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  1. Let’s hope they don’t revive the “loose meat sandwich” on the menu. I always thought it sounded and looked disgusting. No wonder it went out of business. If I wanted a bag of chips and a can of pop I’d head to a vending machine, not a restaurant. Roseanne always had an attitude and couldn’t care less about cleanliness. Who knows how long that meat sat out? I’m sure the place had multiple health code violations. I wasn’t shocked when it went under.
  2. Sorry, but Truely needs a different style of eyeglasses. The ones she wears look like something a librarian would wear in the 50s. And while where’re at it, can we stop dressing her in those hideous clothes?
  3. I broke down and watched this episode. After watching only one episode I can safely say that I'm not wasting any more time on this show. It seems very contrived and scripted. These kids don't know who Justin Bieber is, but the teen daughters have perfectly applied make-up and seem to know more than what they're letting on. They have no television and "limit" computer time, yet the family has their own FB page and YouTube page and website. They sell cds on their website. I don't buy their story for one minute. And the older son, Ethan, who just got married? Seems like his wife is playing the role of the "bad influence" who gets him to drink his first Coke (gasp!), his first margarita and watch tv for the first time. His "golly gee" demeanor seemed very contrived and scripted.
  4. Phoebe70


    All I notice in the photo are the horrible eyebrows and large cold sore.
  5. Meri is by far the least attractive of the wives. Her facial features are masculine and the shake-n-bake orange tan does her no favors. Her layered hair always looks frizzy, and she really needs a make-up tutorial. But what bothers me most is her taste in shoes! I’m a shoe girl, and it’s one of the first things I notice. I have literally never seen her in a decent pair of shoes. She wears either clunky man-boots, or clunky sandals. Get rid of those clodhoppers!
  6. Was anyone else bothered by the fact that immediately after Becky had the baby they wheeled the baby out of the room, without cutting the umbilical cord? I understand that they had to get the baby to NICU stat, but they didn't cut the umbilical cord. Seemed quite unrealistic.
  7. Can they please get rid of that weird jazzy music they play throughout every episode? I don’t know if they’re trying to be hipster or edgy, but it’s really distracting, not to mention annoying.
  8. I had a difficult time believing that the blind guy could really fill a stadium that large. His song and his singing were mediocre at best. I do like his character though. Two times I almost bawled: when he had the dog present the wedding ring, and when we saw that he framed the broken plate. Don't care about Deja and the young father. Wish there was less Deja. So the previews show a thinner, shirtless Toby. When will Kate start losing some weight? I truly worry about her health.
  9. But surely Lacey could have found a black pair of undies and not wear those fugly neon green ones. She has money to pay for 2 adjoining hotel rooms, multiple tattoos and surgical enhancements but not enough money to buy a pair of black undies?
  10. Anyone else rolling their eyes at Deja’s speech? Teens don’t talk that way. I have yet to hear a teenager use the word “stipend” in conversation. 🙄
  11. Unpopular opinion but I thought Mariah looked heinous, as usual. Why was she wearing black lipstick?!?! Aspyn, though beautiful, is such an airhead. Maybe it’s nerves, but she sounded so immature during the vows and the couch interviews. Pretty much every time she spoke I cringed. My 12 year old daughter is more mature and polished than Aspyn. Mitch looked so much better AFTER the wedding when his beard was trimmed. I did not care for the long beard he sported at the wedding. Mitch’s mom was dressed inappropriately at the wedding, IMO. Tight, off the shoulder dress with a thigh-high slit, and red stripper heels. Stay classy!
  12. Aspyn looked pregnant at her shower. Maybe it was just an unflattering outfit.
  13. Looks like Pudge has some bald spots judging by her scalp in that photo. She truly is Kootie’s daughter. They both have that unattractive, frizzy hair.
  14. Mark my words....Aspyn and the tubby leprechaun will bring a sister wife into their house within the next 5 years.
  15. Aspyn is a pretty girl but dumb as rocks. Listening to her for longer than 10 seconds makes me nauseous. She and the tubby leprechaun deserve each other. Within 5 years he’ll be looking for a sister wife. And did they really need to invite all the moms, leprchaun’s sister, Mariah and Kootie to the cake tasting? It was especially weird considering that they mentioned over and over again that they didn’t care about anyone’s opinion.
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