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  1. I went to high school with John and his wife, so I tuned in to see how well they captured the atmosphere, and I really think they nailed it. The school was a actually a bit more rustic (my husband referred to it as “a shitbox” the first time I took him to visit), but overall, that was really what it was like, especially my first year there, which was when John was a senior.
  2. I find it interesting how much of what we see watching the show is through our own past experiences, which seems really obvious, but never really struck me so much as with the Metul stuff. I thought he seemed awkward at first at the gym, but the night of Indian cooking and at the store, my husband and I both commented on how much more real and comfortable their relationship seems than hers with Craig ever did. He was teasing her and it didn’t seem overly harsh to me. Good natured teasing is a sign of a healthy relationship. Some people have thicker skin than others, so the teasing just has to
  3. I think this might be a long one. I'm happy for Shari and Javen. Even the first episode I knew they weren't going to break up, but I thought it was because they were too codependent. However, they ended up growing as people and as a couple and I think probably have a good future ahead of them. Nicole and Karl were weird. There was a lot of talk about the age gap, which I just don't think is that big of a deal once you're out of school. My husband and I were the exact same ages as those 2 when we first met, and it was never an issue. And even if it were, I've always believed th
  4. Here’s my question wrt Morgan and evan’s future if they stay together—what is going to happen with his family? Like, they’ve known Kaci for 10 years and she has seen him through the disappearance/death of his father and nursed him through a medical crisis and is probably a part of their family at this point. Since they (probably—I mean he is a pretty massive tool but he’s still family) love Evan and won’t want to blame him for what is obviously completely his fault, aren’t they basically just always going to see Morgan as a home wrecking whore (not my opinion of her at all, but how I think the
  5. She did. It was brief, but she said something about it being a bad time in her life and having low self esteem and not being proud of it, that she’s good with that girl now, but that girl still doesn’t like Evan very much. Evan is just a turd. He’s immature, entitled and thinks of relationships the way high schoolers do. It’s frankly pathetic and weird, and I cannot understand Morgan being into it at all. I understand Kaci because she’s been with him since she was young and that can keep your blinders on longer than usual, but how can someone meeting him as an adult woman not see his be
  6. Yes, I did not like Kaci the first episode at all. I thought she would for sure be my BEC, but after listening to her on the podcast, I’ve really come around on her. She seems a lot more aware and grounded than I originally thought, and she seems like a genuinely good person—wanting to give everyone the benefit of the doubt without being overly naive.
  7. Reality Steve has a podcast every Thursday and he devotes the last part of it to interviewing Kaci about the latest episode. Obviously, it’s Kaci’s perspective, but he did do 1 interview with Evan, who came across very poorly in his own telling of events—just dumb and making excuses and evasive. I would be more prone to give Kaci’s version of events the side eye if Evan hadnt come across so poorly in his own defense. As a warning if you want to listen, they don’t give away the ending, but it’s impossible not to read into what they’re saying. eta: this was just responding to dochielomn’s ask
  8. I definitely don’t subscribe to the notion of once a cheater, always a cheater. For instance, I dont think Kady is a cheater. She just doesn’t love John. And I don’t think Javen will cheat on shari again. He was young and away from home for the first time and getting attention from other girls for the first time. People can change and grow. However, I do think there are some people who are just cheaters by nature, and Evan is absolutely one of those guys. He has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had. And I don’t think his relationship with Morgan is special. He apparently does this a lo
  9. As an argument both for and against Kathryn, I do have 2 friends who have each been approached for multiple reality shows, so they didn’t seek it out, but they both turned the offers down, so... one of those friends actually reminds me so much of Evan in terms of her outlook on relationships. Like, it’s not real love to her unless it’s butterflies and passion all the time. And she falls hard and fast, but the minute it’s a stable, healthy relationship, she’s bored. At one point, she started seeing the ex husband of another one of our friends, which was obviously quite scandalous. I just t
  10. Evan and Kady are both awful. They both seem to have very immature outlooks on relationships. Evan cared more about what his boys thought than his girlfriend of 5 years, and he is also just...not bright. I’m sorry. I do not care how many deep talks you’ve had with someone while on a tropical vacation—you cannot actually be in love with someone until you have seen them IRL because you do not actually know them. Until you have seen them interact with their friends and family and waiters at restaurants, been with them after they’ve had a long, bad day at work, or been in the car with them in traf
  11. I don’t think this is a spoiler, but I am going to put my response in spoiler tags, just in case:
  12. I don’t think this is a spoiler—in an earlier podcast, she said she wanted to do the show because she had a feeling that Evan wasn’t as invested as she was. Also, Evan didn’t just cheat on her once or twice in the past—He was a serial cheater on everyone he ever dated, which is why they were so off and on for the first 5 years, but she doesn’t think he cheated after everything that happened with his dad.
  13. Reality Steve does a podcast every Thursday and at the end he interviews kaci about the latest episode. This week he had Evan and Kaci. They try not to give spoilers, but it’s not hard to read into what they’re saying. Still, it’s interesting and makes kaci seem a lot more aware than she comes off on the show. If you’re into the show, I highly recommend it.
  14. I liked the engagement party venue just fine, but I am confused as to the necessity of this engagement party. I am approaching my 11th anniversary, so maybe times have changed, but we had a very casual engagement party at a dive bar thrown for us by friends. What they were planning seems more like a very nice rehearsal dinner. Is this elaborate engagement party a normal thing? Or just for tv? I feel bad for Scheana. Even the girls who are her “friends” treat her like an afterthought. I’d much rather room with her than Kristin.
  15. Does anyone think Haleigh and Tyler could end up hooking up outside the house? They both kind of had crushes on each other in the beginning. With the game out of the way, maybe? I don’t really see Tyler with Angela and Haleigh looks like she is just putting up with fessy most of the time. That’s what it looks like to me anyway. I’m not crazy about the fact that she didn’t make out with him until she got drunk on HOH wine.
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