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  1. The type of boat she rented had a ladder.
  2. They “dated” in the seventh grade.
  3. Huh. I thought they weren’t coming back until next week so I missed today’s show. I think I’m finally done!
  4. I disagree with the last line. She as laughing as Nova was in distress. As was April. Only Tyler could be bothered to try and talk her through it, but he was useless in that area.
  5. Well, I don’t. I don’t demand respect just because I was born before someone and I’m not respecting someone just because they’re older. Respect is earned. Always. I do expect RBM to speak professionally to her coworkers on and off camera. I am far from a prude or a snowflake but last week when RBM called Joy a bitch, it was unprofessional and I’ve barely watched since then. It didn’t feel like a jokey, she’s not bothered by it, we’re all friends moment. It felt much more nasty with RB deciding for Joy that she wasn’t bothered by it.
  6. Yes! Thank you! I hope it won’t be six-nine episodes a day. This last season is murdering my DVR.
  7. “Hyperbole is important!” What a dumb fucking potato she is.
  8. Did she ever get her GED? I remember her being very confused about some basic questions and wondering if the questions were in English. 😂
  9. Pop has been playing it consistently for years. They were running the eighth season when Luke Perry died so they started over from the beginning, but other than that they’ve aired the whole series for years. I miss the Soap Opera channel where played the whole episodes and included most of the music.
  10. Unfortunately, It’s not on the schedule after that.
  11. Hang on because next week Pop is burning off the rest of the series by showing nine episodes a day.
  12. Is there a thread where we can talk about the book?
  13. How long ago did the last season of DM end? And I assume Abby was a smoker back in the day because her voice sounds much healthier now.
  14. Meatball

    Season 5 Chat

    Thank you! I didn’t think it was a derma roller because she didn’t seem to be in pain which was always my experience.
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