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  1. Mariah was always frumpy, but what on earth happened to Audrey? She used to be attractive, had nice hair, dressed well and took care of herself. She’s easily gained 30+ pounds. At 26, they’re too young to be looking so frumpy and sloppy. Mariah’s shorts look like they’re cutting off her circulation.
  2. I believe Audrey had cobbler at her reception. Seems like a weird thing to serve. I would think more people would like cake than a messy cobbler. Amy is so passive-aggressive. She asks him if he’d like cupcakes. He says yes. Then she says, “I think we’ll have cobbler.” Good grief. She shot down his idea of a casual wedding, now she’s nixing the cupcakes, and she also said something about the band he hired. What a bridezilla. A wedding day will be special whether you’re wearing jeans or an expensive wedding dress. Why stress so much about it, especially at her age and the fact that it’s not he
  3. Anyone else notice Zach’s weird thing with his eyes in this latest episode? They kept twitching. Never noticed that before. Sorry, but that was a pitiful Santa costume Chris was wearing. He didn’t even try to be like Santa. I would think it would be confusing to a toddler who believes in Santa. Of course Tori and her gang came in matching red flannel pajamas. Gotta look good for the ‘gram!
  4. Tori seems to be in extreme denial about her children’s medical issues. She says she’s thinking Jackson will outgrow his bowed legs and that he might not need surgery. Are you kidding me? She came back from the doctor’s appointment and made it seem like the doctor wasn’t too concerned, that they should “wait and see.” I personally think that’s what Tori is saying, not the doctor. Amy and Zach have tried to gently tell Tori that surgery is likely but she refuses to listen to reason. Lilah seems behind, developmentally. She can’t sit up or lift her head up, yet once again Tori refuses to believ
  5. Did my eyes deceive me, or was Tyrice eating dinner with a toothpick dangling out of his mouth? How does one even do that? In earlier episodes I thought he was a somewhat normal, decent-looking man. Yeah, the blue suit was hideous but I can overlook that. I actually felt bad when Chonda ghosted him. Then we see him with his new hooker, I mean girlfriend, and he’s talking about her big ass and how he wants to “tear it up” and I realized he’s just a skanky perv with a butt fetish.
  6. I wasn’t surprised about the lack of car seats in Ethiopia. When I adopted my children from China in 2004 and 2007 there were no car seats. We were there each time for 2 weeks, no car seat the entire trips. Car seats aren’t common in many countries like they are in the US. In China there were some very scary drivers. By the end of the 2 weeks, not having a car seat didn’t really faze me. Baby Aviel would have been better off in the car being held by Ari, as opposed to Biniyam navigating the streets in the hot weather while trying to hold both a newborn and an umbrella.
  7. YES. This annoys me so much. She was a teacher! And I hate how she says “like” every third or fourth word. During the last episode, I mentioned this to my 16 year old. We started counting how many times Tori said “like.” With 5 minutes we stopped counting around twelve times. Zach is not much better.
  8. That is one dreary, depressing cake. When my girls were Ember’s age we had cakes with Shrek, Dora, Elmo....cute, brightly colored, cheerful cakes. Ember’s cake with the dead flowers looks like something leftover from Miss Havisham’s wedding.
  9. This was one of the most heartbreaking episodes I’ve seen. It’s a miracle she didn’t lose a leg. I hope her mother sticks to her word and stops enabling her.
  10. I think Melanie has ADHD. Even after she was clean for 3 months, when her son came to visit her at the treatment facility, she was hyper and manic. It’s like she can’t sit still.
  11. Everyone’s commenting on how hot Binyam is...really? His body’s not bad, but that face? Ugh, no thanks. Is Cheesedick wearing lipstick? Dude has some seriously red lips. I’m getting Colt 2.0 vibes from him. How does a dorky-looking guy cheat on a gorgeous woman like Melyza? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. I have a feeling Deavan is not being supported by only her parents. I’m guessing she’s on assistance which means us taxpayers are helping foot the bill. Judging by some of her photos, I’m not so sure she’s going to go far as a make-up artist. Their baby boy is adorable! I hope Jihoon can grow up quickly and start being responsible but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I loved Kenny until he announced that he bought a ring and plans on proposing when he gets to Mexico. I thought he was smarter than that. I have a feeling this relationship won’t last. Armando seems reluctant to come out t
  13. Tori and Zach sure are impractical. That house with all the stairs!! Not only is it impractical for 3 LPs, but Murphy is a big dog and might be prone to arthritis when he gets older. It will be difficult to navigate those steps. I also didn’t understand why they brought Jackson to the hospital to meet the baby. Tori was in a hospital bed, hooked up to various equipment. Hospitals can be scary to young children, and Jackson is very shy in front of the camera. Why not wait until Tori and Lilah come home to introduce him to the baby? And why the need to film it when you know he’s shy i
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