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  1. Rahm Emanuel was an excellent guest. Definitely tuning in if he guest host as they talked about. I think the gals were charmed and impressed, even Nutmeg. This work?
  2. Didn't know. She shouldn't have shown up.
  3. She was married to Gavin Newsom? Totally don't get that pairing. Do I need to reevaluate my like for the guy? Show was painful to watch. Jr is as bad as his dad. Also... The one day Nutmeg's bitchiness would have been appreciated she clams up. She was in dramatic victim mode today.
  4. Two great guests in a row this week... President Hillary, then Queen Rachael. Hope the panel took note of how to speak effectively while knowing your shit.
  5. Interpretation... NutMeg: Blah blah blah the left blah blah (turns into a pretzel to make it about Liberal Left) blah blah blah I'm a bitch.
  6. Please please please make this happen. The woman is a menace, and s/b silenced into a stupor during his segment.
  7. "To the cornfield". (from vintage Twilight Zone... for you young whippersnappers) Not an emoticon, but a fave of mine.
  8. Sorry for this, but misery likes company. 😎
  9. My apologies for this... https://twitter.com/i/status/1127088427961397248
  10. Forget a change of clothes. Megan needs breast reduction surgery. She's going to topple forward one day breaking her face. Which would be nice to see, so she can wait on the surgery until after that happens. Can't stand her. Saw her on Seth. He was great, she was not. He expressed himself politely, she did not. He stayed calm, she did not. He had a brain, she did not. Yep. Really can't stand her.
  11. First of all, IMO, Megan and Elisabeth are equally awful. Different ways, but both awful. That said, I think what Megan did today should get her fired. I can't imagine the show hasn't had to talk to her about her offensive behavior, so this time s/b the final straw. She classless. At the VERY least, she owes Joy and the viewers a public apology, Glad Whoopie stepped up. How do you like her now, Megan? Not your ally after all. One the few days I get to see the show when aired... and the bitch was in top bitch mode. Not good.
  12. Kudos to you guys for being able to daily watch Megan the Megalomaniac. I try. Gawd, she's an awful screeching banshee.
  13. Yep. In a nutshell. I tune her out as best I can. Odds and ends: -Anyone else think Megan's voice sounds like Karen on 'Will and Grace'? Acceptable on a comedy, not in real life when one's job is... talking. -'The View' has too many commercials, too often. They just get a topic started, and then have to break. Annoying. -Loved Sunny and Joy today.
  14. I need to go on an Abby diet. I'm beginning to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Love Willie Nelson. Love that he doesn't care about the "controversy" started by the clueless. In honor of Willie...
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