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  1. Adding, I wouldn't expect Kelli to say much about Victoria leaving on the show. She didn't when Holly quit, Erica was never mentioned and said next to nothing when Courtney Cook left. I do believe she really does care about Victoria and won't divulge her personal business. It will get a quick, standard mention and that will be all. About Holly P quitting, she said (paraphrasing), "she didn't want to ruin a young girl's life." Something like that. If she said that little and took that stand for Holly P on the show, I think she will do the same or more (less?) for Victoria. I also t
  2. I have never been secret about not liking Victoria but I blame that as much or more on her mother, Kelly and the obvious nepotism. That said, if it is food related, an eating disorder, then those around Victoria need to help her, not coddle her. A real ed is not something to screw around with. Too many moons ago I was in an edu center and there was a young woman who believed if she gained one ounce over 73lbs she was fat. They had to insert a feeding tube bc she kept throwing up the meager amts of food she would eat. Sadly, she died. Victoria needs to realize her body, and ftr, she has a
  3. Wanted to only quote your last paragraph but was having a hard time figuring out how. Did it yesterday, just not today. So responding this way... Your last paragraph..Chef's Kiss....
  4. And now Kenny is in prison for attempting to murder Dylan who he believed murdered Erin. And isn't even the father, after all, of Erin's son. It's his cousin John who let everyone believe Dylan was the father and even comforted Kenny when Mare told him Erin had been killed. So, Kenny tried to kill Dylan for nothing and is now imprisoned for years. John is a sociopath.. The only good part is, at least Kenny doesn't have a chance of getting DJ. If he even wanted him. That poor child has enough on his plate without Kenny being his parent and role model.
  5. And what was up with Dylan not being home, as per his ex gf Brianna (think that's her name) the night of Erin's murder? When Brianna questioned him and he became really angry and told her to go the F home? Where was he and why was he so angry at being questioned? Was that explained? And then Dylan, who's been shot bc Erin's father mistakenly believes him to be her killer turns out to be Mr Nice guy and contributes to DJ's ear surgery? The same Dylan who stood by while Brianna beat the crap out of Erin, the supposed mother of his child? Right... There are too many still unfinished moving p
  6. John is pure garbage. He had sex with a child and got her pregnant. He lied by omission about DJ being his. This is the 2nd affair too. He involved his brother and even debated murdering him to cover his tracks. He doesn't get a pass for attempting to take the fall for the murder of Erin. Everything that happened was bc he cheated, again, on his wife and his son found out. His son, who is now fked up for life for trying to save his family.
  7. If John Ross is the killer just wow is he cool as a cucumber for someone who's murdered a teenage girl. Hanging out with friends, laughing, drinking beer, acting as if nothing happened. As if he didn't just murder an innocent teenager while the police, including his wife's best friend, hunt for the killer. Even going to Erin's house to comfort her father Kenny on the murder of his daughter. All the while Billy is falling apart and slowly coming unglued. I like the theory John has convinced Billy he's the murderer. And I too would like to know what really has traumatized Ryan to the point
  8. I was so hoping we would get to see what was on the picture Jess handed to the officer. I wonder if it was a picture of Dylan posing with, holding the gun that killed Erin? And wow was he crazy with Jess telling her to keep quiet and threatening her with a gun. He had no hesitation doing so. And now I'm having a hard time believing Billy killed Erin. He may have found her and that is why he had blood on him? Maybe he confessed bc he feels guilty and shame for having slept with and ultimately impregnated her? I do believe the baby is his. And Colin's mom acted exactly the way I thoug
  9. Yeah, that what I meant. Just said it badly.
  10. I don't think he's the murderer either. I'm back at Dylan being involved but if her best friend is also involved? Erin had no one that gave a Damn about her. That's heartbreaking.
  11. But wouldn't that work time wise bc DJ being 1 would be one year ago and then 9 month's she was pregnant? And guessing a few additional mouths where she was living there before she got pregnant? So that would be 2 plus years ago she lived with him? It certainly seemed as though Lori Ross was pushing him when asked so maybe she suspects something. Or maybe she's angry bc her husband is having another affair and taking it out on his brother. And he really did look uncomfortable. His, "will you look at the time...gotta get going" couldn't be more artificial.
  12. So is the father of Erin's baby Billy Ross? Bc he sure looked uncomfortable when being asked how long Erin lived with him. And its looking like Erin's best friend is somehow involved in her killing. Wow. Her and Dylan and whoever the other guy was had to plan it, even a little bit. All the while she's being being so friendly with Erin. So many families are about to be torn apart. Who isn't messed up in this series? I'm sad Zabel is gone. I liked him.
  13. So Mare stole evidence to plant on the baby's mother and didn't see that it was stamped and logged as per the police station? Or just conveniently forgot? A detective? I'm supposed to believe she's dumb now? But she can find a bullet in a park, in a tree after searching for 5 hours and in the dark but not see a stamp on a heroin packet? Really? Also wouldn't the bike have the creepy clergy man's fingerprints on it? From when he took it out of his car, picked it up and threw it in the water? Read fingerprints on metal are still accessible even after the object has been submerged fo
  14. Hi. New here. Love the show, so far. Hope it doesn't have a horrible ending the same as a couple of recent HBO series. A few observations. Mr. Red Flag Professor, could he be using Mare for a character analysis for a new book? Bc there's a lot wrong with inviting someone as a date to a function and ignoring them all evening. That is, until they leave. Mare's daughter, Siobhan? Where was she all day when Mare tried to call her? That was strange. But more then that, Siobhan had 2 very different conversations about what happened the night she saw Erin being beat up. One conversa
  15. So can I, blame them. Isn't Kelly the one who voice overs at the end of a season, and I paraphrase, "being a DCC, grow into mature women, ladies...blah, blah, blah.?" And aren't these women supposed to be role models young girls can look up to? How does being "VERY drunk," in public fit into being role models to young women? Personally I could care less about any one of them or all of them getting hammered however, Kelli holding the DCC up as some glowing, gold standard to young women while some members are allegedly sleeping with players, other's are getting "VERY" drunk in pubic, in th
  16. Her smile is the only thing acceptable in that picture. She looks like she's a contestant in a body building competition, not teaching a dance class or whatever the picture is for. She doesn't look like a dcc to me.
  17. No spoiler. Couldn't figure out how to remove spoiler. Accidentally tapped it. Sorry. I will never accept that Lisa is still on the team and Hannah was cut. This is not an attractive picture.
  18. Ashlee: "Damn Hannah, Get It!" Victoria: "Der....I thought there'd be milkshakes" First thought after Hannah looks incredible and sexy.
  19. Thank you for this. Very well said. Kelli has forgotten/ignored/doesn't care a cardinal rule of TV, the fans make the show. They're the reason the show exists. Maybe not this year but eventually Kelli will not be able to hide who she's become. Women are rising up, marching and yelling, "Enough." We're tired of being degraded, lower pay bc we're women, being underappreciated and under respected. The MeToo movement hasn't gone anywhere. In fact it's gotten stronger. One veteran was punished for speaking up another for twice surviving a virus affecting millions in this country alone. How lo
  20. I Love That You Call Her That. 1st Thing I thought when I saw her Insta post. 👏👏👑
  21. And this, 1st comment. I imagine Kelli is blowing a fuse. The rose colored image Kelli has always fought to portray has been coming apart for years. It's been more about live in Kelli's out of touch, hypocritical, toxic world than it has been about dancing. While starving. And now I need to mask up and hit the grocery store..
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