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  1. StillNotGinger

    S08.E01: Deep Breath

    I absolutely loved it! Saw it in the theatre last night which was so much fun. I knew Peter Capaldi would be great. He's an amazing actor, and the fact that he's a Who fanboy is just icing on the cake. Eleven was my doctor, but I also loved Nine & Ten. Within the first 10 minutes, Twelve had captured my heart as well. I think part of the reason they hit us over the head with the age was for the kids. The kids I know who have become Who fans recently talked a lot about not wanting a new Doctor. Twelve is so different than Eleven that I think this had to be addressed in some way. I will admit that as an adult, I got a bit sick of it. I'm glad we got some hot lizard on girl kissing. Strax is stupidly fun, and by the sounds in the audience, kids love him. I will have to say that the best part of the night was when the show started and we had no sound. A guy in front of us yelled "I've got it!" and soniced the screen. Many cheers were heard when the sound suddenly started working.
  2. StillNotGinger

    The Tenth Doctor: He Didn't Want To Go

    I don't share your hatred of Martha, but that's hilarious! I do share your love of Donna. I recently watched all the New Who episodes again. The only episodes/scenes I couldn't bring myself to rewatch were: Love and Monsters - I wish I could kill that episode with fire and wipe it from existence. And then kill it again, just to make sure it doesn't pull a Rory. Parts of Waters of Mars - it scares the shit out of me. When The Doctor wipes Donna's memory - if I watch that again, I'll die of dehydration from all the tears.
  3. StillNotGinger

    Rose Tyler: Bad Wolf

    I was so glad they brought her back as Bad Wolf, not Rose. I also was reminded that I really like Billie Piper as an actress. It was just Rose that bugged. I loved Rose with Nine, but after that the shipping got so ridiculous. I didn't have a problem with her & Ten being attracted to one another. It was adorable at times. It just got tedious. I also hate how their "romance" tainted Martha's time on the show.
  4. StillNotGinger

    River Song: "Spoilers"

    I think Alex Kingston could have chemistry with a rock. I adored her and Eleven together. And I'm thrilled that we actually got a very sexy kiss between the two of them in "The Name of The Doctor". Other Doctor kisses have been so chaste or played for comedic effect (although I would have been very grossed out if Nine's kiss with Rose had been sexy. Jack's kiss wasn't long enough!). I love that Matt Smith wanted to keep River to himself.
  5. StillNotGinger

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    PLEASE LOSE THE PLEATS! Gah! Otherwise, I love the costume. I think it's going to look great in motion. I am so psyched for Capaldi's Doctor. I love that he's such a fan boy, and he's a fantastic actor. I only wish he could swear on Doctor Who like he did in In The Loop. If you haven't seen this video yet, check it out. I've watched it several times. It's a delight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HixTU1GUoQM
  6. StillNotGinger

    Who's Your Doctor / Favorite Companion

    I'm a Donna fangirl. I'm not a huge fan of The Doctor getting into a romantic relationship (although it worked with River Song). I have never cried more than when he had to wipe Donna's memories. If I had to list the others, this is the order from best to worst: Donna CAPTAIN JACK!!! River Song Amy and Rory Just Amy Clara Martha Rose Amy is so much better with Rory. I like Clara, but I'm not quite sold. And it really irritated me that when they were in the truth field at Christmas, she said she fancied The Doctor. There had been no hint of that before, and I'm really hoping they won't start it up with Capaldi. Martha got screwed by the writing. She would have been so much better without the pining away. As far as Rose goes, it's not that I don't like her. Emo Doctor and her tainted my view of her entire character. I still cried when she "died". I would have loved to see him pair up with Lady Christina or Jade. Or Tasha Lem!