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  1. Bobsterfest

    S02.E18: The Wedding

    Jesus (tm Kevin)
  2. Bobsterfest

    Siesta Key

    I feel like the problem with Alex and Paul (I refuse to call a human over the age of 12 Pauly) wasn't so much that he was "fat shaming" Chloe and that they needed to stop making fun of her weight. The problem is that they are not good human beings who do not possess empathy, a good core and that they wouldn't want to do or say anything that would purposely hurt someone they say they care about! They saw it as "oh, we are just joking" and that Chloe should understand that, also, their joke WASN'T NOT FUNNY (tm Real World Tammy) at all..("chloe looks like a beached whale in that swimming suit" I hope Paul makes sure that Louis CK doesn't steal that gem and use it in his next show *eyeroll.) It was a pretty typical reaction from Paul who strikes me as a spoiled narcissist though when he tried to apologize to her on the docks before the July 4th party. He was pissed that she wouldn't jut accept it and move on and had the nerve to push back on him, he went down his probably previously successful path of not being held accountable to his words or actions. 1. Make her feel like she also has some blame with it (YOU don't understand how hard it is to be me!) 2. Pull out the old sympathy card (I lost both my parents by 20. I also think Chloe grew up without a father?) and then when both those failed, he got angry and lashed out which is # 3. Escalate and get even meaner (You look like a beached whale and something about how big her swim suit is). I mean textbook reaction for a guy like him....Alex is just like him, he's just slightly more charismatic and is better with the ladies for now, but mark my words, Madisson has experienced each one of these reactions in her previous 8 years so good for her for not falling for it again.
  3. Bobsterfest

    S05.E16: The Miseducation Of Susan Ross

    I think I was most disappointed with the "mean tweets"....that bit is funny because the actor/athlete/musician responds to the tweet either with a look or an insult instead of just reading them out loud and smile waiting for applause.
  4. Bobsterfest

    S05.E17: Forgive & Forget

    You guys....I don't remember anything from this episode other than Deborah's outfit. Where did she get that? Why does that exist?
  5. Bobsterfest

    Elementary Quotes: What's Up, Holmes?

    Gerald Lydon:I hold 18 patents. And I can do 11 pull-ups at age 58. Holmes: And I own exactly 16 forks. I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to be comparing
  6. Bobsterfest

    S05.E17: Keep It Together

    Two things regarding Chelsea....Was Adam really trying to say he wasn't at fault when he hit that couple when going 90mph on a suspended license (AFTER 3 DUIs!) and no insurance? And the very next answer admitting he got "some tickets". I can't with him. And did you catch Randy's face when Chelsea said "at least I don't say 'he's my boyfriend'" But you've been hooking up with him for a while? Right? Not to take any responsibility from Adam, he's the scumbag cheater, but you're not fooling me or Randy, Chelsea!