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  1. LeighAnne

    S06.E01: Icebreaker

    It's amazing to me that Alone is in its sixth season and in every season a person/team has dropped out or had to leave in the first week. I'm sorry that Tim broke his leg --- terrible luck. He was smart enough to put on weight before the challenge started. I said, "WHAT!?!" so loudly my cat looked up. You're going to new terrain and you have no idea what the available wood or weather is like. I know that you're skilled at fires in your home woods, but you're not in your home woods. I'd also like to note that in the Patagonia season, it didn't start snowing until Day 51 (I think). I remember it was about two months before the snow came. On this season, it starting snowing on Day 5. So either it started snowing earlier than anyone anticipated or the producers thought, "F**k it; let's throw them in the deep end immediately." From the previews (I know, the previews are often wrong, but assuming they are accurate) it looks like the contestants are catching a lot of game this season (squirrel, wolverine, maybe a moose?). Good for them.
  2. LeighAnne

    30 For 30

    I had to turn off parts of "The Last Days of Knight" because it was making me too mad. The last time we hear Knight's voice in this documentary was during a telephone interview in which he wishes all the people who fired him at Indiana were all dead. "28 - 1" The James "Buster" Douglas episode. It was fun. I know they're trying to alternate between heavy episodes and light ones, and I enjoyed this light one. I'm old enough to remember the Tyson vs. Douglas fight, and at the time, it seemed impossible that Tyson could lose to anyone. He usually only took minutes to finish off opponents. I know Douglas did not become a major fighter that his people were hoping he would become, but I'm glad to see he's doing fine now (he trains young boxers, and apparently invested his boxing money wisely).
  3. LeighAnne

    RPDR: In The Media

    Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred did a summary of the contract that contestant have to sign before going on this show: The RuPaul's Drag Race contract
  4. LeighAnne

    All Alone In The Media

    We have a premiere date for season 5! It will start on June 14, 2018 and be set in Mongolia: http://www.davemcintyrewilderness.org/2018/04/05/alone-season-5-coming-soon/
  5. LeighAnne

    Big Screen To Small Screen 2017

    I'd produce an extremely loose version of Call Me By Your Name. It wouldn't have any of Andre Aciman's characters (Elio or Oliver); it would be an anthology series with a new love story involving original LGBTQ characters every season. We could do a gay male couple in season one, a lesbian couple in season two, a straight cisgender man falling in love with a straight transgender woman in season three, etc. We would show how they meet, how they fell in love, how their friends/family/co-workers/neighbors react, how they survive in Trump's America, and since I am a sap, I'd prefer a happy ending by the end of each season. It would be on HBO (because nudity) and I'd prefer that all the actors/actresses involved be at least as attractive as Armie Hammer (because nudity).
  6. LeighAnne

    S04.E01: Divide and Conquer

    rmontro said: Thanks for this! I didn't realize someone did a podcast about this show until you mentioned it. I wonder what the "this person/group is obviously going to tap out in the first week, so we can feature a tap out in our first episode" process is. Like, if you're two brothers who are teenagers, or just barely out of your teens, and the Alone producers say, "You guys are great! Let's throw you both into the wild with these other, older, more experienced bushcraft people!" do you think, "That's fantastic!" Or possibly, "Are we this season's cannon fodder?" Alex (the father) said he's a hunter, so maybe he's used to long hikes by himself. Thanks to Jesse, I now know that if I walk down a bear trail in the wild, I should say, "Don't eat me." Then the bear will not eat me.
  7. LeighAnne

    S04.E00: Making the Cut: Season 4

    Although I'm not thrilled with the "team" aspect of this season's Alone, I'm still onboard. As long as the show focuses on the actual mechanics of living off the land --- like, during the submission tape of one of the father/son teams, they found a raccoon and skinned it using primitive tools --- I'm watching. I like that this challenge is so merit based; a lot of these people really know how to survive on very little.
  8. During the blind date season, after a dancing roadblock, one of the teams leaving the theater where the challenge happened warned some other approaching teams "It's a dance challenge" on their way to grab a taxi.
  9. LeighAnne

    S03.E07: Hungry Beasts

    I also enjoyed: the Lower Third Title giving us the nutritional information of fingernails the boar on the knocked over motion camera having its "Ha ha ha! You can't catch me!" close-up I think one of the reasons I'm enjoying the Patagonia challenge more than Victoria Island challenges is, there seems to be more animal activity in Patagonia in late autumn than in Victoria Island. In seasons one and two the animal activity was mainly bears (avoid), mice (squish and eat), and fish (catch and eat). So Victoria Island was basically a fishing challenge. Most other animals had either flown south for the winter, or burrowed into their winter homes. In Patagonia there are boars and puma and foxes and birds running around, as well as fish and mice (hantavirus, don't eat) and deer (endangered, but looks beautiful on camera if you can get a shot of them, thanks Carleigh).
  10. LeighAnne

    S03.E06: Along Came a Spider

    raven said: I think they started the challenge earlier this year. In season one and two, it was about one month before winter hit. This year in Patagonia, we're already at day 51 and still no snow (at ground level). So either the snow is late or the Alone producers decided to give the contestants two months of autumn to prepare before winter hits.
  11. LeighAnne

    S03.E05: The Lone Wolf

    At the beginning of the Carleigh section she said she wanted to sleep at least one night on the beach under the stars (before winter hits), which is why we saw her outside for her section. She did rebuild her house; it has a tarp roof now (or a hardwood/bamboo roof with a tarp on top).
  12. LeighAnne

    All Alone In The Media

    Charlesman said: Yay! I'm glad this show is doing well enough for renewal. It's genuinely hard and interesting.
  13. LeighAnne

    S03.E01: Making the Cut: Season 3/ A New Land

    Canada said: Here's the list: http://www.history.com/shows/alone/articles/gear-list Every contestant gets similar basic gear in three categories (Clothing/apparel/personal effects, Winter pack, and Tracking/safety) and then they choose 10 additional items from a list of approved items that the History Channel provides. Heh! AZChristian beat me by two minutes. I'm so happy this show is back. I also liked Callie's trick of using the contents of the fish's stomach to catch another fish. I don't fish; is that a common fishing trick? I remember when American Idol started, and someone wrote an article about how the show was 1) a television show, and 2) a singing contest, in that order. I think the Alone producers are purposely looking for at least one contestant who they think, "This contestant will tap out within a week," so they'll have a tap out for episode one. If they cast 10 Alan Kays in this show it would go on for four or five months and not provide enough regular tap outs for an episodic TV show.
  14. LeighAnne

    Cutthroat Kitchen

    Awww, that's too bad. I enjoyed this show. It was silly and stupid (on purpose) and fun. I liked watching people thinking on their feet and sometimes successfully selling their weird dishes to the judges.
  15. LeighAnne

    30 For 30

    New episode on October 18, 2016: Phi Slama Jama, about the University of Houston's men's basketball team during the Hakeem Olajuwon/Clyde Drexler years.