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  1. Seems so odd to me that a mother with only one child is unable to give her so much as a clue to her paternity -- not a good look for mom. Sonja annoys the shit out of me too, and I don't understand the "she has a good heart" rationalization at all.
  2. THANK YOU! was driving me nuts a little bit
  3. Haha - I always get a kick out of this clip. But the subtitles are a little bit wrong. Captioning says "cheapish" when she's clearly saying "cheap bitch", and "own" when she's saying "owe". I've played this several times and can't make out what she's saying to Dorit when she calls PK your "core notion" husband. Does anyone know what she's really saying to Dorit? I've pushed it through my mind several times to come up with something that makes sense and sounds similar, but just can't make it out. Maybe she's using British slang or some phrase that I haven't heard before?
  4. Wow - thank you so much for this, nosedive! Fan contributions like yours keep me coming here even though the shows are pretty much all sinking in quality. This season it's Erika's hard luck that is Bravo's bacon at a time when I think everyone was expecting BH to be a snooze.
  5. I don't think the collapse of the scheme had to do with not being able to get more cases. I think it all turned on his ability to keep juggling things. In Madoff's case, the 2008 financial crisis couldn't be controlled. In Tom's case, he couldn't foresee the pandemic -- it closed the courts and halted day to day business that he had been able to capitalize on in the past. I'm thinking it caused an unavoidable lag time that his juggling ability wasn't able to cover or bridge quickly enough to keep his head above water. My half-baked theory, anyway.
  6. I was talking to my boss back when the LA Times story broke and it turns out he has been introduced to Tom Girardi before and that Girardi has a thing about always being well connected, which he is at the State Bar, and makes a point to be tight with people in high places (such as the former Chief of LAPD who we briefly saw in one episode). He said that long prior to this current shit show, Tom has had complaints against him that were allowed to be resolved in such a way as to result in no discipline for Tom Girardi.
  7. Erika's story is definitely starting to fall apart. Erika knew he was cheating on her but she was okay with making it look to the world as if everything was hunky dory - even after she became a HW and started making her own money. All because she wanted a vanity career for Erika Jayne? Yet her story is she was told to sign things allowing him to put her name on things and preventing her from seeing any books, but she's not wondering why and thinking something is going on that might not be kosher? Tom had to have told her something about what it was for, which doesn't jive with her cla
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It has to be a very hard tightrope to walk and she's not doing it all that well. But what choice does she have? Let's face it - showing up for the cameras is the only thing coming between Erika paying her rent and Erika on the street.
  9. I thought everyone was dressed nicely for the Christmas dinner - except WTF is that atrocity Garcelle is wearing? I can't believe she did a mirror check and said to herself "yeah that's the look I'm going for". She's a big woman anyway and that outfit makes her look 3 times bigger. Further emphasized by the stretched tight hairstyle.
  10. Late to the party because I can't work up any excitement for RHONY this season. And all the newspeak is making my ass tired!
  11. I know I can't be the only one who's drooling looking at all that delicious looking food from Ruth's Chris. That cheeseburger with sweet potato chips! The lobster mac, the iceberg wedge with crumbled bleu cheese and tons of bacon!! (chef's kiss) Best food porn we've had in ages.
  12. Insightful observations - well said. Thanks.
  13. Denise was sued by American Express in 2019 for non-payment of $20,000 in credit card debt.
  14. I've been sitting here reading these and wondering why nobody brought this up. I can't believe there was no lock on the door in an Airbnb rental. When I need my privacy, I lock the damn door.
  15. I remember plenty of times Erika chowed down with gusto on camera -- most recently the Lake Tahoe trip. If you look at her upper thighs, you know that girl puts away a little food.
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