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  1. How does that work when she had kids by the first husband? It doesn't . These people are idiots.
  2. In the end, Kody will be left with his good buddy, Janelle. And a few kids who stop by to visit once in a while. Maybe he should be looking for wife #5 after all.
  3. Why don't they just create another cul-de-sac on the property with 4 modestly-sized homes? And a large parking pad with hookups for an RV. Kody could go hide in the RV when he doesn't want to see his beloved wives.
  4. Meet Kody Brown, AKA Pretzel Brain
  5. Yeah, Kody. One room to yourself; usually referred to as a MAN CAVE. And you can have a mini-fridge, a TV, and maybe a AirPopper popcorn machine. Everything ya need, right there.
  6. This. So much of this. If I was Jenni and I started to get hounded through social media about why I was not answering Jeff I would be annoyed. I get that Jeff probably shares bits about his life on his radio show, but if he wants to have good relationships with some of these people he should probably refrain from talking about them on his show. All of this. His need to play out this "olive branch" routine to Jenni on his radio show, social media, etc. is so sadly typical of Jeff Lewis. If he's really sincere, this contact should have been done in complete privacy. If I were Jenni, I would ignore him completely. I feel so sorry for that precious little girl that Jeff and Gage so irresponsibly brought into this world. It will be a miracle if she ever becomes an adult with the ability to have emotionally healthy relationships. Prayers for Monroe.
  7. yes, while all this is technically true, is it just me? or is this house dingy & dated despite all the "amenities"? The carpeting looks gross, the rock work and water feature look very 30-40 years ago, and that elevator - handy to have but it looks cheap - what's with the plastic, motorhome accordion doors? Personally, after the first outside glance, it's not very impressive. And the access is daunting when trying to move in/out. This whole show leaves me shaking my head. Weird people, these Browns. Kody, with his intense, beady-eyed stare, at times reminds me of a blonde, permed, Charles Manson.
  8. And this is exactly why the Flagstaff neighbors are giving them the stink-eye. As was stated before, they don't care about the polygamy crap - it's the media circus that comes along with the Browns "careers" of being "reality stars". (barf) My guess is that most people live in rural parts of a place like Flagstaff for peace, quiet and a certain amount of anonymity. The Brown Circus is an assault on their space. So they look at them with skepticism. Who can blame them?
  9. haha! - they ALL talk in riddles! And here we are, sucked into their nonsense, trying to figure it out. Sometimes I can't decide if they're that insane.....or that clever. (has to be the former)
  10. It was! My family was gathered around the TV (just like the royals, hah!) watching the shuttle landing. Then standing outside with neighbors, looking up at the moon that night, and feeling amazed that the astronauts were actually up there! I had just turned 17. Quite a memory.
  11. Same here. The behavior of these idiots is disgusting. These women have children! How do they explain their trashy selves? I finally felt embarrassed of myself for watching so I deleted it from my DVR. (stopped watching the other HO shows years ago.) Surprisingly, I don't miss it except, like you, I occasionally check out the comments on this forum because they are clever and much more entertaining than the show! But overall, I'm still sorry that shows like this (and many others, particularly on Bravo) are part of our culture today. Lots of shame to go around, starting with BRAVO & Andy Cohen.
  12. Amen! If I ever start to weaken and consider watching this show again, either live or DVR, the comments on this forum confirm that I made the right choice to STOP watching! This whole mess is a sad commentary on what passes for "entertainment" these days.
  13. Yep. They have finally gone too far. While I'll still visit this forum from time to time to enjoy everyone's snark and wit, I have officially deleted this garbage fest from my DVR.
  14. THIS! Honestly, it's pretty obvious they're just messing with us. They want to make sure we all tune in to their stupid show. And the answer to all these mysterious goings on will be.....nothing.
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