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  1. I'm enjoying Kelly with her "BAM! In yo face!!" after seeing Shannon's $1.4 mil check lying on the credenza. Also, seeing how Jolie is turning out (high grades, is able to express herself without "like" and "um" every other word) speaks well of Kelly's mothering regardless of her faulty personality. Kelly has a right to be proud of herself there.
  2. I read a month or two ago on some site that Jolie's father doesn't see her for months at a time. It was a story about Kelly telling Michael he should call and see his daughter more often, and at that point he "hadn't seen Jolie in five months".
  3. Shannon did not get screwed -- the genders are treated equally by the court. The check represents Shannon's share of community property that she hasn't already received. Shannon is able bodied and currently gainfully employed at a fairly high paying job. She is capable of supporting herself and contributing her half to supporting their kids. That's the criteria these days. He's only on the hook for half of the support of their daughters as well. Probably through college, but after that, Shannon won't be getting any more money from their father.
  4. It doesn't get much better in the OC than a 180-degree bay view from your front patio on Newport Bay.
  5. Those docks are privately owned by the houses. They add substantial value to any real estate in Newport Bay that they are attached to. That house is likely worth no less than $3 million depending on its square footage and interior features, and quite possibly as much as $10 million if that dock belongs to his house. The supply of waterfront properties on Newport Bay is finite and the prices reflect that.
  6. Newport Bay is a fairly old neighborhood. There is still a sprinkling of those original size homes that get overshadowed by the newer McMansions that occupy two lots. The part of John's house we saw first is considered the rear. It's probably the view from the alley they come through in order to access their parking spaces. The side of the house that faces Newport Bay is considered the front of the house and looks much more modern. Someone had a very nice remodel done to that old house.
  7. Not only that, but she has yet to say a goddamn thing that would make her interesting to watch.
  8. No, in fact when she's not painting herself the victim, she is self-righteously preaching about how terrible it is for black people. She's such an awful person, yet she's on her high horse looking down her nose at everyone because she's gotten sober (or is she a "dry drunk"?).
  9. Elizabeth doesn't like hanging with women because she isn't interested in being told how annoying she is. Girlfriends will tell you. Men won't - they'll just tune you out. Because they know "guy's girls" will hang around while they're eyeing her boobs and hoping for a chance to have sex with her.
  10. Another Elizabeth lie. Google says this guy's fortune amounts to maybe $200 million - a far cry from a billion.
  11. Maybe Shannon goes to the grocery store every day, but the store doesn't get their meat every day. Did Shanny think that the chickens were walking around yesterday, and the fish were swimming? And they were butchered this morning so Shanny could buy them fresh every day?
  12. High points of this show for me were both brought by Kelly. I chuckled at Kelly and Shanny's interaction at the vow renewal party. Shannon: "I'm still reeling". Kelly: "What do you mean? Like you're woke? LIke you're reeling in a fish?" Then Kelly and her dad jokes. She points to Shanny's stomach and when she looks down, Kelly flipped her nose. I mean, the gag is old as the hills, but pulling it on Shanny just tickled me for some reason. Never one to give up when she's on a roll, Kelly was having fun pulling Shanny chain, especially about the water product. Took all the wind out of Shanny's sails when Kelly said she had no problem if Shannon wanted to sell a water product. Practically the next scene I got a kick out of the about 15 seconds of Shanny and Kelly doing a little dirty dance on the dance floor together. But shoving Elizabeth into the pool was gold. Damn right. Elizabeth was beyond insufferable with her constant talk talk talk about her ex and money. If she was forbidden these two subjects, she wouldn't be able to open her mouth. I think Elizabeth is just psycho. She says her childhood was chaotic and yet she's on the phone to her mother every day. First she's crying and saying how she's sad her marriage is ending, and then 2 minutes later she's laughing almost hysterically over getting botox. And I think she and Jimmy are not involved physically because it's not what she wants, despite her claim to the contrary. She just keeps him around so there's someone to listen to her stream of consciousness blather about her ex and money. So far I don't find her interesting in the least. I liked Gina's summaries of Elizabeth: She can't talk about her divorce but she's always talking about her divorce. She doesn't have sex with her boyfriend, but she's had sex with her boyfriend. She cares about money but she doesn't care about money. I'm liking New York Gina. I thought she was fun during the tennis match. I think of all the HWs this season, she's the most down to earth. I'm still wondering what John's deal is. I don't understand why he's so invested in being Shannon's personal nanny. He's on it like it's his job. And Shanny seems to be confusing John and David in her alcohol soaked brain. When she was talking to one of her girls, Shannon said something like "your dad and I like tequila" when it was John she was referring to. Again, when she was leaving the party and saying goodbye to Brauny, she slipped and almost called John her husband. She was looking mighty rough this episode what with all the boozing it up and anxiety attacks over food. Girl needs a quiet place and a tranquilizer to just rest and think calm thoughts.
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