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  1. I'm reading a lot of comments about how beautiful Leah is. To my eye, if she's not made up and well lit, she has this masculine look about her.
  2. I'm finding it hard to like Leah. Especially when she drinks. Leah's go-to when she's hammered is to start destroying things. This time it was the seafood tower. Before that it was the decoration at the Rhode Island hotel. The time before that it was the tiki torches at Ramona's Hamptons house. No wonder she hasn't had a boyfriend in ages -- Rob knows the score and I notice he seems to keep Leah at arm's length. Thank goodness her daughter is able to spend lots of time with her dad.
  3. It seemed obvious Hannah was making a big effort to butter her mother up. She sure knows how to put Dorinda in her happy place by pumping up her ego. And of course she devoured every word which went straight to her head. Good gawd, Dorinda even had the nerve to expound in her TH about how much she's growing and becoming such a great person (vomit) after all she's been through. You know, like how she's paying her own bills and running her own life and everything all on her own. So much there for her daughter to look up to now.
  4. I thought there were plenty of times in seasons past that she looked fresh and pretty, but I haven't seen that look in a while. There were a few shots at the Halloween party that caught Dorinda looking quite haggard and older than her years (that whiteface makeup did her no favors) and I'm sure switching her drink of choice from vodka to tequila won't help matters.
  5. Parting shot on this episode - I wanted to punch Sonja in the face the way she was acting SO happy for Tinsley in front of her mother, taking credit for being a supportive friend when the truth is she dragged Tinsley every chance she got.
  6. I don't agree that two single unmarried people living apart can give a child a life equal in stability and financial security to that of two married biological parents living together. I have some pretty strong feelings on this subject which I have viewed from many different angles - starting at personal experience and backed up through working for decades in the legal system. But this is not the place, so let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.
  7. Well, if we're only considering the needs and desires of Leah and her sister, yeah you're probably right. But there are two other, entirely dependent people whose needs for solid routine and legal and financial security in a family setting ought to be put before someone's choice to be unfettered by the responsibilities and tedium of marriage to the biological parent.
  8. This episode was certainly a hodgepodge of less than exciting footage although there were certainly some oddly interesting moments. Spent WAY too much time on Halloween (maybe it's just me), the Marry F Kill auditions were a total snooze (what passed for comedy from the Sonja-Luann duo was cringe af). It's sadly obvious that Lu and Sonja are milking this for every last drop, and it's getting less appealing with every show. If we didn't already know Tinsley is leaving, her friendship with Leah would be more interesting to me (that whole scene with Tins and Leah on the phone made me sad again that she's leaving). But the more exposure Leah has the less interesting I find her. That goes double for her sister. I mean, from what we've seen so far, their lives are that of rich fuck-ups. Do they work? I never heard of her Married to the Mob clothing label. Not that I know anything about that stuff. The clothes are pretty unremarkable, and I can't imagine anyone wanting to wear a label that says "married to the mob", but from what I've seen and read online, the clothes somehow "empower women" (a horridly over-used phrase if there ever was one). I guess all you have to do is write a bit of claptrap that panders to feminism with a capital F and you can sell anything. Both Leah and her sister are unwed mothers (which to me screams 'irresponsible' since neither one has the excuse of tender years for such bad judgment) although the info I've read online about Sarah shows some effort was made to muddy the waters to make it look as if she's married to her baby daddy. She wears a whisper-thin gold band on "that" finger and refers to him as "my husband". I haven't been able to find any images of Sarah and her baby daddy. The man who fathered Leah's daughter looks at least 20 years older than Leah. No wonder those two live separate lives. Anyone notice in the scene at the tequila bar that Dorinda couldn't even bring herself to say Tinsley's name? I watched it twice -- when Elyse asked who else was coming, Dorinda said "Leah and uhhhhhhhh" before Luann and someone else chimed in and finished the sentence. From the look on her face I could tell she just didn't want to speak her name. And OMG -- Tinsley did NOT tell Leah (at least not on camera in this episode) that she and Scott are getting married, which is what's been heavily implied up until this episode. All this about Tinsley getting her happily ever after is really just her moving in with him, and that's all it is. Tinsley even said in the cab there's no ring and she's not sure exactly when -- she only said to Leah that "it's good" and she knows it's going to happen and they're going to make this work -- not that he's asked her to marry him. It was Leah at the tequila bar who said in her toast to Scott and Tinsley that "Tinsley said she and Scott are getting married and this is it!" but Tinsley never did say that. At least not on camera. I did get a tiny chuckle out of Tinsley's little sass back to Dorinda when she mocked Dorinda's "hey lemme tell ya" at the table. It only spurred Dorinda on further to her low-blow turkey baster comment and even lower-blow high-five attempt with Luann afterward. 100% pure nasty. EDIT: Posted this before I had time to see the last 10 minutes of the show -- sorry for going off on the wrong tangent with Tins 😭 I'm sure gonna miss her.
  9. I certainly get what you're saying, Ms. Blue Jay. But I somehow enjoy the concept of a woman being independent enough to choose and consume a young guy sexually. Maybe that's what the men don't like about it -- they're not the ones in control at that point LOL!
  10. Oh yes there is -- how about Sugar Daddy? It's been in use long before Cougar. And there's no shame in being a cougar. Older woman, younger dude? It's a lot of fun if you can play the game.
  11. This is solid gold! Thank you. I don't remember seeing Dorinda's sister, but you've put into the perfect words the essence of the woman who is Dorinda: "Sits and Eats Like a Trucker". Hats off to you, Chickabiddy!
  12. I'm confused about what real estate deal you're referring to above. I've seen almost every episode multiple times and I never heard Mo or Kyle say anything about real estate transactions he was being sued over, much less that an explanation to the viewers would be offered at some point. Nevertheless, I made my point and I don't believe Mauricio owes anyone any explanations. If we're talking lawsuits, he'll have to answer for his conduct in court, and we'll have definitive results in due time. Just remember, allegations are NOT proof of anything.
  13. I don't get ya. What are you basing that statement on? Because I know for certain that there are lots of laws and DRE rules in California keeping everything honest and above board. If some people choose to skirt the rules and make shady deals, it gets around soon enough. And here's why: in real estate transactions, it's not that hard to prove things in a court of law because of the extensive level of documentation involved in the buying, selling and financing of California real estate, high end or not. And if you get whacked a few times in court for shady dealings, it becomes known. Something I'm pretty sure Mauricio keeps in mind.
  14. We don't know Mauricio, or have any direct knowledge of his integrity with regard to how he conducts business. The existence of a legal dispute over a real estate transaction doesn't just automatically equate to shady behavior on Mo's part. That would be like saying if someone gets arrested by the police or investigated by the FBI they must have committed a crime. It's simply not so. I've seen plenty of frivolous/meritless lawsuits come down the pike, and if Mo was that shady his business wouldn't be as big as it is for the years it has been around. This is not to say people don't lie or make mistakes, but so far Mauricio has managed to settle whatever legal battles he's had with his reputation intact. That indicates to me that the guy probably conducts his business honorably.
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