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  1. GoddessofFolly

    S01.E01: From Felon to Fiancé

    I was confused about Andrea's bridal shower. Supposedly, she's been "dating" Lamar for 6 years and she owes these women the truth, because they've stuck by her for years, yet the first time they heard ANYTHING about her fiancé is at the bridal shower. I'm guessing they're really just women she knows from temple, but it was a strange set-up. When she was describing AJ as having a good heart, but offending people, I suspected AJ was just a bitch. Then when she defended her mean comments as naive, I thought, "Yup, she's just a bitch." I'm actually optimistic for Crazy Eyes James and Alla. I don't really think it'll work, but I don't see it ending in a flaming clusterfuck like Scott and Lizzie. I actually felt sorry for Scott. He seems like just a lonely guy, who got taken by a grifter. Speaking of flaming clusterfucks...I have to agree with Johnna's father about her making bad choices. I really hope she won't be stupid enough to take out loans for Garrett, cosign anything, or put his name on the house she bought. Unfortunately, in addition to having the emotional age of a middle schooler, she doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. This will not end well.
  2. GoddessofFolly

    The White Princess

    Aw, that's too bad. She's the one I really miss.
  3. GoddessofFolly

    The White Princess

    I've been enjoying the White Princess and I like the actors, but does anyone know why there was a complete cast overhaul. The new actors are fine and there are a few I prefer, but I really miss the actress that originally played Margaret Beaufort. No offense to Caitlyn Stark.
  4. GoddessofFolly

    S05.E09: Nicole's Story

    I think the main reason we tend to see people on this show living in poverty is simply because they are the ones who are willing to be on the show. They wouldn't be able to get this surgery any other way. The middle class or affluent people I've known who had weight loss surgery had good insurance that covered it before they got to 600lbs or they could pay out of pocket. They certainly weren't desperate enough to expose themselves taking a shower, and in most cases wouldn't be willing or able to pick up and move to the family to Houston.
  5. GoddessofFolly

    S04.E06: XXXIV

    Madi's not dead. There was the sound of a window crashing just before Eleanor blacked out while she was laying on top of Madi. Someone dragged them both out. Eleanor was left behind, because she was obviously too badly injured to make it and Madi was taken away. No spoilers. Just my opinion.
  6. GoddessofFolly

    S02.E10: Ghost is Dead

    Angela had told him that when Isabella Ruiz took the stand to testify at the hearing, Angela's career would be over. Getting Ruiz and his family out of town killed two birds with one stone. Ruiz is gone and his daughter can't testify. Ruiz is also the only one who had a family that might be at risk, so he'd be more open to a warning to leave town than the others would be. At this point, the characters I care most about are Greg and Tommy's puppy.
  7. GoddessofFolly

    S07.E09: What A Piece Of Work Is Man

    Althea slipped something into Chibs' collar. Someone on another board mentioned it, so I watched that scene, again. Sure enough, right before the clothes some off, her left hand definitely looks like it drops something into Chibs' collar. The whole scene was so cringe-worthy, I didn't take a close look the first time. Hopefully, this and the fact that she didn't trust Chibs enough to tell him that the Chinese guy couldn't have killed Tara, means something. At least, I'm really, really hoping her weird behavior means something.
  8. GoddessofFolly

    S04.E07: Elam Ferguson

    For those wondering about why Common left the show - http://deadline.com/2014/09/hell-on-wheels-spoilers-death-season-4-amc-831440/ He asked to leave the show, so he could spend more time on his music. He'd had to put the music on hold for the last 3 years, because filming in Calgary takes place during the Spring and Summer when he'd be touring.
  9. GoddessofFolly

    S01.E10: Gone Fishing

    I thought the older guy begging for his life was Nusrat's father, Hakim. I thought he was also the one who Jamal said betrayed the plot after a few drinks. I'm assuming it was him. I didn't get a good look at the others who were being executed, though. I'm assuming the miliary officer, Fauzi maybe, the older advisor whose name I can never remember...
  10. GoddessofFolly

    S02.E11: Doll Parts

    She told him that she understands that he has needs, but he can never put their baby at risk again. Then she smiles and tells him that he should join her in the bathm because it's unseemly for a Castithan woman to bathe alone. Nolan and Tommy were driving the unconscious Irissa. They were making peace and Nolan offered to work together with Tommy when all this was over. Just then the roller kind of exploded. Irissa had done it. She knocked out Nolan and stabbed Tommy. The little girl that she sees told her to kill Nolan, too, but she refused and took off. Nolan came to and saw Tommy seriously injured. The last scenes with them were of Nolan dragging Tommy's barely-alive body presumably to find help. Amanda was outside the Tarr's house when the daughter of the dying man arrived to be their handmaiden. She and Stahma made "knowing" eye contact and it was obvious that Amanda had figured out what was going on. Storm interuptions to satellite are the worst.
  11. GoddessofFolly

    S04.E24: Abby-Phobic

    Just a few thoughts - Chloe: From what I've from what I've read elsewhere, the contract is over and Chloe is training at another studio. In these final episodes, I think she's just going through the motions and phoning it in, knowing that she's almost out of there. Hopefully, the other girls will follow her lead, because there are much better studios out there. Mackenzie: She must have a real anxiety when it comes to improv. The last time she had a meltdown like that was when she was supposed to have an improv dance-off with Asia. I wonder what Mackenzie eventually does in the future. Dance isn't her passion like it is for Maddie and she's not really a singer. I wish her mother and Abby would let her figure out her own niche. Jane and Loree: I liked them. I like that Loree doesn't seem willing to get caught up in mom drama and she's willing to respectfully call Abby out.
  12. GoddessofFolly

    S01.E08: Meet the New Boss

    Honestly, the daughter is the only member of Barry's American family that I can stand. Every time his wife, sister-in-law, and son are on the screen, I want to do a 3 Stooges inspired multiple slap.
  13. From what I remember, I got the impression that they got together very early on. I picture them both being very young and rough around the edges. He probably liked the fact that she was fiery and spoke her mind. Ray probably started out as a small time thug and worked his way up to big time thug. As Ray started moving in wealthier circles, he had to take on the appearance of being a little more polished. Abby stayed home with the kids and didn't have many outside influences that might have brought about a change. So basically, they started out young and gradually evolved into different people. The Ray of today is attracted to women like the reporter. That's my theory, anyway.