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  1. Based on nothing, I agree with you.
  2. A particularly low moment for the show. It had the potential to be ok, but it was just dumb.
  3. For a second, I thought they might get the Golden Buzzer. It's a shame they didn't have to overcome something.
  4. Of course, the singer who has clearly been singing his whole life and who actually teaches singing doesn't know another song. Makes perfect sense. All of the good acts tonight have been on other shows. I didn't check but I'm guessing spinny-hair girl (who lives in Vegas) was in Cirque de Soliel. The Gayest band were actually funny. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.
  5. Probably, and I've also noticed some other producer shenanigans. Two terrible acts - Bad Lady Gaga wannabe and Bad Old Boy Band - had awful mixes that highlighted their weak vocals. Also, the lack of applause (in a mostly empty theater) was noticeable. The favored acts got big applause, which was likely put in during production. I hope those crappy acts got the publicity they wanted!
  6. Premieres on NBC on the 24th. I don't really use Hulu, are they generally a day later than the networks?
  7. I'd watch a 6 episode mini-series. Please, I beg, not 3-4 seasons of shitting pants and nut-taps.
  8. Keanu Reeves, by all accounts that I've seen, is a genuinely nice guy.
  9. Rockford Files is one of those shows, like Emergency, Starsky & Hutch and Charlie's Angels that I know I watched when they were first run, but I couldn't tell you about a single episode if you paid me.
  10. My 35th reunion is in the Fall. I'm still thinking about it. The group has gotten close over the last year or so, but there's still that socializing aspect... All I'm watching now is America's Got Talent. I am not proud of myself. Oh, and Loki, since it's only 6 episodes.
  11. Why what, exactly? Watch World Beyond? I don't have a good answer for that.
  12. Without going into World Beyond spoilers, they're giving it out in dribs and drabs, which I suppose is a smart way to get you to watch. You could probably read the wikipedia summaries and get the same info.
  13. It's seems like the 3 shows are going to be tied together and come to a satisfying, logical conclusion. LOL!!! Just kidding!! It's gonna suck and make no sense!!
  14. The last person you meet is a hipster. What a horrible way to die.
  15. The Angry Heart and The Werewolf of Walnut Grove are two back-to-back episodes I can skip. Both kind of mean spirited. One (two) of the reasons I prefer Season 7 to Season 6. On another note, I did recently enjoy Season 6 episode "Whatever Happened to the Class of '56?" Strange episode with characters we never heard of before or since, but well acted.
  16. I got the feeling LTL was there to set up the Korean group, to show "this is what a REAL boy band sounds like!" Of course, Korean Soul is an established act, with a large YouTube following. The first "boy" band have a much smaller online presence, but they do seem to be a real group.
  17. My first thought when she said she was there by herself and that the last year was bad was that she lost her husband to COVID. I didn't like her musically, but the story touched me, I'll admit.
  18. Don't forget the inevitable season recap show. We saw "Listen to the Sound of the Sidewalk" at least 3 times before the live show last year.
  19. The show was not shy with their ethnic stereotypes. Italians, Irish, and let's not forget Native Americans. Yes, but I never heard of her until today. Per imdb, she didn't work much outside of Days of Our Lives, but it looks like she's been on for close to 50 years!
  20. Beggorah, the Irish stereotypes in "Second Spring" are as thick as St. Patrick's shillelagh, they are!
  21. Season 3 premiers September 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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