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  1. Well, technically, she could have taken her out to the restaurant. Doesn't mean that she PAID for the meal. LOL!
  2. Yes, chosen for HERSELF after being trained for nothing, given no other options, and being brainwashed to think that this is the ideal life for her. She deserves the same options for living her life that other kids her age have. Too bad she doesn't seem to know that.
  3. Agree. I think JB will be in negotiations with any network he can interest with the wedding of the century, provided that there is a groom handy. I did kinda like Steve from Nebraska, and I though he pretty much met Jana's stated criteria for a husband, but maybe not. I would have thought that a courtship would have been announced after news of the cancellation was released, but no. Maybe Boob is holding out.
  4. All well and good Jill. But would you know what to do with the produce once you harvest it? Just asking.
  5. LOL, my nephew loved, I mean loved mashed potatoes. So much so that when he came to stay for weekends, my mother would make bowls of mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese added, and he would wolf that right down. I remember going to a local supper club for mother's day, and he went to the buffet for a huge plate of nothing but mashed potatoes. I kid you not when I say that everyone seated, and there was a huge room full, was watching him carry that plate to his table. He added about 10 packets of butter to the top, then just swallowed it whole. I never saw anything like it, lol. It breaks
  6. Totally agree. She is so pretty, but those eyebrows are a huge distraction.
  7. True, unfortunately. Why don't they make bead jewelry like Nurie? If they get the hang of it, they can turn out some pretty jewelry, and would have more luck selling it on Etsy, at least to their leg humpers.
  8. I posted elsewhere that I wouldn't be surprised that it is a combo of two or three things. Jill and Nurie are both pregnant, which wouldn't surprise me as Jill has been in a pretty good mood lately, and Renee/Kaylee is courting. But whatever. It is what it is.
  9. That being said, I hope the boy heals quickly. I broke my wrist and was lucky enough not to need surgery, but it still was 11 weeks of healing that drove me nuts, as I couldn't work during that time, and I had to work out how to do housework and cook one-handed.
  10. I thought that the American taxpayer was their health insurance. Didn't Gil Bates brag about taking his kids to the emergency room when they were ill? Probably what's going to happen now.
  11. Well, I guess I'm tops in something, lol!!.
  12. I was lucky, I had no wisdom teeth at all. When I x-rayed during a dental exam, I asked how many wisdom teeth I had, since I had none that broke the surface. When he checked, he said that I had none, congratulations. I had never heard this before, but I guess that gradually, the human race is losing the wisdom teeth as there is no need for them anymore. I thought it was just because I was a fool, lol.
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