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  1. I feel really bad because I wanted to like this show, and I did for the most part, but there's no possible way to save this show. There's one episode left, and they are not going to wrap it all up. The next episode is going to have to throw everything and the kitchen sink to wrap up this mess. I enjoyed the show for the most part (specifically the actors... what a cast!) but I feel the writers don't know what they're doing or going for. From what I heard, this show will go on as a separate story as seasons continue. Seems like a waste to me. Awesome actors who barely got used (Jane Lev
  2. In the episode "If At Last You You Do Succeed," in which Stan gets rich by selling a baked potato opener called a "Zborny," Rose tells a St. Olaf story which is way, way, WAY too "on the nose" for me. Its just screams bad writing/storytelling to me, and the fan in me actually tries to justify it by reconciling that Rose just makes up most of her stories. I mean, listen to this... St. Olaf's tallest woman gets pregnant in high school with St. Olaf's only bald high school student, whose name was Yutz! Then they got divorced after 38 years of marriage, after which Yutz came back to get th
  3. Jody was married to Pat's brother, but they got divorced.
  4. Longtime lurker here, but I had to come out and say that I just adore "The Real O'Neals." I was very excited for the show before it aired, but I'll admit I was a little disappointed in the first few outings. BUT, things are starting to click, and I think everyone is getting into their groove, from the writers to the directors to the actors, all of whom are brilliant! I wish more people would review it; I always look for reviews after the episodes air only to find hateful "reviews" by people who have an agenda against the show.
  5. YES! The Eighties were the golden age of slasher films, so I'd really like to see some reference to these; maybe in a Halloween episode in upcoming seasons as Adam gets older. I was kind of shocked that not one Trick-or-Treater in this season's Halloween episode had on a hockey mask or a Christmas sweater.
  6. In addition to "Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?" and the failed "Empty Nest" spin-off, I have to say my least favorite episodes are the two episodes in season seven where Bea Arthur is absent most of the episode. She goes on a cruise in one episode and Blanche has to take care of Sophia, who goes to Sicily, and the other episode involves Dorothy going on a date and the other girls telling stories about dates, which features that horrible New Year's Eve with Blanche with the former priest and Rose with the slimy, lying adulterer. I don't know what the story is behind Bea Arthur missing
  7. Surely I'm not the only one who likes Blanche's daughter, Rebecca. Not fat-Rebecca... baby-crazy Rebecca. I really liked all the episodes with her.
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