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  1. I guess its my UO that I liked the episode. Loved the call out to Maltese falcon and noir films. I loved that the episode had just Sam and Dean. No side characters-just the brothers. And to be shallow, Dean looked more gorgeous than ever this episode! HOW?
  2. I forgot all about him! Maybe the writers did too! (hoping!)
  3. I enjoyed it too-for a back door pilot. Yes too much makeup on Claire-I didn't even recognize her at first! I can watch Jody and Donna all day! My husband and I both agree that we would watch the spinoff but we would both like more Jody and Donna and less Claire.
  4. Maybe Lucifer convinced Cas the 2 of them in one body would be stronger than them as separate beings? Or its the Cas from the empty??? Remember the tie discrepancy>!
  5. Oh that is definitely not our Cas in the promo!
  6. Enjoyable film but the books are better!
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about this....I'm feeling a little uncomfortable.....Is it going to be a one off character or a recurring role?
  8. Im still trying to figure out if it's Cas too-the tie thing really got me thinking. I replayed that episode and for sure his tie was striped and then when he got to earth is was a solid color. Have TPTB said anything about the tie color???
  9. I was wondering if that was an adlib? :-)
  10. I'm nervous about Cas. What's with his tie being striped in the empty and solid blue on earth??????
  11. Jensen killed me! I swear that man can make me cry with just a look. I swear just before he had the idea to kill himself I turned to my husband and said Dean seems almost suicidal...Jensen really played the last couple of episodes in such a way to make it believable.
  12. Dean is so destroyed at the death of Cas and his Mom that he no longer has any hope. He doesn't WANT any hope for fear he will be crushed again. I totally understood when he told Sam no you still have to believe shes alive. I think all his bluster about Mary being dead was done just to hear Sam have hope.
  13. I 100% understand this. When my Mom started having memory problems she took the wrong pills (even though I put the correct pills pout for her) and I got so angry and then I realized I wasn't angry I was scared.
  14. Well if the actor was trying to imitate Cas he failed for us. It didn't even cross our minds that he was acting like Cas! YMMV I enjoyed the episode. I really liked the road so far. I loved the Dean praying scene, Jensen really moved me. I really liked the sheriff. She listened to Dean instead of over-reacting. I'm so happy our show is back!
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