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  1. "TLC must be dropping their already low standards for what they air." Well said Kellyee. In fact, that is exactly how I see TLC now. For instance, take that Kate Gosselin and her nasty, phony-baloney self. Why in the world are they bringing her back? She is a lying liar who lies shrew so TLC has gone around the bend to create a story line for that over processed, plastic creature. Anyway, back to Gypsy Sisters, I would love to see a complete turn about within this show, but that ain't gonna happen anymore than Kate Gosselin is gonna confess to having an affair with her "bodyguard". S
  2. Since I don't watch TLC anymore, I did not know that the sistahs were going to have a Christmas show until I saw it on my DVR. I just watched it. Sigh. Make that 56 SIGHS. I promise not to moan and complain too much about those girls, but I do need to say a few thingys otherwise I'll scream! First off, did y'all notice that there were a few boys in this show? I believe that there have always been girls only, but perhaps people complained that there weren't any boys other than little fat Richard (not my words; his mama's). And, why do people love train wrecks? I'm speaking about Mel
  3. As to Sheena joining in with the regular cast, I suppose that she should've swallowed her pride and gone with the flow of the cash. That's the bottom line anyway. I'm totally at fault here, because I'm only on maybe 2 cylinders of liking these sisters now. Actually, I have a message for TLC and it's not as if I'm offending them since they don't give a flying flip anyway so here goes: Dear TLC: At first, Gypsy Sisters was "cute". Sure the hysteria went overboard at times, but that was okey dokey considering that hysteria goes with Gypsy culture. Then with this season, you, TLC, nee
  4. Touche, GaT. I do agree with you for that is exactly what poor, young Danielle is doing. I looked at the end result rather than the process which does and has presented a replacement wife who is actually the daughter. I reckon that is all the more reason for Danielle to flee from home into a hasty marriage Gypsy Style.
  5. Agreed. Pat Baby and Priscilla do seem normal now. Didn't Priscilla attract some Gypsy man from out-of-state who was going to marry her? In fact, she had some reputation issues plaguing her as I recollect. How I do not know since all she did was clean and polish up the family home.
  6. Those little girls have to grow up fast otherwise no Gypsy Boy With Spikey hair is gonna want 'em! They are on a fast track Gypsy style. Poor things.
  7. Rebel, as I understood the article, Sheena was ticked off royally that she wasn't offered the money the others were so she "graciously" bowed out of filming. All in all, I'd rather have seen Sheena included in this New Orleans Major Anthem To Insanity rather than just the five fruitless wonders. Joann, bless her heartstrings tried in this storyline, but... If I've got to have a fav Gypsy Sis, maybe I should move over to Joann. I'm willing to help her out as her self appointed advocate with the court system. Somebody needs to help her otherwise she's gonna be stuck forever and a day yell
  8. Another light bulb moment to add: About Sheena. I kinda liked her until I read her FB rants and raves at Nettie at Starcasm.com. Another questionable Gypsy Sister fail on my part to comprehend; however, it would appear to me that Sheena should've been invited along on this New Orleans "retreat". Think about it. Six totally off-the-wall-wild women making utter fools of themselves and we lived to miss it all. Sigh.
  9. Another thingy, Poor Joann (aside from the Target credit card scandal and what all else......Oh, where are her children?). Remember how she initially said her name and how she had found her voice in the beginning credits of TGS? Well, she may have found her voice but they ain't hearing her! She is now, it appears to me, yelling for some sort of validation to the rest and they totally ignore her.
  10. As to the sexualization of the young daughters in the Gypsy culture, I remember that Irish Travellers Gypsy documentary from some years back and the little girls were posturing and dancing as sexy as the older girls. Same with these girls. Also, as Danielle sat there in the ice cream parlor chatting up her mama, posturing and posing, did she not engage with Kayla like she was/is her mama's contemporary?
  11. Y'all know what? I'm seriously thinking that Ms. Mellie is the highest paid of the Gypsy Sisters cast. Being wild a** crazy pays Big $$$$$.
  12. Title: NO, Joann, it's NOT that Mellie doesn't want you as her sister! It's because your sister Mellie is crazy! Four things I've learned from this show the past few weeks: 1) Do not eat Gypsy Toast. If you do then be prepared to crank up and begin hollering wildly all the while sitting in your chair just like Nettie did. Bad stuff. 2) I was originally coveting the large heart necklaces they were all wearing, but I'm over it now. It would just clank against my meager chest bones and hurt. 3) The 5 Gypsy Sisters are no better than 5 toddlers placed into 5 bumper cars and permitt
  13. Hello, been gone for awhile so after I view this week's episode, I'm quite sure that I'll have something to say about it all. Meanwhile, y'all know what? I was watching the Tene Gypsy Bimbo crime story on the ID channel while I was away and couldn't sleep one night in the hotel on/in a miserable king size bed which was a waste of American $$$$...Anyway, the young Tene Gypsy chick married then killed off her poor, old rich American Greek husband. Anyway, this tribe is obviously notorious in crimes through out the U.S. Adding it all up, I reckon that "our" Gypsy sisters tribe is mild, m
  14. ShaNaeNae, Girl, I've had faaaaaaaar too much of this Moscato to talk, but here goes or is it here she blows? Anyway, I've poured you and the rest of The Ladies ice tea glasses full of Moscato so that we can chat. Oh, before I forget, Once Sane, I feel like that most days so can understand your dilemma. BUT, Once, this sub forum thingy is upsetting to me. With all due respect, mind you, since you're Once and missing maybe Half,it's like my coping with this horrid Windows 8.1. I don't know where I am much less who I am. Please try to help me keep focused. (Moscato and aging being the mi
  15. Gosh, GaT, you said it all above. I was kind of tired by the time the eventful debut episode was over. This fighting and kissing up afterwards is maybe wearing thin. Perhaps I was just upset about Kayla's marriage. Kayla seems to have a lot of common sense and she obviously holds back which the others don't. Well, Joann seems "tender" also. But before this all over with, I'm feeling the need to slap Mellie upside her hard head!
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