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  1. Agree. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the term "master bedroom, master bath, etc". Nor do I see an issue with Masters Degree, master lock, master mind, Master Sergeant, to name a few. The elimination of the term "master", used for a certain area of a home, is just more nonsense brought to us by the Woke & Offended.
  2. Don't ever get your hopes up.... Joy's discovery of her father was supposed to involve some kind of magic but seemed to be based more on a hunch. Either way it was boring. Sam, Adam & Donovan got duped into joining some idiot men's group via George (who is the "Grand Poobah", for godsake). Stephanie and her too-young French teacher played video games on their "date." Help. Mayor Martha discovers she's a sleepwalker. I'm not kidding. Cassie looks very tired and wrung out. Maybe she sleepwalks, too. Last evening, halfway through this nonsense, my husband sa
  3. Imo, this is probably the truest statement about these simpletons. They're all hanging in there for whatever cash they can still get out of TLC. So far, most of their children seem to have turned out to be pretty responsible people; Kody and the wives should thank God for that because, as parents, they needed divine intervention.
  4. One of the many rude and annoying things Martha does. She grates. All doors in the town should be locked to keep her out. But I guess that wouldn't occur to these simpletons.
  5. This show: I watch because....well, I'm not sure why. It's a time-filler, I guess. I think Grey House is pretty and some of the scenery is nice. And Cassie always has yummy-looking food in her kitchen. So far, the ads promising more spooky stories are bogus. Instead, we get silhouettes of these fools dancing to "Grease" in the park. That's the "magic"? What's wrong with these people? Perhaps the real magic is that all the people of Moronville have had a curse placed on them that makes them boring beyond comprehension! If so, it's an effective curse. Someone mentioned Cassi
  6. Haha! I know. She had that one black, brimmed hat on the back of her head a la Boy George.
  7. I have no words for this ridiculous mess. (actually, I guess I have a few!) This is the best storyline they can make up? Driving all over the place with UHaul trucks stuffed with their crap? And they just moved into the house they're ready to close on in a week or two and Robyn is still talking about looking for rentals? Insanity. Then Kody is whining about how he's torn to pieces by all the demands of his polygamous family? YOU CHOSE THIS "LIFESTYLE"! "Rent or buy?" indeed. We should all have such problems. The only good thing is, for about an hour, I can laugh
  8. Yes. Kody and Robyn made such a dramatic stink. No wonder they set Aurora off. They should know better. Yes they are moving again, and that sucks but it's not the end of the world. However, the way Kody and Robyn present it to their emotionally vulnerable kids, you would think they were being dropped off in the middle of the desert without food or water. No wonder they react badly. Idiots.
  9. No utilities to hook up to. They could run gas generators. And dump the gray/black water in the lovely pond.
  10. If you look up "passive-aggressive" in the dictionary, I think you'd find photos of both Robyn and Meri. Both Masters of the game.
  11. How does that work when she had kids by the first husband? It doesn't . These people are idiots.
  12. In the end, Kody will be left with his good buddy, Janelle. And a few kids who stop by to visit once in a while. Maybe he should be looking for wife #5 after all.
  13. Why don't they just create another cul-de-sac on the property with 4 modestly-sized homes? And a large parking pad with hookups for an RV. Kody could go hide in the RV when he doesn't want to see his beloved wives.
  14. Yeah, Kody. One room to yourself; usually referred to as a MAN CAVE. And you can have a mini-fridge, a TV, and maybe a AirPopper popcorn machine. Everything ya need, right there.
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