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  1. The show doesn’t have to transition to Red/Agnes. That would make it the same bilge it used to be. It really just needs to end. Now we just have a bunch of idiots and criminals running around in the same circles weekly. Ressler has covered up murder by Liz, and now has committed multiple felonies regarding drugs. But let’s keep feeling bad for him. Red is a murderer, felon, crime boss and ‘we’ still have him as the protagonist. And he is so inept he can’t even figure out who shot Lizzie. Whose bones were in that suitcase? GFAFB
  2. OMG. Total waste of electrons. I guess everyone needed a hiatus. I ffwded through most of this bilge. Apparently didn’t miss much.
  3. OMG, is Burnham’s whispering dialogue getting worse or what? I don’t get it.
  4. So much better without Lizzie. Praise be. Now if only the idiot writers will address Red’s terminal illness, we may have a show.
  5. I disagree he was done living and healthy, and ready to die to protect her from what exactly? Add to that the fact that there would be no motive for her to kill him, thus any half brained criminal would assume it was faked, no matter what video was out there.
  6. Yes, I fast forwarded through all the Lizzie life flashing bullshit. My thought was that Red had someone in the background ready to shoot him, as he anticipated Lizzie not being able to. This was a better finish though. Why Harold, Aram and Ressler suck up to her is unexplainable. And the jumping into the hospital bed? Fifth grade creative writing ,at best. So Red is so close to dying of some mysterious bullshit disease that he is ready to be shot. And the explanation for his being around next season will be............ writer’s amnesia.
  7. Hypnosis? Seriously? Will that be explained or are we just supposed to handwave? A poster mentioned no more Boone? Praise be.
  8. Garbage writing once again: So the US govt issues a kill order on an ex agent, on US soil, and tells the FBI head and a doofus agent about it? Yeah happens every day.{roll-eyes} Agent Park gives such a shit about Ressler that she stays at the hospital? Btw, so much drama there. I wonder if he’ll be ok? {roll-eyes} Agent Park calls her “agent Keen”? Aram rubs one off while visiting the box apparently . Wtf? Boone cries so well. What acting. Wait, not ONE tear rolled down her face. Actor’s studio performance there. {again rolling} The scar has grown fivef
  9. I wonder what she said. No, no, I don’t really. I have stuck with this garbage because of Spader and an insane hope of a resolution of some kind, but a Boone monologue, no way. I fast forwarded through it all. For your blood pressure I suggest others do too. It felt good, like emptying a stinky trash bag that you’ll no longer have to smell.
  10. More garbage writing. Oooh and next week we’re gonna learn everything? Yeah, sure. 8 seasons of this bilge and I can’t even have a sixth of Black Mirror? It’s not right.
  11. Did I miss a scene, or did Maddox off the Russian he go the briefcase from? I’d be surprised if she didn’t have a plan for such a doublecross.
  12. Pure garbage writing. Does anyone here actually have ANY feeling for keen? The idiot gets everybody around her killed. And if Harold gives her to red, I’m done. Not sure why he even answers the phone when red calls. btw who was Ressler on the phone to when they were arresting keen?
  13. Why doesn’t Cooper just fire the insubordinate dipshit Ressler? Leaving the room to talk to Lizzie? Seriously? I can’t waste more time to on this bilge. Time for some soothing balm of Handmaids Tale.
  14. Yes I remember. Thanks Q. She was only an accessory to that one.
  15. Fixed it for ya. My week is ruined, vacation’s over. It was Merilee’s. The writers are probably hoping that the viewers are as dopey as they and the fbi are and will forget all about lizzie’s felonies and welcome her back as if nothing has happened, while moving on to another bs initiative/device/archive. They will be right btw. Remember the harbormaster she murdered? Remember the AG she murdered?
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