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  1. The goal is to fuck her way to ground level. <drops mic> I have to give Beth credit- she handles a reality show confrontation better than anyone. Hell she should send Kelly, Jill and Ro flowers on their birthdays for life. They lobbed pitches straight up the middle and she hit them out of the park.
  2. She is probably still the wealthiest NY housewife even if it is via marriage. I think she craves fame and hass a painful need for attention but she does not need the others to bring an illusion of wealth.
  3. This x 100. Bethenney is like a lot of addicts/children of addicts. She needs conflict and drama because that is where she is comfortable. Or more precisely where others are not. So she will poor mouth, bad mouth, be inappropriate or totally ingratiate herself to pull people into her drama or throw their normal bearings off course. Its why all her relationships burn brightly and burn out. Since she has fame and fortune she has the added benefit of people wwilling to reinforce her behavior. She is a lot like out current president in terms of personal behavior and method of controlling a situation/conversation. Just don't tell Carole...
  4. Irony- Bethenney was a babysitter/nanny for the Hiltons... I think a number of you have made interesting points on Carole as a mentor for Tinsley. Two things stuck out in the last week about Carole to me- one person making a joke about Carole Single White Femaling her fashion/appearance in line with her cooler friends. I think her personality probably has similar adjustments. The other was when Carole made the comment about Tinsley choosing to move on or recreate her old life. As much as Carole is my BEC person (complete personality mismatch) I can appreciate that she has made big changes or at least conscious choices- new way to dress, moving away twice even if only temporarily, trying a different genre of journalism regardless of significance and making friends who are not carbon copies of her old ones. It made me realize that as much as I joke about 'what does she do other than pass judgment' & others comment on floundering, she is at least swimming. As much as they are opposites I think her and Lu are probably the two that have moved on and could offer Tinsley some decent advice of throwing her life in Drive. I think Tins would probably rather be the new Beth- the ultimate reality IT girl but not really happy in her life. Ramona and Sonja are not the two to be around for that purpose. And it has really become obvious that Dorinda continues to have major grief over her husband. I almost wonder if marrying him later doesn't compound this because she probably had more appreciation for what a goo match or great guy he was since she would have had plenty of frogs previously. This will end the thoughtful consideration portion of my posting and I will returned to the regularly schedule programing- ie, wallowing in snark.
  5. robroy

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    Is Urkelling now a catch phrase for popping 5 Viagra and having the butler manually thrust your hips??? Because I just cannot imagine that guy bedding a woman. Or man. Or plastic doll of any variety.... And I am not seeing Craig as eternally attractive. Well (and over) groomed maybe. TRav is probably the most attractive of the guys at any given age and I don't even really care for him. As an aside- yesterday I walked by the salon where Cheltsie works. I had no clue it was even there and have been by there 2 million times. I actually had to do a double take. For storyline purposes I think having a hair dresser was a stroke of genius. When all else fails just send them off for a haircut and let the conversation set up future scenes. They might have stolen that from ESPN that has done interviews from barbershops before.
  6. The whole Luann kept Jill from Bethenney is such BS. We saw then meet in Ramona's apartment for half an episode and all blogged that it had really been something like 2 hours or more. If Jill wanted to play nice that was her chance and she missed it. And at that point Beth had already focused in on Luann like a Scud missile. I get St Barths but some of 'the paper said XYZ about Luann' inferences were kinda pathetic. These women overlap with her enough that they would have seen that first hand if it occurred. Heck- I love the old gal more when she plants a flag in some pirate's ass and claims him for the US like an uncharted island! And I question why they talk about Lu being on her back- I'd wager a month's pay one her leaving the missionary position to amateurs and riding some guy like a mechanical bull. Cowgirl up! One thing that is funny is that Beth hates hypocrisy but literally wallows in it. She has morphed into a combination of the same traits she hated so much in Kelly, Jill, Luann and Heather. But I have to say this- she is the master of drawing a dolt for an enemy and giving them just as much rope as they need. Ramona came off like a complete fool in that supposed showdown. Which is kinda sad because early Jill and mid season Ro were the only two people who ever checked Bethenney. No one else has had the closeness with Beth or backbone to accomplish that.
  7. Okay- so I actually think everything Ramona said was atleast partially true but I still had to side with Bethenney because Ro was nuts! Why wait til now to bring up all that crap? And the totality of it is a big wah, wah, wah... When it behooved Ramona to get in Beth's good graces for business and popularity she was personally shoveling her bullshit. But now she is just jealous that thing continue to come up aces for Beth on the money and notoriety front. And she is jealous Lu got the man. And could give two fu**s about damaging Dorinda's house. And she gave two sh**s when Beth went after anyone else but now wants to point out how mean that was when she never once told Beth to cool it or discourage her. Plus Beth's boob job came out better. I also think Ramona is lying about her own up by the bootstraps story. Her dad was some brand of IBM engineer back when that meant something. Mario had family money and I suspect his mom bought that condo since she lived with them for the first decade of their marriage. Also Ramona spent two seasons on a tour of business 'award' dinners that basically were given out to whoever bought a table and made a donation. And all her skincare, wine and jewelry was basically just throwing her name on an existing product. She's just jealous that Beth played the game with more success. If Ramona looses her apple, I predict complete and total meltdown. Jill was Jill, is Jill and will be Jill. She is obnoxious and relatable to me at once. In small doses!
  8. Some documents I deal with have signatures or prompts or more info/initials interspersed. Or she might be checking that a doc numbered or 12 pages had all 12 pages. Keep in mind banks do have to report a lot of things/transactions. Or she could have been shady as eff! ;-)
  9. robroy

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    I see her needing to be with someone is a complete alpha. She is a sweet girl and is cute- but she seems really strong and will require someone similar.
  10. You do understand that all notarizing does is signify that the document was signed in the notary's presence and that John Doe is John Doe by the measure of this state, such as ID types, etc? It doesn't mean you are endorsing the actual contract or saying the content is valid. It simply means that the identities of people signing have been authenticated. We see this constantly for pay apps, contracts and the like. In my state there is no law that a notary can not notarize a document for a relative or business where the person/relative has a share.
  11. Actually Luann has had a number of successful products- they are just not at the Skinny Girl, Spanx, Goop level of business. Jill had a couple of successful things- she actually worked for some company like Hanes or Leggs prior remarriage and RH and did a line of shape wear during the show. Kelly had a book that did pretty well before joining the show but most assume the show was something she did on the way down not up. I would not call this a lack of success compared to 95% of business people or authors. As for Sonja- she's burned every bridge she had and her ex supposedly wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire. What Beth did best is play the reality TV game better than 90 something percent of other reality folks. She had an in on the apprentice and came out of that 2nd. She had babysat Paris Hilton and is friends with her aunt so she walked into RHONY with a plan and partners in place. Along the way she had hustle, more than a little luck and one once in a lifetime deal. But that doesn't mean no one else had success. I'm not even sure Jason had an entrepreneurial bone in his body & never got why Beth wanted to wrangle him into her business. But he could still be aces as far as sales. I actually think Heather is Beth's equal in terms of success- better at business but not as lucky with marketing. And she set her course before she entered RH.
  12. robroy

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    It could be Johns Island also. The McDonalds could have been the one at 17/526 but the Bojangles/Red Roof combo was really throwing me since there is really only 1 Bojangles in each portion of town. Maybe they had them drive in circles to stretch conversation. Its still funny he headed for a 'lesser' area after making such a big to do about no popcorn ceilings in his portfolio. Not that I want to shout 'you buy rentals for income or appreciation not character you effing dolt' at my TV screen. OK, maybe I do. And that he continues to only film in the Porsche instead of his own car. I have reached the point of annoyance that I am not giving an inch to this douche. Which is saying a lot with Asten's Howdy Doody demeanor and Shep/Cameron inverting the Captain Save a Ho dynamic. Although I reserve the right to bitch to high heck about Shep's shrinking level of maturity any second now.
  13. robroy

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    That is actually fairly typical. A lot of real estate brokerages will want separate staff members who only work on one side. From knowing a couple- the new goal for a real estate firm is a broker, an assistant, a listing agent, a buyers agent, admin and an all purpose agent. In that order. And then you start multiplying the various positions. You also start seeing realtors who specialize in certain types of property such as single family, certain parts of town, historic, multi family, rentals, etc. as an example Thomas' brother was one of the first people to really focus on the high end downtown market. At the present moment the Charleston real estate market is hot and sales are actually higher than you would expect of a metro this size. Because the desireable areas are pricey you see first time buyers having to move up because of size, older buyers downsizing to get into a better area, people moving for schools and people moving from older to newer. And the whole thing is impacted by all the transplants who come from out of town. I do not think Craig's rental is in Mt Pleasant judging by the stores/businesses we saw them drive past. Mt Pleasant basically has 3 main roads so its pretty easy to figure out locations and a couple of combos (maybe a Red Roof next to a Bojangles and a multi story building behind the McDonalds) did not look familiar. Also if he bought in outer West Ashley, the Dorchester Road area or Summerville/Goose Creek he would get in at a lower cost. Mt Pleasant home prices (and the taxes based on the value) typically make purchasing something as a rental less desirable. Even close in West Ashley no longer functions well for rental purchases. This show has turned into a giant game of 'where did they film that' and realizing when they use a dummy exterior/neighborhood.
  14. Professionally- I always worked in design, construction, & project management. A huge number of contractors, subcontractors and architects run businesses with multiple family members present and frequently its with the wife being the office manager/bookkeeper/money person. I've seen wives/mothers/children notarize stuff left right and center. And half the time the financial gain/obligation was partly their own. They are not actually validating that the contract is/is not compliant- they are only validating that persons A & B presented ID to say they are who they claim. I've also come across different licenses/certifications where some states accept reciprocity and others expect a new application (and/or retesting) to allow practice. You really have to stay on top of this type of thing because it is not always as clear cut. ETA- the original spinoff was going to be Bethenney (or Single) in the City as someone mentioned but the SATC folks quashed that. Irony being we had Candace Bushnell herself show up in scenes at the start of this season. I also remember Sarah Jessica Parker on an early WWHL. She was asked if Beth was just like Carrie and her response was an immediate no but that one scene of Beth getting out of her town car to call/text Jill wearing a full red Chanel suit against a green tree/plant lined area was very much a Carrie aesthetic.
  15. robroy

    Season 9 First Looks

    That is true- and the irony is I think Beth has turned into the exact person she resented in Jill. Look at how she treated Jules/Kristen/Heather. She knows it all.. Anyone she sees as steeling her thunder she goes in for the kill. They both 'have a list.'