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  1. Yeah that's what I thought as well. Kim and her family got their fashion clout from him. How did Kanye benefited from being with Kim?
  2. How has Kim benefited from being married to Kanye? Someone said that Kanye needed Kim more than she needed him because her net worth is more than his.
  3. Well, Julian has to be there for Carly, Lucas, and Sam to rip him apart for knowing the truth about Wiley.
  4. I guess a check is a check for JMW. If BB is finally canceled or she finally decides to leave, her best bet is to try and enter the Hallmark and Lifetime movie rotation.
  5. https://www.tmz.com/2019/10/01/kylie-jenner-travis-scott-split-break-up/ They were supposed to be the couple of their generation.
  6. The actor that played Oscar has nothing or anybody related to GH on his social media but has stuff posted about the Disney show Andi Mack that he was on.
  7. I guess the writers forgot that Liz had a son that was presumed dead for some years because Liz told Kim she doesn't know what she's going through.
  8. Jason, Sonny, and Sam got the pledges from the safe place where Shiloh moved them to right? Also the hypocrisy of Sonny holding Margaux's pledge in order to blackmail her is par for the course for GH. Maxie to me is the most horribly written character on the showsss and that's saying something.
  9. Does anybody get sick of Jax sharing the majority of his scenes with Carly since he's been back?
  10. He still had some form military training of some sort. It was sort of implied during his never fully fleshed out backstory with Drew. It's par for the course for GH. On this show, you have mid 50s gangster knocking men twice his size and half his age with one punch.
  11. I know that Jason and Sonny will always win but couldn't the fight between Jason and Shiloh been less anticlimactic considering Shiloh was a trained soldier or a Black Ops with Drew in Afghanistan? No thanks to Shiloh staying long-term because there's enough neutered enemies of Jason and Sonny on canvas as is.
  12. I never thought about this until someone brought up it because of Kanye's health issues, Kim (and the Kardashians) will have control of his music catalog and everything else of his if he dies.
  13. I've watch Andi Mack and know about the gay storyline.
  14. I definitely see a Barack Obama type giving a Kardashian the type of day if he was attracted to her Wealthy professional black men marry trophy wives too and women who aren't their on status on many levels. Case in point. http://www.businessinsider.com/billionare-robert-smith-marries-playboy-playmate-hope-dworaczyk-2015-7 Like the rest of her sisters who aren't going to date white collar guys, I can't see Kylie dating guys that are her age that are in college who are major in a STEM or any white collar major.
  15. Why does Kylie's ass looks like she's wearing a diaper that's sagging because it's full of poop in some parts of that video montage?
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