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  1. Wow! Good cast! Will this only be available as an on-line series?
  2. I absolutely loved Brandon's look! Michael Kors used to say "those are clothes , not fashion". Well this was fashion with a capital F. And as far as the sleeves not being practical, remember when Victorya won with a dress her model couldn't lift her arms in? Kors commented that you had to sacrifice for fashion. Kenya's was beautiful, but it was cigarette pants & a peplum top. The sleeves & the back were interesting & the fabric was gorgeous, but we've seen this before. Brandon's was totally original. I love his mixing menswear into woman's fashion. I think that lovely pink, striped silk fabric elevated his look to evening wear. I was pleasantly surprised to see the 2 plus sized models looking so elegant & sexy. I think that's the point to this season, that woman of all sizes can be beautiful & sexy. The twins need to go....now! They are both so insufferable...and delusional. Claire probably thought her awful look was one of the top 3.
  3. Do we know Art's sexual orientation is because he & Felix would be great together
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