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  1. I’ve only been watching B&B for a little over a year ( only started because they were first back from lockdown). From watching B&B commercials for decades during Y&R, I got the impression that Brooke and Ridge were the soap’s rootable heroic super couple, like Marlena and John on Days. But I find them both shrill, unlikeable, insufferable finger-waggers. I can’t stands ‘em!
  2. Minor point that bugged me. Masha kept changing how she pronounced Yao’s name. Flipped several times between Yow and Yoh, in the same conversation with Delilah.
  3. I know this is asking for logic, but shouldn’t someone be asking who the father is?
  4. Unfortunately, I think all soaps are guilty of this soap trope (stroap?)
  5. I'm one of those newer viewers. Started watching just because it was the first soap to return to new episodes. Without knowing all of their past crimes and misdeeds, I was sort of rooting for Quinn and Thomas (until reading about their histories here in the forum). As a longtime Y&R viewer watching B&B commercials, I thought Brooke was the long-suffering heroine of the soap. But she has come across as insufferable this past year. And, just a broad observation: the cast is fantastic, but the writing is horrendous. Plot points are shoehorned in with no organic flow and certainly no
  6. That was last week's plot. Can't have simultaneous stories going on or our heads will explode.
  7. I saw Emilio in some of the large group dances (primarily the one by the swimming pool). Here's an article listing other SYTYCD dancers in the film.
  8. I'm relatively new to B&B, so I have a question: who gave Bill the nickname Dollar Bill? Himself? Someone else? Or was it a nickname on the message boards that the writers picked up on? Thanks!
  9. Yup. I saw that they added him to the opening credits last week when they dropped Zoey - and maybe added an additional one of Paris, and swapped out clean-shaven Thomas for Goatteed Boy? (anyone remember Jim Breuer on SNL?))
  10. They’ve cast Finn’s parents (Ted King and Naomi Matsuda) and they begin to air late July: https://ew.com/tv/bold-and-the-beautiful-finn-parents/
  11. You’re right! I forgot. In the words of Frankenstein’s Monster: “Thinking, bad! Soaps, GOOD!”
  12. So, how did Vinny know Liam was driving Bill’s car? Was he lurking outside the house, saw them change seats, then somehow fly down the road, record his message to Thomas and then fling himself in front of them?? Ugh.
  13. Emilio Dosal is one of Christopher Scott’s associate choreographers in the movie version of “In the Heights.” And you can see him in the gigantic swimming pool number (look for him during Usnavi’s cousin’s solo.)
  14. And I think they even said it twice! I was waiting for Quinn to say something like “and thanks for claiming the jacket was yours, NOT MINE, after I, NOT YOU, shtupped Carter a second time after the first time on May 21st!”
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