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  1. So that leaves A&E out...they couldn't explain snow to Eskimos.
  2. I always thought a much more creative use of Colin would have been a villain glamoured to look like Killian, running around sullying his name but got caught up in the curse to Hyperion Heights and 'stuck' in the Killian guise. The audience knows it's not Emma's Killian, so no shipping drama if he takes up with a woman or a man, CS are perfectly safe and happy, and Colin gets a whole new character to bring to life.
  3. No, no, no...that would mean it was about Emma and not Regina...A&E would stab themselves in the foot before allowing that...the idiots🤬🤬🤬
  4. ..and the pink glittery elephant in the room.... Why so many retcons...did none of the writers watch any earlier eps or do they think fans are goldfish unable to remember previous seasons??!!
  5. 99% of shows FEATURE a wedding of the lead character....but A&E had to shove the happy couple aside to feature a long song (with incredibly cringe-inducing dancing) for Reggie and shoehorn in one for Zelena.. Emma didn't get the wedding she deserved..cheated yet again 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  6. THIS!!! Heaven forbid they open that door on, clearly homeless, freezing little Emma tearing up her storybook to burn in a rubbish bin in the streets to keep warm!!
  7. @tennisgurlThank you for the longest, loudest belly laugh I've had in ages.....
  8. Just sitting watching tv and see an ad for new series here in Australia...called My Life Us Murder '....and Bernard Curry appears to feature alongside Lucy Lawless (so weird hearing her natural accent!).. Bernard looking rather cute..now, if Colin would just guest star..... Bernard's character is a hussey..that is his character is Inspector Kieran Hussey. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://tvtonight.com.au/2019/06/my-life-is-murder-promo.html&ved=2ahUKEwjn8bSSpKDjAhU273MBHTvjCPoQFjARegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw1GS64vW0ZCOsl68F2
  9. Ok..first up: Which storyline do you pretend never happened? Wish-Verse!!! Every single second of it was a MASSIVE 'fuck you' to Emma and her fans. It was also a huge insult to Snow and Charming.. I mean, their statue shows them ready for battle/victorious after a battle..and A&E are trying to make us believe they'd raise Emma as a witless moron!!??? Ewww...hideous, awful, disgraceful storyline.
  10. OMG!!!...This truly was hysterical...one of THE funniest scenes this show ever did. How utterly infuriating they can do this type of 'in joke' with fairy tale characters hitting the drive thru, but ignore nearly every op to throw in a classic scene like this, much more often. I am not saying flood each ep with them, but this was comedy GOLD!!..(maybe an itsy bitsy pun intended..)
  11. For me, heartless Regina TLK with the kid who previously went to such extremes to escape her and find his bio mum, was vomit inducing.. Once again (!) the writers missed an op to explain Killian's dilemma. There was a great fan fic that had Zelena put a geis on him which physically prevented him from telling, writing or attempting to communicate that he had been cursed. They could have some amazing gut wrenching scenes with him trying to get around it ...but writers always went for cheap, shalllow angst.
  12. Exactly.... It is called free will. ArseWipeFire was a lazy selfish and arrogant turd. He wanted Daddy back to get him his son back. He brought back the 'world's greatest evil' and negated the one good sacrifice of the Dark One. Well done, you moron. You're the gift that just keeps giving.
  13. The most irritating thing about Zelena mixing with the locals is the writers had a golden op for her to see how much the general populace hate and fear Regina. She didn't have to go it alone...many of Regina's victims would have cheered her on and thanked her!! Instead we got...well....we didn't get any justice, just more victim-blaming...!
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