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  1. C76

    The Bachelor Canada

    marina to, I had to give your post a "like" for that photo alone. I'd wondered what Chris looked like without his beard, and now I don't have to Google. ;)
  2. I thought Rachel was wonderful, and wouldn't mind seeing another Black (or other POC) person as the Bachelor(ette). That said, IMO Lee was the main reason the show had any uncomfortable exchanges pertaining to race. (That and the producers/interns probably being ill-equipped to handle the situation.) TPTB need to do a better job of vetting their contestants.
  3. C76

    S13.E02: Week 2: Celebrity Guests

    Agreed. I don't trust TPTB on the show to do justice to a serious issue. Not after Ben's season and those tone-deaf comments the other women made about Jubilee. (And no, I don't know if it was edited that way, or the producers encouraged that behaviour, etc.) It was all in horrible taste. Unless I know that they've had some sensitivity training or hired some POC to keep them from screwing up, I'm going to be worried. I don't understand why Lee was cast, given his background.
  4. C76

    The Bachelorette Canada

    A part of me hopes they'll start from scratch and find a new man. Break from the American mould!
  5. C76

    The Bachelorette Canada

    Guys, they're still together. http://globalnews.ca/news/3095853/bachelorette-canada-couple-jasmine-and-kevin-break-silence-new-bachelor-canada-season-announced/
  6. C76

    The Bachelorette Canada

    I know I'm being petty, but if it came down to choosing a man based on his ring selection, in my world...Mikhel would have won. I prefer simple ring designs with a minimal number of stones. Also, I realize that Jasmine is an adult. She doesn't need any help making bad decisions. But every now and then I wonder if the fact that she picked Kevin was producer-driven. (I say this as someone who didn't see the episode(s) where Jasmine's mother spoke negatively of the type of guys she tends to go for.)
  7. C76

    The Bachelorette Canada

    Well, damn. I didn't watch the series consistently this season. But all of the posts about Kevin's mom make her sound like a walking red flag. Not to mention that I'm watching tonight's episode of ET Canada. Not only did Roz talk about the show's cancelled press, the producers had him throw up a clip of Jasmine and Kevin from last night's show when the cameras weren't rolling. Apparently they're not as lovey-dovey as they seem. And the mood between their parents is awful. From what y'all have said about Mommy Dearest, I wouldn't be with Kevin unless he decided to man up and establish some serious boundaries. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he and Jasmine aren't together any more.
  8. C76

    S03.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Mileage varies and all that, but in my opinion people's bad behaviour doesn't ever just come out of nowhere. Yes, I think Chad behaved like an a-hole. However I think that some of his tendencies stem from him having psychological problems with roots beyond Grade-A Jerkdom. In saying so, I'm not attempting to excuse his behaviour. I'm just trying to explore its source. When you don't process grief or anger properly, those emotions can resurface in unhealthy ways. I know you're joking, but I just about died when I saw this. I hope none of TPTB are lurking and think it's a good idea.
  9. C76

    S03.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    *ALL THE APPLAUSE GIFS* What is this post? It's like you've read my mind! My mother and I hatewatch the Bachelor shows. We've discussed Chad's mental health more than once, including the very issues you've mentioned regarding the loss of his mother. I'm no fan of the way Chad behaved, but I think TPTB are disgusting for using him this way. As for the others, I need to pay attention. I don't recognize everyone. Tonight in my corner of Canada, BiP's premiere is on CityTV. I had no idea Jubilee signed up for this trash. I need to find someone to root for.
  10. C76

    S03.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I missed most of tonight's show. But I did see the sequence that led to Chad getting the boot. If he knows how the system works, why does he keep giving TPTB what they want?!? The scene with him yelling at Chris Harrison while the man just stood in smug silence...? That was UnREAL.* Literally. All I thought was,"You know what they want, and you're giving it to them!!" Pardon my frustrated mini-rant. As you were! ;) *A reference to the TV show. If you haven't seen UnREAL and you watch any of the Bachelor shows, watch a few episodes. It'll give you an idea of how this program works
  11. JoJo's insistence on Jordan getting her parents' blessing bothered me. Don't get me wrong. I get why a person would do it--for the reasons you mentioned, and more. :) But last night I looked at JoJo and thought,"You want traditional? Oh, honey. NOTHING about this process has been traditional. Give the boy a break!" Actually that's a lie. My last sentence was something like,"You've got some nerve expecting something traditional from this pile of bullsh**!" Really, though. After I got over my initial frustration, I felt a teeny, weeny bit bad that JoJo was hoping for some sort of normalcy. And Robby? I don't know what to say. In a different thread, I went on about his hair. It's always unnerved me. I couldn't help but notice when they showed a shot of him in the shower, he avoided dousing his hair. If he's gonna keep on keepin' on in Hollywood, I hope that an influential stylist comes along and says or does something that changes his look. As for Chad, I barely paid attention. That said, I didn't mind him 'til I saw the preview for BiP. If he's being produced UnREAL style, he needs to stop falling for TPTB's shenanigans.
  12. C76

    Small Talk: The Fantasy Suite

    I'm watching the show's final episode(s). I think someone mentioned it in a different thread, but Robbie's hair bothers me. The way it's styled is troubling. Petty, I know. It's never out of place. Other guys' hair appears to be styled, but IMO there's something artificial about Robby's look. I've come to call it "Ken Doll Hair". This isn't much of a spoiler but tonight I don't know what's wrong with me, but it gives me the creeps.
  13. C76

    S02.E07: Ambush

    I don't feel sorry for Rachel. Right now I'd have to think long and hard to find a piece of me that pities her. I know some people empathize with her, but I think she has issues, needs help, etc. IMO there's a difference between recognizing that and feeling sorry for her. *** Like others, the "poor Rachel" nonsense rubbed me the wrong way. I'd like to see what the show does in the next episode to reveal the impact of what happened to Darius. They have an opportunity, I hope they used it wisely.
  14. I read a spoiler that said It'll be interesting to see what Jill does or doesn't do.
  15. So. I don't know what possessed me to watch some of the show today, but oh well... I saw tonight's preview for Monday's episode. I almost feel like using spoiler tags, but I remembered where I am. ;) JILL is the one who discovers who his son's new girlfriend is. Finally. Let the ruination begin!