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  1. Hi - I'm not dead. That trick - installing without your permission is being done to everyone I know. There is an option to return to your previous Windows 7 after the installation, but I'm not sure where it is. So far I have managed to outrun them - my son is very good with computers. He says Windows 10 has the ability to save everything you type, private messages on Facebook, emails, details on payments, orders on e-bay or Amazon, conversations with your bank, comments you make on any open forum (oops! - that's us) if you enable a certain function on your keyboard. There are ways to disab
  2. Waiting, and not patiently. I expected more problem with the vodka, but its the coffee that's killing me. Also it causes some kind of detox, and all my muscles are sore, even the one in my foot that points my toe. Fingers not so great, either, but they say that's part of it. No dairy, no gluten is a pain in the ass, but its just for a month to get the blood sugar in range, and then they will tailor it for me. Can't wait for that day. Thanks for the sympathy - family is not stupid here - everyone is just staying the hell out of my way. lol #pityparty
  3. I will miss your recaps, bannana, but be safe and enjoy your travel. Nikki has gone over the edge and, to quote LP, shoot her in the head. If fact they can shoot everybody in the head except Jack and Sully CAN, I haven't seen little Johnny in so long, I'm sure he must be 12 by now. If Nikki is going to snivel over the idiot, she could do it in private, and not call Jack to watch this nonsense. The entire world would be better off if the turd was dead. pearlite, I must be crazy or getting too old to use up the oxygen, but was Lana Turner in Midnight Lace? I swear it was Doris Day
  4. Much as I hate him, this blooper almost makes me like him a little. Something to indicate he's human and can laugh at himself.
  5. I never watch, just FF, so I must have missed how show explained Michael's pathetically useless peepee. One day, he was refusing to talk to Lauren because it was broken and he couldn't function as a man any longer, and the next time I stopped long enough to see them, he was kissing all over her, and wasn't even seeing a doctor anymore. No chemo, no treatment, no discussion, no solution - just all magically went away. Is that the whole story or did I miss something while I was drinking?
  6. Super Post, as always, but my question is to you, boes, or anyone else out there, is WHY - to the bolded. WHY does this man have everything he wants, WHY must he always be the winner, WHY do they expect us to believe he is strong, smart, or even human? There must be some reason that he has such a hold over the entire show, no matter who the producer is, no matter who the writers are, or no matter how lame the story has to be. He is an old, worn-out actor, who cannot even be bothered to learn his lines, or speak them clearly. He is decidedly unattractive, arrogant, and incompetent: I am ref
  7. If there is a God, please let it be Victor. After that, there are so many choices, it hardly matters. Obviously, Summer is on the top of my personal list, along with Sage, Luca, Marisa, Abby, & Stitch, As long as JFP is there, it won't be Summer, Noah, Dylan, Sage, or Billy. I don't even care anymore, as long as it isn't Jack.
  8. I guess I'm stupid, but I just assumed you could buy beer and wine at any supermarket anywhere in the U.S. We have liquor stores for the hard stuff and you can't buy it on Sundays. Years ago, you couldn't buy beer until after noon on Sundays and I never understood that. You can buy pretty much whatever you want here, but this is Texas, which makes a difference, I guess. Its weird here, too - you can probably buy a machine gun, but you can't buy pot - no, sir.......not legally.
  9. It sounds better than the one we are occasionally watching, and much more believable.
  10. I know this probably belongs in "Unpopular Opinions" but.....the way Phyllis is being written now, Michelle Stafford could play this better. The character is totally unpredictable from one moment to the next, making every stupid choice possible, and bat-shit crazy as hell. This is what Michelle Stafford does better than anyone else - let the stoning begin.
  11. Is GH writing her and the 3 kids out? Oh, I guess it would just be 2 kids - lucky Sam would get the brat, Jake, since he's Jason's. Nice play on words - can't stop laughing at this one.
  12. I love, love, loved him as J.T. on this show, particularly with Lyndsy Fonseca, back before they killed off John Abbott, The writing was much better and the stories were worth watching. He did look young for his age and he will appreciate that, eventually.
  13. bannana - I am so glad to see recaps again. You saved my life by having me skip the Victor/Summer shit, and now I know to FF until I get to watch the bolded above. I said I was never going to post again until I had something intelligent to say, but its never going to happen, so I'm just jumping back in. I never stopped reading - just stopped posting. I have missed the interaction with such crazy and witty people. I actually got out of bed to make this post because I forgot to thank you earlier.
  14. Thank God you drink - I'm sure we must have some preverts who don't drink, but I don't know how they exist. I am an x-preacher's daughter, (fundamentalist) and this is the point MAB, JFP, and Chuckles have brought me to. I prefer Grey Goose, but don't mind Frozen Margaritas and good Rummmmm drinks. I do drink wine, but my sister has spoiled me to the good stuff, and it wipes me out. Hell of a party going on here, in spite of, or because of, the crappy show. Edited to add commas, but I think there are too many now - must not type and drink.
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