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  1. You're right. I wasn't aware of their height difference. In that case, I hope Jojo commits to leading and providing a sturdy frame. They placed sixth, I believe.
  2. Whether Jojo dances the "lead" or the "follow," I hope she and Jenna decide their roles early on and commit to them. Personally, I would prefer they didn't switch back and forth and I would like to see Jenna dance the lead since she is the pro. I couldn't fully enjoy Johnny and Britt last season because, a lot of the time, I felt they were dancing the same roles.
  3. My favorite dance of the night was Nelly and Daniella's samba! Love the song, good rhythm, good content, and definitely Nelly's best and most relaxed dance so far. And speaking of Daniella, she reminds me SO much of Karina, both in looks (if Karina were blonde) and superior dance technique.
  4. I am just really happy that they managed to have DWTS back! I also love that they are forced to cut down on a lot of "extras" this season. I still don't understand why Tom had to go, but Tyra doesn't bother me that much, especially since I don't pay much attention to what goes on in the intro and before the dancing starts. At first, I was annoyed that the judges were being rushed just to have Tyra spend time asking the couples questions. However, if you think about it, it's not much different than when Tom used to hurry the couples along to go to the skybox to get their scores and t
  5. If the show wants to get NBA players, they would be better off asking guards who are more in the 6'1 - 6'3" range (e.g. Derek Fisher who danced with Sharna) and would be easier for the female pros to partner. The only really tall NBA player to do well on DWTS is Rick Fox, who danced with Cheryl in Season 11.
  6. I was fine with this group of finalists, but I absolutely HATE that the tour has lately become an unspoken factor in determining the winner (probably from S23 onward).
  7. Miscellaneous thoughts on the finalists: I thought Ally's jive was noticeably improved from the first time. Her freestyle was a bit clunky to me, though, specifically with the lifts. Lauren's shoulders were still a little high in the foxtrot, IMO, but I liked the smoothness and flow of the dance. Color me surprised, but I actually thought Gleb created a very nice freestyle for Lauren that suited her perfectly and which she executed confidently. Hannah always looks gorgeous doing ballroom and I liked the changes Alan made to her V Waltz. Like with Gleb, I was again pleasantly sur
  8. What if Ally's third time had been last week against Spicer? Would you still have wanted her to go?
  9. I was pretty happy with all of the couples this week. I thought each couple had at least one good-to-great dance. Even Sean went out on his two best dances, IMO. I thought Joey did a nice job as a guest judge - it's good to see a former contestant actually utilize what he learned about dance from his time with the show. James/Emma Jive: I agree with Bruno that he didn't quite have the pumping leg action (like Lauren and Kate did successfully in their jives the previous week). Sean/Jenna AT: I'm not as hard on Sean as others. His part of the dance was very simple, but I thought h
  10. They don't HAVE to include samba rolls...Joey just probably personally wanted to see one. The ballroom and Latin dances are supposed to have proper content, but the show has never had specific required elements for any of them (other than staying in hold for ballroom tango and quickstep, but even that gets ignored sometimes).
  11. Since Hannah just did salsa in the dance-off (and a pretty full-on one), I think it would have been better to have her do JIVE and Tango. And since James just had contemporary, I think it would have been better for him to do Jive and FOXTROT.
  12. I think this was the best overall night of dancing of the season so far. (The non-theme weeks are often better than the theme weeks for some reason.) It almost seemed like a barrier was crossed and all of the couples raised their game to a higher level. Even Lauren, who had some mistakes, and Kate, who was a little off, had solid content and technique (loved seeing both of them get their knees up, good leg action, respectable footwork) in their jives. I'm a big fan of the dance-offs they do every year. With two competing couples in the floor, it's not possible to have extra stuff ar
  13. The way they have done it in the past is that the couple who gets immunity also gets 2 points added to their score. However, this season, since the eliminations are taking place the same night (and not the following Monday) as the dancing, getting extra points doesn't matter for the immune couple because they won't be going home no matter what.
  14. Mark had amazing Halloween makeup and costumes and I always loved how into character he got...Zombie Paso, Edward Scissorhands, Dia de los Muertos.
  15. James has had great fluidity from the beginning, so I was expecting him to do well with the V Waltz. I also like that he actually leads Emma in the dances and he's one of the rare male celebs that knows what to do with his hands. "Survivor" is a great song to do a paso doble to. I agree with Len that Karamo needed to make his shaping more exaggerated and to dance bigger, but I really liked the attitude and character Karamo brought ti the dance. I also liked Jenna's choreography. Kate surprised me again. I thought she did a lovely rumba; after her Week 1 cha cha, I was not expecting h
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