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  1. Unfiltered WTH with the terrible camera work on Jamie? She was out of focus most of the time and the bookshelves behind her were in HD. Who knows? Maybe she reads this board, knows everyone can't stand her, and did that on purpose...? I don't hate you, Jamie. You keep collecting your coin and popping out children as long as you can! Very awkward for Jacob. It seemed obvious that Paige and Brianna are totally Team Haley. I liked how he didn't pull any punches about his thoughts on Chris. Briana and Vincent Briana seemed to understand where Vincent was coming from, but he
  2. From the VERY brief clip I just saw from the upcoming Paige/Ex meeting, no wonder Chris was confused! Their voices are so similar that, with his eyes closed (or the lights off), he probably couldn't tell them apart.
  3. I definitely think this is footage filmed earlier, because the time frame seems slightly different for each couple, but it looks like late summer/fall maybe...? Anyway, I can't believe that my favorite couple to watch is Beth/Jamie with their fake fakery 🤯 . I like the rest of the couples also, especially Amani/Woody, Steph/AJ, and Ashley/Anthony. This show is such a palette cleanser for me during this flaming dumpster of a MAFS season.
  4. I hope that Vincent apologizes to Briana for his over-reaction next week. He may have had an experience where he was belittled all the time, but he has to understand that Briana not coming from a bad place when she says things. And she has to understand that sometimes her comments may not come across as intended. Oy. My only solace this season and they are pissing me off. lol
  5. THIS is the couple (besides Chris/Paige) that splits up the first night??? WTH? LOL
  6. Briana doesn't get that it when she said, "That's so Vincent of you" and that has literally never happened before, it might hurt. But he also is not good at expressing himself. This could be such a nothing-burger of an issue.
  7. This is the first time I've actually believed Clara and Ryan like each other.
  8. Poor Haley and Jake. There's just no there there.
  9. Sorry, I usually wait until the episode is over, but OMG. Really, Paige? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!
  10. True. Jephte wasn't great, but during the show, he was nowhere near Chris's level of petty, toxic, and abusive. IMO, the only couples even semi-close to the Chris/Paige situation are Ryan/Jessica, Luke/Kate, and maybe Matt/Amber. Ugh...now that I think back, there were SOOOO many terrible couples (e.g, Vaughan/Monet, Neil/Sam, Sean/Davina, Nate/Sheila). And now we know Chris/Mercedes are living it up in Cancun for her birthday. WTF-kery? What does any woman see in this $^itty a$shole?? My fondest hope is that Paige has been in on this terrible joke the entire time. Otherwise, she n
  11. I am pretty sure Jamie worked for Google. Now he is a Senior Technical Consultant at Box. He makes pretty good money himself.
  12. I get why Vincent (and Briana) may have sided with Chris (and Paige). They weren't there for the confrontations, so all they heard was Chris's *heartfelt* 😒 mea culpa. I am of the belief that production wouldn't let Virginia and Erik arrive until after the apology. The timing was too good. I smell shenanigans. Anyway, this episode left me not caring about any of them. Great job, Show.
  13. I would really like to hear from her about this (outside of the confines of MAFS - including Unfiltered). Why, Paige...WHY????
  14. So (if the rumors are true), this "new" fiancee is yet ANOTHER woman he'd adding to his harem?? What do these women see in this guy? I don't think it's his bank account because I am pretty sure (ETA: if there is any karmic justice) his true net worth is below zero. Also ETA: I obviously don't have access to his finances, so I don't *know.* Just positive wishful thinking on my part.
  15. That's a great sign. They're both still married. 🙂 Signed, Glass Half Full
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