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  1. She copped a plea deal to a misdemeanor and is on probation. She's not a felon. Karma is a bitch, like Ramona predicted, Bethenny will always be alone. She is the insufferable bitch who makes absolutely everything about her.
  2. snarts

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    So not only is Mila incompetent but she's a homophobic asshole to boot. Lovely. Looking forward to her quick dismissal. Enjoying everyone else so far, even Joao & Capt. Sandy, surprisingly...
  3. snarts

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Yeah, I understand their position and it was nice of them to offer water. I probably would've thrown in a few bananas too (they have a ton) if only for the good karma.
  4. Not sure what you're trying to show here, we all watched the episode, Luann did not yell. Like others have mentioned, the only trash talking came from Bethenny.
  5. Except, no. We actually heard Lu ask if there was coffee and it was nowhere near Bethenny's re-telling of it. Luann also unpacked her own luggage.
  6. snarts

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    Kathryn chopped her hair and it looks super cute.
  7. snarts

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    It's currently a 50/50 custody arrangement with either 5 or 7 days on/off. Ideally it would stay that way.with both parents playing a significant role in their lives. Unfortunately, Thomas has been charged with some serious crimes which may result in significant jail time forcing Kathryn to take additional precautions with the custody arrangement. Had she not filed, people would be judging her inaction. In terms of being away from the kids what appears to be one night for this treehouse trip. The show is her job, her income. She may not have had a choice on where it fell based on their filming schedule. From social media, she spends a ton of time with the kids, without the help of nannies. Similarly, I'm not going to judge Cameran for being uncomfortable in her new role as mom. I don't doubt that Cameran loves her daughter and thankfully, is in a position to do what's best for her. Hands on, stay at home mothering is not for everyone, The societal pressures placed on women is ridiculous and I refuse to feed into the argument that Kathryn or Cameran are somehow inadequate or negligent in their relationships with their children. Especially not from the TV show lens we're viewing them through. I'm going to need more Whitney & Patricia and less Shep & Austen, thank you.
  8. snarts

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    Oh, totally get why the contestants did it. I meant stupid of the producers to allow it to happen, as they were the only couple people may have been rooting for. Once they were gone, the last hour became a battle for the least vile. Bobby Ray is utterly dull but harmless. Show fizzled at the end, so much potential ruined. I hope this Love Island thing is entertaining.
  9. snarts

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    To be fair, Charla screwing over Dave in a similar fashion in the original Paradise Hotel was indeed one of the greatest reality TV moments, occurring at least a decade before Bachelor Pad. Voting off David & Kendall was stupid. They were the only semi legitimate couple.
  10. Same,. She's definitely feeling herself but so what? It's not like the she's doing anything to the other women to incite such vitriol, Ramona is dismissive and insults people to their face yet people laugh her off. Luann is generally pleasant but talks about her cabaret show too much and it's cool to berate her, calling her an asshole, a slut, and judging her sobriety? Luann has been there for Sonja many times, especially when the larger group (led by Bethenny) completely shunned her. It was obvious to me that they have a real friendship and that Luann was genuinely concerned for her. It appears that Sonja took that discussion to heart by at least trying to not to drink as the party started,
  11. Her hair must be thinning terribly. How many different hats have we seen her in? I think I counted 3 in last night's episode alone. Brandi, double ugh. I couldn't watch but admitted I did stop on on her interview just to laugh at the hot pink clown lipstick. I'd rather watch Ken doze on the couch with Jiggy than see Dorit's fake fashion empire. I too thought that Kitson closed years ago. This show used to be interesting because of their lifestyles. While they've always thrown in 1 or 2 personalities to mix it up, the show has now become chock full of the uninteresting wannabe social climbing bitches. No interest in seeing Brandi, Dorit, Erika, Rinna, Denise & Kyle duke it out for queen bee.
  12. snarts

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I wonder how much US Weekly pays? Jenelle's exclusive ME ME ME interview. Items of note: new judge appointed, they are still pursuing the return of Maryssa (thankfully, I think Jace is safe). Oh, and supposedly Barb is just jealous...yeah, that's it.
  13. snarts

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    Thinking the same, lied on her resume. She seems completely out of her element. That food looked like shit. I love tacos but if I'm on a chartered yacht in the French Riviera , some shitty Mexican fiesta with microwaved steak is not going to cut it. Part of two, I like her as well.
  14. Luann slept with the pirate first, Sonja then hooked up with him the very next night. Guessing that Sonja got with Harry first by nature of she was the first of the three to get divorced. Sonja gets mad at the other women for going after men she's "dated". The problem is that none of the women know that because Sonja never actually dated them publicly. Hell, Dorinda introduced Tom to Luann and neither of them knew that Sonja had slept with him. I think Sonja gets upset only after the publicly date/fall in love with someone other than her.
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing Jill either. She doesn't drink at all from what I remember and it would nice to add another sober voice to the group. They're definitely envious of the show's success and the storyline & attention Luann gets from it which is why Sonja showed up at the rehearsal. If Bethenny had her druthers, she'd be the only one with any successful outside ventures. She continually mocks everything Ramona & Sonja are involved in, and barely acknowledges Tinsley's existence, let alone support her events.
  16. Sandy's dating a gospel singer. Wonder if that'll make her less of an asshole this season? https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/below-deck-captain-sandy-gospel-leah-schafer
  17. ...and rebuttal? https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/29/luann-de-lesseps-not-fired-no-issue-real-housewives-rhony/
  18. snarts

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Kyle was only quiet because Mauricio was sitting next to her. Camille owns some fantastic properties.
  19. snarts

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Yes, for a dog. Fuck you, Camille.
  20. snarts

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    I don't believe that any of the rumored relationships between the long-standing cast members are real. They tried to imply that Kathryn-Shep were interested in one another last season. The whole Austin-Chelsea-Shep triangle was super forced and fake. Frankly, I'd be surprised if they haven't asked Cameran to fake an affair with Shep. The Whitney-Kathryn rumor this year feels about as genuine, especially because we know who she's actually dating in real time. Not the editors fault per se, they're just following the script used fro Vanderpump Rules. It's just that most of the those friendships pre-date the show and are a bit more organic.
  21. snarts

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    At this pace no idea how they'll wrap this up with only two episodes remaining. Plus new guys next week?
  22. It's amazing to me that people don't understand that you can't force sobriety. It would be great if it were that simple. However, addiction is a disease. On a separate point, what the hell good would it do to put her (or any other addict) in prison? Our jails/prisons are overcrowded and personally, I'd to save that space for the murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc.
  23. snarts

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    Just read that there's only a few episodes left in the season! Fox cut it down from 3 episodes/week to onlyThursdays due to low ratings. Season finale is something like June 6th. So much for this being my summer jam...
  24. snarts

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    The show last Saturday was sold out, venue seated about 1000. Ticket prices ranged from $40-100. People were genuinely enjoying themselves, singing along to the songs. No heckling whatsoever. It's a not a musical act, it's more like a variety show. For those of us old enough to remember, reminded me of the 70s variety shows like The Osmonds & Carol Burnett. If it wasn't profitable, they wouldn't keep adding dates to the tour.