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  1. cerealboxkilla

    S24.E14: Next Level Fierce

    I actually thought Law was on point about Khrystyana's photo. It looked awful. But I wish they judged her entire body of work instead of eliminating her over one photo. Honestly, the final two should've been Khrystyana and Rio, and Khrystyana should've won. But really, does the winner really matter anymore? It really doesn't.
  2. cerealboxkilla

    Season 17 Discussion

    Not sure what I think yet, but I already know Compton chick is going to get on my nerves, rocker chic is screwed, and the big girl from Brooklyn is only good at instigating but not fighting (she was on the floor on all three of the fights they showed). Why do I keep watching this show?
  3. cerealboxkilla

    Season 4 Discussion

    I hated how it was obvious that none of them have seen the last two episodes of the season yet. I guess they recorded the reunion early. There was one part where Jorge was talking about driving Anfisa to the airport (old news), but everyone was acting like it was new information. And, strangely enough, Jorge was boldly lying about DroveHerToTheAirportGate. "I gave her $5000 and got her a first class ticket!" We all know now that that didn't happen. I felt like that moment was very revealing to the type of person Jorge is. He acts a certain way for the cameras and then acts a different way when the cameras aren't there. I think that's the real reason Anfisa was crying. Jorge is boldly talking about leaving her on the show and then crying about her leaving him when the cameras are conveniently not there to capture his patheticness. I'm not Team Anfisa or anything, but there's definitely more to the story.
  4. cerealboxkilla

    S02.E12: The Serial Filler

    I hated stomach dude. Did anyone catch on the way to surgery when he said to his girlfriend, "Do you think I'll finally have a V? I always wanted one." Like dude, go to the fucking gym already. My money's on him probably being the only child and coddled most of his life. I guess that's why Wife #1 got sick of it. I bet Wife #2 will get sick of it, too.
  5. cerealboxkilla

    S02.E07: Happy New Year

    I question the editing of these episodes. Each one leaves me with a different impression of each person. Fortunately, my first impression of Sean hasn't changed. He's definitely "psychotically charming" (as someone already said) and disingenuous as hell. Davina is needy and has issues, but no one deserves a dud like him. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Ryan Douchebag, and I'm starting to think he's getting an unfair edit. The worst things he's done so far have happened off camera and were narrated by Jessica (unreliable). All his other douchebaggy behavior seems to be just immaturity and his inability to read Jessica, although to be honest, NO ONE can read Jessica. He wants a fun chick who's tough who he can banter with, and when he tries to do it with Jessica he's rewarded with judgmental silence, crying, and an unfair accusation made behind his back to the camera crew when he's not there. Jessica is coming across extremely unlikeable these past episodes, but I'm also giving her the benefit of the doubt, too. She flat-out just doesn't like Ryan, and when you're stuck in an apartment all day with someone you hate, sometimes you act like a passive aggressive piece of shit. She's only human. The surprising thing is that it looks like Ryan is still trying to make it work and doesn't realize how much Jessica despises him.
  6. cerealboxkilla

    S02.E06: Moving In

    I don't think any of these couples are going to make it, not even Jacklyn/Ryan R. Jaclyn is trying her hardest to be attracted to Ryan, but that's not how relationships work. People fall into love; there really shouldn't be any kind of "forcing" involved. Last year's Jamie and Doug felt a lot more natural. When Ryan was all "Should we consummate the house?", she looked worried and apprehensive. It was a flash of, "Oh shit, it's happening." They won't last. Sean/Davina is crashing sooner than I expected. It's even worse than Vaughn/Monet, and at least those two were still having sex between their shouting. What I want to know is when did the "switch" happen? Was he acting weird over Christmas? I think Davina talked him to death, either that or he realized this experience just wasn't for him. I actually don't fault Ryan Douchebag for the closet fiasco. Jessica should have spoken up. I know she told the experts she wanted a "take charge" man, but I think this is another Monet situation. Jessica clearly doesn't know what she wants. She needs a big, dopey emotional cry baby like herself who is just as sensitive as she is. She's so fragile. Who fights back tears over a damn closet? And she was already putting her clothes in the bureau, so what did she expect? That both were hers for the taking? I know Jessica is a sweet person and she looks like a saint when paired with Ryan Douchebag, but I just don't like her that much. Emotional wet blankets like that are such joykills. But I'll hold my judgment on her for the next episode.
  7. cerealboxkilla

    S02.E05: The Holidays

    It feels more and more like I'm watching The Bachelor or some other superficial reality dating show. Not to say the first season wasn't superficial, but I'm just not jiving with this particular group of people, especially how they were matched. I think Ryan Douchebag/Jessica is the worst pairing because they are so obviously the complete opposite of each other. In this episode, there was a scene where Jessica was knocking on Ryan's door and he goes, "Who is it?" And she responds all exasperated with, "It's me; why can't you just look through the window?" She didn't even get the joke! Jessica is uber sensitive, a crybaby, gullible, doesn't take jokes well. How could the experts think she was a good pairing for fun!douchebag Ryan? It's so obvious they're trying to orchestrate from Vaughn/Monet type disasters or something. At least last season was more earnest. I don't know.
  8. cerealboxkilla

    Davina & Sean

    Sorry, I'm just not seeing Davina's shunning of her culture as a preference. From the way she describes her childhood, you can tell she experienced a lot of traumatic events based on her race. She was bullied by white children, had an abusive Indian father, and probably felt alienated by all cultures. I can see her growing up wishing she was like everyone else, and thus her "preference" makes sense. Most people who are the children of first or second generation immigrants don't embrace their culture, but they don't seem to have the baggage Davina has. I can't imagine a Chinese person telling me, "My Chinese father was a monster so I consider myself white now." Like, what?
  9. cerealboxkilla

    S02.E03: The Wedding Night And Morning After

    I'm getting serious Vaughn/Monet vibes from Ryan/Jessica. The fact that they were the only couple to sleep together on the first night was the first warning sign. Plus, the way Ryan goes on and on about how attracted he is to her feels a little bit like Vaughn. It's a little "the lady doth protest too much," you know? I'm confused about Davina because she said she grew up in a community that was mostly white and that she experienced lots of racism. So she responds by alienating her own race and embracing the people who teased and made fun of her? Did I hear that conversation wrong? Anyway, if she lives in New York, I know for a fact she's not the only Americanized Indian walking around who shuns the native culture. Only someone who suffers from identity issues would think they were the *only* one. But anyway, she and Sean are still the only pairing that makes sense right now. Unpopular opinion coming through, but I started to like Jacelyn a little in this episode. She at least realizes that Ryan is a catch but doesn't know how to make things different. However, she's super emasculating. Even the way she was sitting at the dinner table was masculine--slouched, one arm thrown over the back of the chair. I bet she was "manspreading" under that table.
  10. cerealboxkilla

    S07.E15: Chocolate Does A Body Good

    Maybe I'm just biased because I can't stand Phaedra, but I didn't have a problem with her being confronted over dinner. Every housewife on these shows have had a moment where they were confronted with "rumors" by the other women. Of course they're 100% producer-driven, but it's obviously something we come to expect from these shows. What makes Phaedra so special that she gets a sympathy pass? Because her husband is in jail? No one told her to marry that ex-con. Whenever someone wants to confront her with something she wants to throw hands. Maybe she should stop cashing Bravo checks if she gets personally offended every time someone confronts her about her very public life. However, despite everything, Cynthia gets the prize for looking the worst this episode. I know the producers probably asked her to bring it up and she felt apprehensive about it, but if you're going to spill tea you mind as well own it. Just be clear, state the facts, remain neutral, and try to sound diplomatic. Her mumbling, "You know, we kinda have this thing where we're always calling each other whores..." SHUT UP. And next season, if Bravo wants to increase the ratings again (since it's been falling) they need to encourage the women to focus more on their families and projects and let the drama brew organically. Claudia vs. Porsha is the perfect example. The faux drama is ruining the show. Half the women don't even have storylines anymore--just sitting around in empty mansions waiting on invitations to dinners so that they can fight about something that happened a year ago. It's becoming too much.
  11. cerealboxkilla

    Big Women: Big Love

    Where does Jenn live? Can we all ambush her apartment and give that chick a makeover? She's the sloppiest of the bunch--the hair, her clothes, the fake chipmunk voice. I think she wants to come across as funny and adorable and "curvy," but it's not working. When Sabrina asked that guy how old he thought she was, and he said 27, did anyone else think Sabrina expected him to go a lot lower? She was like, "Uh, 30!" Awkward. Now just because you dress like a 23 year old... Kristi reminds me so much of my best friend. I never understood why my friend was so bad at meeting men. She dated the biggest losers, most who were butt ugly, and then she would gloat about how good it felt to be called pretty by these ugly dudes. I always told her that she had a lot to offer and that she shouldn't look to losers to validate her beauty, but oh well. She's married to some dude with no teeth now. I'm actually kind of...obsessed with this show? It's such a trainwreck; I've been enjoying every second of it. I would be happy if all of them came back, excluding Jessica of course. However, this show can only work if their storylines take off. If it's just the same ol' bad dudes/bad decisions/inevitable embarassments, it can get old.
  12. cerealboxkilla

    Big Women: Big Love

    Sabrina looked a tad immature when confronting Kareem. For most people, three dates or less doesn't even warrant a "break up" text. However, she was definitely the most mature out of the tacky club trio. Was Mar auditioning to be on the Bad Girls Club? She's a sloppy drunk, but I hate how Sabrina shows up to these events just to stand in the corner and look judge-y. Clubs probably aren't her thing, but as the "mature" friend, her job should be to watch her friends and make sure they're not being taken advantage of by creeps and be the "wing woman." Mar was at a 10 and Jen and Sabrina were hovering around a 3 (with Jen desperately trying to get to 4). They all should have been at a 6. Kristi/Jessica are starting to bore me. The show needs to think of a way to get them all in the same room again.
  13. cerealboxkilla

    Big Women: Big Love

    On the date I remember him saying "Closed mouth, again?" after he went in for a kiss. NYC men are a different breed of men (those who live here will know), and there's so much "competition" among single women that the men are spoiled and impatient. He can easily go on OkCupid and find another girl of equal attractiveness who will put out. But I personally think Sabrina lucked out because Kareem is disgustingly ugly to me. It seems she's so desperate to meet a white guy she'll settle for just about any white guy. Weird. She needs to get her self-esteem in order.
  14. cerealboxkilla

    S01.E19: Drones

    It was a clip from the British TV show The Inbetweeners. I'm pretty sure the whole series is streaming on Netflix.
  15. cerealboxkilla

    S01.E08: 207 sq ft Minnesota Prairie Cottage

    I thought this house was going to be a disaster. So far this show has had a bad track record with building functional houses for families. But I was surprised with how well this turned out. A part of me kept wondering, "No sex...?" But if the kids were already sleeping in their parents' bed every night, I assume sex has stopped a long time ago. I wish they showed more of the house that belonged to that guy who had a tub hidden in a trap door? His house looked really unique and unlike any of the typical "living area/loft" houses we're used to seeing.