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  1. asupercoolusername

    S02.E10: Someone's Little Sister

    Yay for Mariana's old hair! Finally. I didn't particularly like her in the beginning but she's definitely a character I like now. Also glad to see Jesus without the creepy Hayley storyline for a bit. Sophia also creeps me out. And I'm getting slightly annoyed at the fact that they keep doing this drama thing with Callie's adoption. I don't mind Callie/Brandon either way. I don't exactly ship them but I don't mind them being together either. But this whole adoption thing has been dragging out long enough. Either do it or don't already. And this is probably an unpopular opinion but Jude is my least favorite character so I didn't pay much attention to his storyline. But I'm guessing he and Connor kissed or something. Either way, I don't care for them.
  2. asupercoolusername

    S03.E21: And Life Begins Right Away

    The episode was going so well. I was pretty happy with it until I thought that there had to be a moment that would let Daphne get away with everything. And there it was. I certainly wasn't expecting it. And Regina and Wes, urgh. No. The episode was great up until the last 5 minutes. Really emotional and well done. Then they just undid all of that. I don't dislike Daphne or anything at all. I don't mind any character on this show other than Renzo. But seriously, Daphne and her magically perfect moments and Bay constantly getting crapped on are getting a little ridiculous now. It was already dumb when they were fighting it and decided Daphne would only do 3 months. But even that had to magically fix itself? And Bay? Really? I can't.
  3. asupercoolusername

    S02.E07: The Longest Day

    I would've loved to see Stef beat Dani up. So glad to see Dani get arrested though. I've been waiting so long for that.
  4. asupercoolusername

    S03.E18: It Isn't What You Think

    Of course Daphne would get a new love interest. I'm surprised she actually went this long without one. Bay and Tank should've just been friends in the first place and never dated.
  5. Blanche: I am abhorred! Sophia: We know what you are Blanche. I'm glad to finally hear you admit it. Blanche: Sophia I said abhorred. Sophia: Abhorred, a slut, a tramp, it's all the same thing.
  6. asupercoolusername

    S03.E17: Girl with Death Mask (She Plays Alone)

    Ugh Renzo needs to go away. Why is he still there? And does Toby really need Tank as a roommate? The rest of the episode was alright though.