelpful comments unless someone backs them up with HOW to do these things. Ashley had the great suggestion to study the poses in magazines and recreate those in a mirror, but I would love to see actual tutorials that teach the girls how to do this. While the acting challenges are difficult and not designed for everyone, it seems they are helpful in order to get the girls to be able to tap into emotions that then could (in theory) flit across their faces during photography sessions. One can only hope.
  10. I support all these except Madge; I don't know why I'm not interested in that one, but I'm just not. Cher would be my more-than-able substitute!
  11. cpansy

    S02.E09: Finale, Part One

    Oh, I was so sad about Tieler, who I thought was really going to be a front-runner this season! Every time he says, "Mr. Tim", my heart jumps up a little bit. As much as I loved the embroidery, I agreed with everyone who said that his shapes were so simple that if they had no embellishment, they would be nothing. He went in a completely different direction than he had gone in during the challenges, and I think the simplicity as well as the monotony did him in. It's one thing to show a cohesive collection, it's another to have each look merely repeat the one before (basically). I liked Hawaa's jumpsuit, but I don't find the rest of her collection compelling. It's up to Izzy or Chelsea for me - I don't care for Chris's continuously clashing prints, although it's obvious he is Kelly's fave. I wish they had let Molly create a collection, too. I think she might have done something worth putting down the runway, and I hated that she was the only one let go in the previous episode.
  12. cpansy

    S23.E11: Celebrity Life

    Agreed - it's not coming through my TV set, either. If Rita's definition of "being a boss" is someone you both want to imitate AND hang out with, then I think India qualifies. Tatiana seems fine, but none of her photos have ever blown me away. Well, we always knew that Tyra simply selects whoever she likes. I hope the show is a good platform for India in some way.
  13. I love a queen who knows her references, so I liked Charlie Hides right away. But there is something about Alexis Michelle that got me right away. With Sasha Velour, I just couldn't look away from her fabulous feathery eyebrows, and loved her selection of a drag name. Valentina got me with her look and her ability to explain her concept. I think she speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, so that impresses me as well. I see a lot of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent, but not sure I see all of it in one person yet??? I knew that nearly the second the video was out Mark would have his opinions up, so I scooted over here as fast as my little fingers could carry me. Bring on Season 9, I am ready, ready, ready!
  14. cpansy

    S02.E06: Firefighting Clients

    I cannot believe sweet Izzy did not go home for that mess of a dress. In the immortal words of Nina Garcia, I question her taste level. I love how eager the junior designers are to embrace Tim's suggestions to improve their work. I always contrast this with the regular PR designers who are so horrified to be questioned and always feel their are going to lose their own personal "aesthetic", which most of them can't pronounce, anyway. I adored Cartier's inside-out dress, and I really didn't think Allie's was that terrible. Maybe it wasn't a date-night dress, but she's young - what would she know about how an adult would dress on date night? Like the avant-garde challenge, maybe this also needs to be explained to the designers? Don't assume they know things that are kind of beyond them.