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  1. The only good part was Dean cutely and awkwardly holding Beth’s purse as she gave her speech.
  2. And how/why does Rio work for Beth now? I’m so confused and annoyed as is most of Twitter.
  3. I missed most of the first episode tonight, but even if I saw it I think I Would still be super confused. Did Beth set Annie up? Is that the “sibling rivalry” that the Feds were talking about but they wanted us to think it was about Rio and cousin/brother? This is up there with Lost in horrible and confusing endings.
  4. Aaaahhhh...thank you. I thought they were pulling some stunt with Station 19 in order to force us to tune into another show first.
  5. Thanks to those trying to fill in the blanks fit me. I didn’t think the guy had done it, but then the next thing we see is DeLucca on the ground. Bad editing... I will miss Andrea speaking Italian...😍
  6. I hated how they timed this. My DVR cut off the last 20 min. Minor benefit was being reminded of the plot from last...November? But I hate crossovers, don’t watch Station 18, didn’t remember that DeLucca was chasing the woman again, and who was the guy who stabbed him? I liked DeLucca with Maggie the best.
  7. aka: the Sandwich Generation or my favorite...the "Oregon Trail" Generation...dysentery anyone? ;-)
  8. I would like to know why when Rinna bailed on the Vespa ride she couldn’t send a text saying she wasn’t coming... Kyle and Dorit did actually seem concerned about what happpened, but not concerned enough to knock on her hotel room door to make sure she wasn’t dead up there, or check on her when they got back. I noticed the crazy amount of jewelry when they panned in Erika’s room. That’s the stuff I want to see more of. How they pack/prep etc. Denise does need to get her story straight. I am on her side, whether true or not, but she isn’t making it easy. These ladies need to mo
  9. I fast forwarded through the "Never Before Scene" episode and just watched the new scenes and in one of them Dorinda had a lady come out to do a belly dance for Ramona. Ramona did not seem too enthused. ;-)
  10. You really were, keywestclubkid! I’m so proud of your growth this season! 🤣😘
  11. That was a weird video because she didn't actually come out and say that there would be no more at home editions. She did look good, and clearly had a make-up artist and much better wig. It was hard for me to tell about the breast reduction. I think if she did so it would only be because she was getting the saline poisoning or whatever the complication is...she always was very proud of her figure. I hope she can get well and find some peace in her new place in life.
  12. The show today started with the Boris interview from the day before (who mocked her decor lol) and jumped right to the discussion about Sheena Shay and interview with Debbie Mazar Was that really today’s episode? Prior to that (I guess yesterday’s episode) she had her fingers in her ears the entire time to hold in her AirPods one of which had fallen out earlier. And her suggestion for the Target workers that got assaulted was to have someone stand outside and only let people in who are marrying masks and if they aren’t then ask them to put it on. And then in the next breath she said
  13. abc123

    S03:E10: All In

    Add me to those who don't understand why Helen had to be shot. Because she thought the Byrde's were falling apart? Navarro's the one who gave her permission to get into the financials...why didn't he just put his foot down to her and say, "I'm all-in with Marty and Wendy - do your job and they'll do theirs."
  14. She said Michael Lee painted it… He is the designer on her show who creates all the cheesy little gifts that she gives to people. John Oliver is very smart. He is very politely laughing right in her face and she doesn’t even realize it.
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