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  1. I knew I was old when I started this show and slowly started to realize I was more interested in the parents than the teens. I think Skeet got a bit of renewed popularity from this show so good for him. Rightfully so, the show was always gonna focus more on Archie and the gang, I'm sure he wants to do more.
  2. Stefan is the one who set her going to prison in motion, he framed her. He's the reason she's barren, a fact she brings up continuously when her schemes are found out. He never went to jail either.
  3. She does? I'm seeing an awful lot of whining from her these last few days. It's not fair! I don't hate her, but I don't feel bad for her either. She's gonna get off anyway.
  4. I love Margot Robbie and think Mary Elizabeth Winstead is always awesome, but I had no interest in this, at least in the theater, because the trailer looked exactly like Suicide Squad, which ended up being terrible. I'm happy to hear it's actually pretty good.
  5. I think all soap writers have this problem now days. It's just easier to write a bad character who has a heart deep down than it is to write a good character who's suddenly bad. The good characters do something wrong and their a hypocrite, the bad characters do something wrong and it's because their bad.
  6. Didn't Chad himself accidentally kill his own mother? I mean no one can throw stones in this town.
  7. I know there are a lot of people obsessed with the clown, but I don't see how this would work. To me the appeal of It is the Losers Club. The 7 kids/adults are what make the book/movies. I'm here for the supercut though.
  8. ihavenoidea

    Joker (2019)

    It just looks like a depressing slog to me. My sister-in-law and myself usually agree on most every movie, but when we both saw the trailer for this she looked at me and told me she thought it looked awesome and I looked at her and told her I thought it looked awful. It seems people were either super pumped or were repelled on first sight.
  9. Has anyone else noticed there's a large amount of people who seem to be super into the clown? Am I the only one who really has no interest in that part at all and mostly enjoyed the book/miniseries/both new movies because of the friendship between the 7 losers? Like for me those little side excursions of us watching Pennywise killing those two random kids took away time they could have used to develop the adult losers bond more. Yet when I read other reviews/thoughts, people seemed to love those two scenes the most.
  10. Did you see the 1990 mini series? Because Beverly goes to her old home and talks to an old lady, same sorta tea scene too.
  11. I noticed the cgi on Richie and Ben big time. Richie looked like a cartoon his eyes were so big. Ben's head was huge. The rest looked about the same but I can tell they also used something to make the voices higher, especially Eddie. I liked the movie overall. I thought all the adults were very good. Some parts could have been cut, like the beginning, even though I know it was in the book. I also thought the mirror scene with Bill and the kid could have been completely cut out. That kid popping up everywhere seemed kinda hokey, and we already knew how guilty Bill felt.
  12. Everyone on this show is a hypocrite and have done some awful things, especially if they've been on longer than a minute. I think it just depends on personal taste on who you blame.
  13. I think the problem with Shelle at the time, much like Chabby when they left was they had been played so heavily for so long people were just sick of them. I remember Martha saying in SOD that she was very aware of the audience getting tired of seeing Shelle on that island back in 2007. They needed a break. I think the main reason they haven't come back for very long is that most in charge still have a preference for Kirsten and Jason. That and like Carrie and Austin every time they bring them back they play the same old story.
  14. Chad also wanted Mia and settled for Gabi and was completely blind to her crush on him during his time with Melanie. So technically Gabi was Chad's fourth choice as well. The thing about the Gabi character is they've always used her as a fill in when the male characters other options have left or are otherwise occupied. The Stefan/Gabi direction should have been where this was headed all along. Instead I think it was Plan B after Ron's grand plans for an epic Gabby/Stefan romance was shouted down.
  15. My problem is not that Jon thinks Dany has gone too far and needs to be taken out if she indeed goes insane, my problem is the lead up to it was practically non existent. This season started and suddenly Dany was portrayed as straight up crazy. I remember telling my friend that it was like she had a huge neon sign on her forehead that said evil in 8x01. We've seen absolutely nothing in prior seasons absent burning the Tarly's the would lead up to this imo. People love Brienne and Jaime because it was built up through seasons. This Jon/Dany thing and now crazy Dany was like a last minute thing they rushed through just to get to because the plot demanded it. It's hugely unsatisfying.
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