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  1. PixiePaws1

    Salty asks from Tumblr

    Ok..first up: Which storyline do you pretend never happened? Wish-Verse!!! Every single second of it was a MASSIVE 'fuck you' to Emma and her fans. It was also a huge insult to Snow and Charming.. I mean, their statue shows them ready for battle/victorious after a battle..and A&E are trying to make us believe they'd raise Emma as a witless moron!!??? Ewww...hideous, awful, disgraceful storyline.
  2. PixiePaws1

    S04.E13: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

    OMG!!!...This truly was hysterical...one of THE funniest scenes this show ever did. How utterly infuriating they can do this type of 'in joke' with fairy tale characters hitting the drive thru, but ignore nearly every op to throw in a classic scene like this, much more often. I am not saying flood each ep with them, but this was comedy GOLD!!..(maybe an itsy bitsy pun intended..)
  3. PixiePaws1

    S03.E19: A Curious Thing

    For me, heartless Regina TLK with the kid who previously went to such extremes to escape her and find his bio mum, was vomit inducing.. Once again (!) the writers missed an op to explain Killian's dilemma. There was a great fan fic that had Zelena put a geis on him which physically prevented him from telling, writing or attempting to communicate that he had been cursed. They could have some amazing gut wrenching scenes with him trying to get around it ...but writers always went for cheap, shalllow angst.
  4. PixiePaws1

    S03.E15: Quiet Minds

    Exactly.... It is called free will. ArseWipeFire was a lazy selfish and arrogant turd. He wanted Daddy back to get him his son back. He brought back the 'world's greatest evil' and negated the one good sacrifice of the Dark One. Well done, you moron. You're the gift that just keeps giving.
  5. PixiePaws1

    S03.E13: Witch Hunt

    The most irritating thing about Zelena mixing with the locals is the writers had a golden op for her to see how much the general populace hate and fear Regina. She didn't have to go it alone...many of Regina's victims would have cheered her on and thanked her!! Instead we got...well....we didn't get any justice, just more victim-blaming...!
  6. PixiePaws1

    S03.E12: New York City Serenade

    God YES!!!!
  7. PixiePaws1

    S03.E06: Ariel

    I never understood the big drama over Snow wanting another baby (naming of 2nd child...big HUGE drama...separate issue). Snow is young and in love...this often results in pregnancy/pregnancies...why would people assume she only ever wanted one kid?? Emma gets a sibling and that's great for someone who grew up only wanting a family. Not going to lie. I only stopping laughing at Emma's secret when ArseWipefire, demonstrated both, his arrogance and his abusive bullying, by completely ignoring the fact that Emma prefers him to be dead.
  8. PixiePaws1

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    Watching the 'Ghost in the Machine' ep from the old Medium series...MRJ is in it and his character is being set up as the patsy by his lover for her crime..weird...
  9. PixiePaws1

    S02.E14: Manhattan

    Being an utter moron doesn't make you a bad person...and for someone supposedly as street smart as Neal...just taking August's word and going along with, The Great Plan, of 2 MUCH MUCH older men conspiring to send underaged girl to prison, to 'to keep her on the path' of her destiny??? Yeah, both Neal and August are complete morons for coming up with that one. For all of ArseWipeFire's protestations about doing it for her own good, he jumped on board with The Great Plan pretty damn quick. Who knows how long he really intended to stay with Emma before August turned up? The creepy stat rape vibe was unbelievably strong in Tallahassee...I was very uncomfortable watching those scenes. Gets worse when you picture young Abby Ross in those scenes because that would really show how ick ths whole thing was. But the smugness in ArseWipeFire in response to the emotional evisceration of Emma and the condescension to Emma ...THAT makes him an arsehole. Stupidity, I can forgive, but rude, obnoxious, self righteous belittling of someone you wronged on a whole new level of wrong? THAT'S why I call him, ArseWipeFire.
  10. PixiePaws1

    S02.E06: Tallahassee

    To this day I have to fast forward all the Emma/ArseWipeFire scenes as I see a much older sleezy statutory rapist emotionally eviscerating Emma and it turns my stomach. When Hook said 'Everything we need is right in front of us' i thought it was a flashing neon sign from the writers saying 'future couple'...i just didn't know how long that road would be! August and Neal should have ridden that motorcyle off a damn cliff!
  11. PixiePaws1

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    Just watching Stargate SG-1 series ep Nighwalkers which was filmed in Steveson ..it is so interesting seeing different camera angles for locales i know from Once.
  12. Exactly..he was a great villain....can you imagine a Jafar and Cora alliance???