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  1. Kelli posted a video from technique Tuesday. DJ Guthrie is teaching. The routine is great, I noticed Jax and Erica (for the two seconds the camera pans to her). Erica is the real deal - great in all styles-, gets my vote for top of the triangle.
  2. Are most people fans here fans of the Cowboys? I got the impression that most people were not thus making us fans the minority.
  3. I was also wondering if Jenn decided to forego her 5th year charm because she was asked to come of staff instead ala Megan. Megan didn't seem to last on the staff very long, though. Kelli loves Jenn so much and if she was good at the admin part of the leader role, girl is gonna be around for a long while. Interesting take - Charlotte's assistant. I wonder how much Charlotte actually does as "president" of the Cheerleaders. Kinda seems like a vanity title, you know like the Kardashians being the "executive producers" of their many reality shows. She is very busy with things that have higher stakes and major financial implications, I don't think the cheerleaders are high on the list of her daily to-do and she has a great leader in Kelli.
  4. Yes, you're annoyed that the employees of an organization represent said organization on social media through the use of hashtags :)
  5. Y'all are killing me ?Those are the fan tags, they didnt just make them up. Finish This Fight was the playoff/team theme and has a multiple year history behind it. Fight is a pillar value of the football team. Wow. You guys win the thread forsure lol!!!! Wiz wrote both songs but We Dem Boyz is regarded as the Cowboys song while Black and Yellow is the Steelers.
  6. She is a surgical tech for a plastic surgeon.
  7. Is this a discussion thread or just a place to post opinions without incident? I feel like my unpopular opinions derailed the thread into a Carla and Chelsea retread. Sorry, mods!
  8. Carla had no chance once the ex boyfriend hit 'send'. He was vindictive enough to send the pics to K&J, you bet had she made the team, he would have sent them to The Dirty, TMZ, and everywhere else in between. If the pics were in his possession illegally, she could have made a case to stay assuming she took legal action to get him to stop. I dont recall too many cuts in Chelsea's locker room rant which makes me think it wasnt cut too much of at all. I dont have a problem with the cut, it just had shennigans. If the show was true to form, Kelli would not have known that Chelsea was "toxic in the locker room" in that specific incidence until the show aired. Girl still would have been cut but during the season. I worked for ABC for a bit and alternative programming was jurisdiction (if only I was there now with Jasmine being on the bachelor!!!) so the whole sequence/episode kinda bothered me.
  9. My two cents... I got Jenny Kat fatigue around (her) year three and while she is a good dancer, I've just have had enough of her - it's too much, they have other team members. I also kinda feel like her quick ascension to Queen Supreme and extreme dedication was (is) a little bit to over compensate for not making the team the first time she tried out. I don't know if Kelli was trying to make up for the sins of MTT 8 but I think Alexandra should have been given more time or God forbid a gimme year like Ashley Pro, Kat, Morgan, and Kaitlin. Kelli balled her eyes out after Alex's cut, she clearly wanted her on the team. DCC cannot dance hip hop very well. I also think it is a huge kick in the teeth to DCRB to have DCC (pom dancers) perform a feature hip hop routine despite DCRB being the hip hop dance team. The weight standards are ridiculous, unheathly, and promote disordered eating. The girls are held to a number based on height (not acknowledging body comp or muscle mass) for example 5'3" girls need to weigh no more than 113....and their weight is displayed in the locker room for all to see, with the names/weight of the 'bigger' girls highlighted. I have no qualms with Judy shouldering most of the teaching leg work to the leaders and upper vets. My boss never rolls up her sleeves, I'm the one doing the day to day. Judy can and does know the routines thoroughly and can easily spot a mistake. I get why it happened but Chelsea's cut screamed producer shenanigans and was not natural. Im for certain Kelli as EP saw the locker room raw footage which is why the reprimand and cut came later in the week and not during the 2nd time Chelsea was called that same night. In a true reality show, Kelli should not nor would not have been able to make a decision based on raw footage as most reality particpants dont have access to said footage. Again, DCC is better for cutting Chelsea but as an industry person, the whole thing screamed interference.
  10. http://www.dallascowboys.com/news/2016/12/28/junior-dcc-pro-bowl-cheerleader Article about Jenn going from junior dcc to pro bowl and her thoughts on the matter....
  11. Last year, the Broncos and Panthers cheerleaders were not all over the media more so than anyone else nor were they the defacto group captains (the girls are divided into groups) they just got announced last as the AFC and NFC champions. Any other media, which i cannot recall in specific, was really basic. The dances were elementary as well. Pro bowl doesn't get crazy attention but it is national so *shrug* Re: Jen's merits, she is two away from matching Nicole Hamilton and Holly as most decorated DCC (received all possible accolades). She is just missing vet of the year and her 5th year charm.
  12. People said that in 2014 and they didn't make it past divisional round! On Jan 22, we can start talking about super bowl. Don't jinx it!!
  13. I feel like this topic will be discussed long after the girls in question are over it lol but i did want to clarify one thing: She most definitely did not say she deserved PBC, a lot of people here said that (not everyone). Danielle implied that something went down that wasnt on the up and up but that's none of her business. Then, heatherrrrzwent in and took one for the team, which the girls cosigned, thus implying the PBC did not win one or more of the deciding polls (fan/team). Danielle never claimed she was robbed or the true winner or any of the sort. She referenced a meme and the board went wild trying to decipher.
  14. Not surprising but predictable, boring and clearly not 100% authentic! Anyhow, more importantly, if Paige invites current DCCs to her wedding, will they be able to attend?! God forbid one is a BM and has to walk arm in arm with a player!!
  15. DCC trolls this board so hard...now there is a video claiming Jen's teammates chose her for Pro Bowl. Fake smiles all around, today's shade tells the truth.
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