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  1. Everyone’s commenting on how hot Binyam is...really? His body’s not bad, but that face? Ugh, no thanks. Is Cheesedick wearing lipstick? Dude has some seriously red lips. I’m getting Colt 2.0 vibes from him. How does a dorky-looking guy cheat on a gorgeous woman like Melyza? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. I have a feeling Deavan is not being supported by only her parents. I’m guessing she’s on assistance which means us taxpayers are helping foot the bill. Judging by some of her photos, I’m not so sure she’s going to go far as a make-up artist. Their baby boy is adorable! I hope Jihoon can grow up quickly and start being responsible but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I loved Kenny until he announced that he bought a ring and plans on proposing when he gets to Mexico. I thought he was smarter than that. I have a feeling this relationship won’t last. Armando seems reluctant to come out to his parents, and lied to them about the reason for the camera crew. I think Kenny is his first gay relationship? I hope Kenny doesn’t get his heart broken. Not much to say about Britney and Yazam. We know how this will end. Is it just me or does Yazam look a little “off.” Then he said his parents are related to each other and it all made sense. Can’t wait to see how Ari enjoys childbirth in Ethiopia with no epidural. Good luck with that, princess.
  3. Tori and Zach sure are impractical. That house with all the stairs!! Not only is it impractical for 3 LPs, but Murphy is a big dog and might be prone to arthritis when he gets older. It will be difficult to navigate those steps. I also didn’t understand why they brought Jackson to the hospital to meet the baby. Tori was in a hospital bed, hooked up to various equipment. Hospitals can be scary to young children, and Jackson is very shy in front of the camera. Why not wait until Tori and Lilah come home to introduce him to the baby? And why the need to film it when you know he’s shy in front of the camera? Then Tori acts surprised that Jackson had a meltdown at the hospital! SMH.
  4. I’m not a fan of Caryn, but I have to give her props after watching last night’s episode. She was very involved with Jackson, making sure he was occupied (playing cars with him on the floor), keeping track of his sleep schedule, making food that he’ll eat (no scallops!), all with a smile and positive attitude. If she wasn’t there, there’s no way Matt would watch Jackson. He uses his disabilities as an excuse to avoid things he doesn’t want to do. Good lord, does he want an award because he changed ONE diaper? Judging from the outrageous amount of baby wipes he used, this is not a common occurrence. Caryn had her hands full with two children- Jackson and Matt!
  5. I thought Chris looked much better with the white hair and facial scruff. I loved Amy’s dress on her. I went to 2 proms in the eighties and none of the girls wore those fingerless gloves. Maybe at the mall or school, but not at prom. Raise your hand if you were shocked that Chris and Amy were voted king and queen at the prom that she organized. Anyone? I’m kinda done with LPBG. It’s so boring now. At least when Jer and Auj were on there was plenty to snark about. The show has run it’s course, IMO.
  6. That must be it. I knew he looked familiar. Am I the only one who thinks John Goodman’s voice sounds a lot different than it used to? I don’t know how to describe it. Almost gravelly and more like an elderly voice?
  7. The bank guy... I think he was in an old episode of Roseanne. Remember when Mrs. Wellman hit Roseanne with her car? Dan found a lawyer who was incompetent. I think the actor that played the lawyer is the same one who now plays the bank guy
  8. Warning: this is going to sound really petty, but I kept thinking about it when I was watching the last episode... What happened to Sara Gilbert? She looks so haggard and unattractive. I realize all the actors are 30 years older from when the original show aired but jeez, she looks rough. Becky, Dan, Jackie, DJ, Crystal, David, even Bev still look great. Darlene looks like she’s been on a 30-year bender. She used to have the most amazing curls! Her hair looks hideous now, and she just looks so...old. Much older than she really is. Does she look this bad in real life? ETA: just found out she is 3 years younger than me! Jeez Louise, I thought she was easily in her 50s.
  9. Ugh. Sounds like another scripted TLC show. I’ll pass. On a positive note, I have not seen any pimple-popping or nasty feet commercials lately.
  10. The 7-bedroom house they were looking at but it was not in the school district...if it was indeed the perfect house for them, couldn't Kody or Robyn drive them to and from school? I mean, what else do they do all day? It's not like they're working. This season is the worst Robyn's hair has ever looked. It's like she curled her hair, sprayed a ton of hairspray on it and forgot to brush it out a little. It looks so stiff and really ages her. Kody screeching, "We could've just stayed in Vegas. I would've saved a TON of money!" is very telling. I interpreted it to mean that moving to Flagstaff was indeed Robyn's idea all along.
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