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  1. Adam

    S05.E16: Conquer

    Deanna's Sex, Lies, and Videotape leave her with one dim witted son. Nice utopia you got there, pinko.
  2. Adam

    S05.E15: Try

    Since National Lampoon's Mid-Atlantic Vacation came about thanks to Eugene's (Eddie's?) golden ticket to Washingtonworld, Rick Grimeswold could show the mullet his gratitude with a heartfelt throttling next week.
  3. Adam

    S05.E15: Try

    "You have to remember that as far as Carl knows every girl who reaches 12 has died so far. One minute with a live one is like a miracle." When Carl was a child, he spake as a child, he understood as a child, he thought as a child : but when he became a man, he put away childish things...stabbed Abe and took Rosita like a Viking.
  4. Adam

    S05.E15: Try

    A minute in tree trunk heaven is all it takes for Carl to drop his allegiance to CDB?!
  5. Adam

    S05.E14: Spend

    Was Aiden confessing to abandoning a fellow ASZer whom he later attempted to avenge by beating a dead hors--walker? I'll play PeePants advocate. There is a kernal of truth in his pleas to Deanna since Rick has no ostensible qualms over staging a violent coup. Sure he lacks the will go the Dale route, but Rick has been a duplicate of Shane for awhile now.
  6. Adam

    S01.E06: Five-O

    Why Saul turns on Mike: Remember in BB when Mike presses for Jesse's whereabouts and Saul's reaction?
  7. Adam

    S01.E06: Five-O

    I wouldn't say Mike took on WW. Held him at arm's length--sure. Maybe Mike's parking attendant job is an attempt to be a law-abiding citizen for his granddaughter to know, and not some angle into Alberqurque's underworld. If so, his infallibility may not be assured.
  8. Adam

    S01.E06: Five-O

    "But a police interview room should be brightly lit, not dark as a dungeon." I take it to be noir-like nod, an interrogation under the hot lamp. Although it was probably just a lapse in production.
  9. Adam

    Impractical Jokers

    No outrage about a hairless cat so traumatized that it freely urinates in the elevator? Doesn't anyone feel for the bedbugs in the carpeting, beside the itching each morning?
  10. Adam

    The Frasier Game

    Kirby's appearance, notably his hair, looked inspired by Sideshow Bob
  11. Adam

    S01.E06: Five-O

    Shouldn't Kaylee have been five years younger than Breaking? Was that comedian Joe DeRosa playing veterinarian/pill mill proprietor? A good episode, but I'm concerned that the show's viewers will depart if things don't pick up soon.
  12. Adam

    S05.E11: The Distance

    Some random thoughts: If only the children of Woodbury could see Michonne now. Was Eugene's mullet a casualty of the storm?
  13. Adam

    S05.E08: Coda

    I will miss Beth--and not just for the shallow reasons. It was an interesting wrinkle, her character's emotional detachment introduced with her boyfriend's death, which was called back tonight with the no-tears vigil at Carol's bedside.
  14. Adam

    S05.E08: Coda

    Carol's same day surgery was a success, but some viewers' patience may have died.
  15. Adam

    S05.E08: Coda

    Young female characters like Maggie, Tara, et cetera?