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  1. NewsRadio started airing on Rewind TV tonight. Wow, that has to be one of the best sitcom pilots of all time. Kathrine was the only character who didn’t get fleshed-out. Otherwise, it was so well written and consistently funny. Looking forward to rewatching the whole series.
  2. Does anyone else remember The Rerun Show, a very short-lived show on NBC that recreated classic sitcoms with a new cast? They must have had access to the same library as they did FoL, DS, The Jeffersons, etc. Anyways, on their version of FoL they had a man play Jo and of course made her super butch and OTT, I felt like Kathryn Hahn was doing that exact same take last night. That being said, Jo had the best one-liners so she got the most laughs out of me.
  3. You clearly have never worked in television and have no idea what you’re talking about. The Friends Reunion did not spontaneously happen. Producers, writers, actors, the director, and hundreds of other crew members worked very hard on this project, made even more difficult with Covid restrictions. They all deserved to get paid for their work.
  4. I had no idea that was Lady Gaga and, much like her, that segment was pointless and went on far too long. Unpopular opinion: I felt the show went to the “Smelly Cat” well way too often. It’s not my favorite running storyline/joke. So yeah, I FF’d through that part. Fashion show was also dumb. I really enjoyed seeing the BTS of the writers rewriting the show live on tape night. I would have liked to see more of that tape night atmosphere. I moved to LA in 99, why was I too lazy to attend a Friends taping? That would have been a fun night.
  5. So depressing and dark. Even the lighting is dark. It’s sad because I grew up with the original, Darlene and I are the same age, my family was also working-class in a small town. My dad is also a Jack-of-all-trades and rode motorcycles. Anyways, my family is fairing WAY better than these sad sacks. I just occasionally check in on this show, because every time I watch it’s so bleak, but I was sucked in by Molly who was one of my favorite arcs on the original. So of course they killed her. Maybe I’ll check in again before the end of the season but watching this show is such a chore.
  6. The hipster parents in my neighborhood drag those bikes out every Sunday for their obligatory trip to the farmers market. So obnoxious.
  7. I guess this wasn't covered by her health insurance from the Lollipop Guild.
  8. Mark is such a tool. Hasn't he passed on products before because they're so unhealthy and don't fit his brand? The Yard gives you diabetes at a premium price point with a souvenir jar to store all your new diabetes medications in. The peanut butter pump was just Spatty part 2. Why waste our time with this stuff?
  9. I think she meant something more like the Jackbox games, where you play on your smart phone in conjunction with a smart TV with a group of people at a party... At least that's what I thought of when this game was being explained. It reminded me a lot of Drawful or Quiplash. When I play these games with friends we tend to get very obscene and outrageous, so I'm sure if the game was more interactive like that people would like to come up with their own Pricetitute questions.
  10. My parents opened a savings account for me when I was a kid (back in the 80s!) and I don't think it was hard for them... Is it somehow more complicated now??? My main question, which I don't think was asked on the show and I can't seem to find on their website, do goalsetter accounts earn interest? That's what really got me excited about saving money as a kid was earning interest and learning about compound interest. Goalsetter just seems like an over complicated savings account. Dumb.
  11. Does anyone remember the very short-lived show Grosse Pointe on the WB? It was a sitcom about the behind-the-scenes of a 90210 type drama. Anyways, this episode just reminded me of one of my favorite exchanges on that show. The network executive walks in to the writer's room to let the head writer know, "we just signed a deal with Subway so I need you to write a story line about a Subway 6-inch sub with 6 grams of fat or less... But don't worry, it doesn't have to be an A story." And of course, the best product placement episode of all time, Community's KFC episode.
  12. Yeah, the Acorns app does the same thing, and for savings I think it's not a terrible model. People generally suck at saving. These apps/programs are "feel good" solutions but don't really solve anything because most people need to be saving a lot more than spare change. However, fooling people into thinking they'll magically pay off their student loan debts with spare change is a bunch of BS.
  13. You're never going to pay off your student loans by rounding up all your stupid little purchases... You can pay off your student loans by not making stupid little purchases and instead put that money towards paying off your debt. What a useless gimmick and I'm surprised Cuban, who supposedly hates gimmicky products, went for it.
  14. Ugh, this was just so so sad. There's nothing worse than watching old people try (and fail) to be young. Spit takes and pillow fights (where the feathers fly out of the pillows, naturally) are such lazy "comic" devices. I think the premier will get big numbers just from the morbid curiosity... Next week mid to low 1's.
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