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  1. Just popping in to say "Happy New Year" to all my old friends and I wish the same for all the new people. I was the official baby-sitter last night so that my kids and grandkids could all get out and behave most inappropriately. I fell into bed at around 5:30 and am just now feeling human. Thank God, it's almost time for Vodka. Continue to snark and I am still continuing to watch. Show is bad, but better than this time last year. Cheers!
  2. A very late good morning to all of you - still not dead here. I am happy to report that I have watched (sort of) the pile of episodes I couldn't bring myself to watch earlier, and I think I see improvement. That is not a compliment, just a concession. I am keeping up with the show in my fashion, with the FF finger ready, but not with my reading. My life has taken a different direction at the moment, and I am proud to report another great-grandchild. A boy this time, who is exactly a week old today. I still keep the two year old three days a week, and I don't know exactly how we fit this one in, but we will. I can't keep them all the time, as it will seriously interfere with my Grey Goose time. I see so many new names here, and I notice several important ones missing. Someone please catch me up on who is no longer among the talented treasures here. I don't know if I will be able to be here regularly, since I have reverted to my second childhood to deal with the little ones. I will be checking in from time to time once the holidays are over. I just watched to pop in and wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have missed you guys and the steady supply of snark - just don't have time to read the way I did at one time. Sadly, all my friends on private messenger have been neglected - Cupid is the only one I am in contact with at the moment, and she is more personal than show-related. I wish I could make the time work, but it just goes faster all the time. My Facebook is out of control, as well, but my personal life has taken over for the moment. My dreams of becoming a sweet old lady, sitting in the rocking chair have vanished - I think I am busier than I was in my thirties, and just as mean as ever. We have out of town company here for Christmas and I have to go. Again, all of you have a great holiday season - I love you all.
  3. movinon

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Hi - I'm not dead. That trick - installing without your permission is being done to everyone I know. There is an option to return to your previous Windows 7 after the installation, but I'm not sure where it is. So far I have managed to outrun them - my son is very good with computers. He says Windows 10 has the ability to save everything you type, private messages on Facebook, emails, details on payments, orders on e-bay or Amazon, conversations with your bank, comments you make on any open forum (oops! - that's us) if you enable a certain function on your keyboard. There are ways to disable it, but a regular person like me would never figure it out. It's like the Google history thing, if you log in to google and go to your history, you can see every search you have ever made on Google. That's too much "Big Brother" for me. It seems that everything around us includes spy wear of some kind and it pisses me off. I'm not running a meth lab or anything, but I prefer my privacy. Now I hear that the newer TV's and our cell phones are recording everything we say and I really resent that. After it installs, just check the information it gives you and it should give you an option to un-install and return to Windows 7, which is the best one, in my opinion. I am still running it with no problems. I miss all you guys and my vodka - my life is complicated right now and I'm not even reading. I'm in this thread looking for something Snap mentioned, but I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up. I have between 20 and 30 un-watched and un-FF'd episodes on my recorder and will have to delete soon. I never learned how to navigate the new system here and I hate it. I have been able to keep up with my private messages and finally figured out how to post, but I am not having fun, so I am not on the board. Keep up the snark - I shall return eventually. Edited to say I am overjoyed with the news that JFP is toast - next, a way to dispose of Chuckles and Eric Braeden.
  4. I have been working on trying to learn to use this new format and have had no luck so far. One more attempt to get a message through - just to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all of the mothers on this board. If this one comes through, maybe I'll have learned one more thing. Show is sucking harder than ever, and I can't even drink - this is the pits. That is all! Edited to say I think it worked.....
  5. This is true - nobody is mean about anything here. My Victor hate doesn't bring out any ugly comments, either. I was and am one of the MS fans. I don't mind her over the top acting, and that is being wasted on GH. I think she added a humorous note to a character that really is not a good person - GT seems to be having a problem handling that middle ground. I like the actress, but the writing is such shit, its hard to imagine anyone making this character work right now. Like the nursery rhyme - "when she is good, she is very, very good, and when she is bad, she is horrid."
  6. Waiting, and not patiently. I expected more problem with the vodka, but its the coffee that's killing me. Also it causes some kind of detox, and all my muscles are sore, even the one in my foot that points my toe. Fingers not so great, either, but they say that's part of it. No dairy, no gluten is a pain in the ass, but its just for a month to get the blood sugar in range, and then they will tailor it for me. Can't wait for that day. Thanks for the sympathy - family is not stupid here - everyone is just staying the hell out of my way. lol #pityparty
  7. I will miss your recaps, bannana, but be safe and enjoy your travel. Nikki has gone over the edge and, to quote LP, shoot her in the head. If fact they can shoot everybody in the head except Jack and Sully CAN, I haven't seen little Johnny in so long, I'm sure he must be 12 by now. If Nikki is going to snivel over the idiot, she could do it in private, and not call Jack to watch this nonsense. The entire world would be better off if the turd was dead. pearlite, I must be crazy or getting too old to use up the oxygen, but was Lana Turner in Midnight Lace? I swear it was Doris Day or at least, I thought so. Admittedly, it's been at least 30 years since I saw this, but that movie scared the crap out of me. I think I'm getting off the computer - it has taken me 15 minutes to type this with untold errors, and I need coffee to function. I hate feeling like this and its only my fourth day in. Everyone have a good day.
  8. Snap, if you can't watch GH as a comedy, you can't watch it at all. I tried a little at the beginning to learn the history, but found out I just didn't give a shit. The whole thing is a joke, with characters contradicting themselves within the hour. A very important character is probably dying on the show right now, and I can do nothing but laugh at the mess around her. Last week I watched Billy Miller, who is not a small guy, beat the crap out of two guys much bigger than him at the same time - then one of them talking about what a destruction machine he is. You have to laugh at crap like that and I really, REALLY love Billy Miller. Since I am not watching Y&R, any comment I make is based on what I read on the board. I just keep about my business, hating Victor, and mostly everyone else, except Jack. Any humor coming from this show would be from Mariah and Kevin and I rarely see them in my FF flash through. I am not even reading tonight, because I don't think it's possible without Vodka. Thanks so much for everyone who is still watching this dreg and keeping us up to date and aware of the latest insults to our intelligence. Goodnight to all of you.
  9. I know what you mean about Jack - he's probably the reason my hatred for Eric Braeden has spiraled out of control, starting with that fight that put Peter Bergman in the hospital. I don't even care who started it or if Peter stepped on EB's balls. I want Victor to get old and crippled and let Jack beat the crap out of him with a tire iron, until Colleen's heart stops beating, and I want it on the air. Problem, Peter probably wouldn't do it. I am going to have to either get off the board for a while or really watch what I post. I am trying to follow a diet for diabetes that is super strict, and I have to give up coffee and vodka. This is my first day in, and I am a walking tornado. It does say I can have one glass of wine - whee. I seriously love all you guys.
  10. I'm posting before drinking because the toddler just walked out the door, with her Mommie, of course. This is really a post to Soap Fan 91 - I checked the profile and notice that you are a new member here. This is one of the best boards I have ever been a part of and people tend to get along, despite differences of opinions. There are some people who have been here much longer than me, and a few who are newer. All of us have a usually funny snarky attitude about the show in general, but it doesn't always extend to a certain character or a certain actor or actress. I have a button that is easily pushed by anyone who wants to allow Victor to breathe oxygen, and I am totally unreasonable about it. I have to watch myself to keep from marking people who imply he is a decent character, or even a decent actor or person. It doesn't mean I'm totally crazy, but I'm crazy in that one area. He could give up his life to save the entire town, and it wouldn't impress me at all. This extends to Victor, Eric Braeden, and the people who give him what he wants, and probably his wife and children. Mia is one of my favorite people on the board - she is amusing, fair and honest, but she has a button and it is Michelle Stafford. She's not the only one - this board is mostly Michelle Stafford haters. I happen to be one of the people who enjoyed Michelle and thought she gave a certain sense of fun to a very dark character. It didn't make the character of Phyllis a good person - I don't think that's possible. It does not cause a problem between Mia and me because we don't discuss it. If she makes a remark that I don't like, then I don't "like" it, but I do not engage. I make terrible remarks about Victor, and people who like him just ignore me and I have only once been actively engaged about the subject. Bunnies have been extremely rare lately and I am in awe that one was not thrown early in that conversation. I watch GH mostly because it is amusing in many ways - I didn't like Michelle at the beginning there and then they leveled her out and I find her quite enjoyable with Franco, who is another unpopular character. I must say, I watched a scene with Julius that was completely over the top last week, and did not particularly like it. I am not trying to interfere in anything going on here - just pointing out that we are all fans of the Y&R that once was great and all of us are frustrated by the current mess. Don't run from this board because I promise you will probably love it. There are a few people on the board that I didn't care for a couple of years ago, that are among my very favorite posters now. I sometimes post when I'm in a bad mood and sometimes when I've been drinking too much, and nobody calls me out on it. Most of us are not watching the show - just reading and praying for Pratt and JFP to be fired, along with several actors. Technically, this is a Phyllis Abbott topic, not a Michelle Stafford one - she has been gone a very long time and is still discussed more than Billy Miller, who is a painfully obvious loss. Gonna go drink Grey Goose and orange juice now and probably cry a little
  11. Much as I hate him, this blooper almost makes me like him a little. Something to indicate he's human and can laugh at himself.
  12. I think its the eyebrows that make it look that way. My last child had eyebrows like that, clearly defined and very arched and I thought he looked constantly surprised. I never thought of it as scared, but I can see how other people might have. It didn't matter if he was crying or laughing, he still looked surprised to me. Maybe this baby is a little scared, obviously not terrified, by the lights and cameras or by Sharon Case holding him - who knows? It is a cute baby, and that's the only thing the show does right - all the babies are cute, with one exception. I don't think the little boys playing Conner are as cute as most of the others. JMO.
  13. I said last night we'd hear from you this morning, and I was right, for once in my life. I gave this a like because it's great, except you attacked my Jack again. I will forgive you because you are now attacking Victor and I am attacking Sharon, so I guess we're moving closer. I do agree that Jack looks like a fool right now, but I think that its the writing, and not the good-looking man. Other than that, this is spot on. Cheers
  14. movinon

    Ian Ward / Ray Wise

    I only can afford one large bottle per month. I do, however, know someone who can afford it and he and those bottles are here regularly. I do have cheap, cheap vodka that I use if I'm mixing a lot of juice. I find however, as I read and become more frustrated, the mixture changes. When I get to the point where there is a cup of vodka to a jigger of orange juice, the Grey Goose becomes necessary. I am too old to become an alcoholic, and if I do, it rests firmly upon the shoulders of Chuck Pratt and, to a lesser extent, JFP and CBS. See what I did there - I answered Snap's post, too. Smashed - going to bed now.
  15. I never watch, just FF, so I must have missed how show explained Michael's pathetically useless peepee. One day, he was refusing to talk to Lauren because it was broken and he couldn't function as a man any longer, and the next time I stopped long enough to see them, he was kissing all over her, and wasn't even seeing a doctor anymore. No chemo, no treatment, no discussion, no solution - just all magically went away. Is that the whole story or did I miss something while I was drinking?