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  1. Kylie Jenner sells a $600 million stake in her cosmetics company -- "Kylie Jenner is selling a majority stake of her popular cosmetics line for $600 million, but she's staying on as its creative leader. The celebrity businesswoman will sell 51% of her stake in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty Inc. (COTY), a New York-based cosmetics company that also owns a number of international consumer beauty brands, including CoverGirl. The partnership will help Kylie's brand expand globally and enter new beauty categories, the two companies said in a press release Monday."
  2. Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Hong Kong, November 18, 2019. REUTERS -- Athit Perawongmetha Reuters Pictures: Besieged Hong Kong protesters prepare for crackdown at university Hong Kong protesters confront police to try to free campus allies A lot of bong water is flowing under the bridge -- Cannabis use disorder and support for marijuana legalization are both on the rise Illegal pot farms on public land create environmental hazard "Forget it Jake. It's Chinatown." … What the Suspect in the Chinatown Murders Says He Remembers From That Night Judge says mass arrest of Marines accused of human smuggling, drug offenses was unlawful Why the U.S. is missing out on the race to mine trillions of dollars worth of metals from the ocean floor -- Rare earth elements and metals used in cell phones, supercomputers and more are sitting on the ocean floor, ready to be mined by multiple countries. So why is the U.S. on the sidelines? U.S. Struggles to Stem Chinese Efforts to Recruit Scientists Florida judge draws town’s wrath over school violence case The Disappearance of John M. Ford -- I wanted to learn why a beloved science fiction writer fell into obscurity after his death. I didn’t expect that I would help bring his books back to life. How Amazon's quest for more, cheaper products has resulted in a flea market of fakes Yahoo Japan, Line to merge business to form online giant Two Arkansas chemistry professors arrested for allegedly making meth A restaurant called 'Immigrant Food' just opened in Washington D.C. NFL suspends Myles Garrett indefinitely for swinging helmet onto quarterback's head -- Suspension is the least of Garrett’s concerns How local news should be propped up Much ado about Gun Control How Young People Are Endangering the Car Industry -- For the same reason Retirement is dying. The old work model is disappearing for Boomers, Gen Xers Bridal Party Encourages Adoption by Swapping Bouquets for Sweet Puppies in Flower Crowns A blind man asked for descriptions of dogs and is flooded with responses UK media: Prince Andrew’s sex claims rebuttal a PR disaster Report: Prosecutor used daughter as bait to catch molester 60% of Superfund sites are imperiled by climate change Italy’s white truffle hunters worry about climate change Two more examples of falling up the ladder -- Jenna Bush Hager Defends Kim Kardashian's Criminal Justice Work After Today Interview -- Kim is "beginning a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco, with the goal of taking the bar in 2022." And Jenna has a job in TV journalism with missives like, “PPS: She’s using her voice for good and looks great,” Bush Hager added. “In the words of my grandma Barbara Bush: if you don’t have anything nice to say, find another insta page. Ha. I was so impressed by her work.” … That's qualification enough for a law license in California. Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West is serving Prosperity Gospel to a thirsty nation Mormon leader: We didn’t leave Boy Scouts, they left us Everything you learned in the locker room and from porn is wrong -- Can a chatbot teach teens about sex? This episode of the Reset podcast uncovers alternatives to traditional sex ed.
  3. Ooo Wee Baby, don't let your dog bite me ... Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints Prince Andrew Gets Candid, and Britain Is Appalled -- They're not alone. AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal Drug-resistant superbug infections rising LASIK eye surgery should be taken off market, former FDA adviser says What to Do If You Live in a Food Desert -- We consulted a slew of experts for insight on everything there is to know about food deserts in America—and what to do if you live in one. Family told to take down Christmas display because it's too soon to decorate -- A Texas couple was told by their homeowners association to pump the brakes on their Christmas cheer. -- And good will toward men ... Disneyland holiday castle transformation Let's save the food -- Food is being wasted at an alarming rate. And we - consumers - are the largest source of it. More than grocery stores and restaurants combined. But there's good news: we can do something about it. Everything we need is right here (and in our fridges). Horses lead the way to a less peaceful coexistence in Amish country Man charged in Vegas massacre ammunition case changing plea The answer in Saugus? God and a gunshot kit Planned Parenthood awarded $2.3 million for secret videos Iraq’s protests raise question: Where does the oil money go? Judge: US-born woman who joined Islamic State not citizen Amazon appeals $10B Pentagon contract won by Microsoft US military academy athletes can now delay service, go pro The theme song of juvenile delinquency … distortion turned up to infinity.
  4. <snerk> The return of the full turtleneck isn't doing many fashion favors. The "destination hotel" looks like a cheap rendition of an Architectural Digest magazine layout. The preemption was infinitely more interesting.
  5. Ree Drummond Lost an Impressive Amount of Weight Thanks to a Low-Carb Diet … selling a new cookbook veering from her usual carb-laden offal.
  6. How Ellis Island shepherded millions of immigrants into America Popular destination the Faroe Islands closing for maintenance Venice is underwater — and a preview of what climate change will bring to coastal cities 130 guns, 39 lbs of meth and 20 lbs of pot: Agents arrest two dozen suspects in massive bust -- Yipe! Lyft scooters leaving Atlanta, five other cities in U.S. They're making paper out of stone and saving lots of trees After Deadspin -- With the media industry in decline, we can only expect more of the same from the chuckleheads in the corporate class. I'm A Queer Woman Dating A Trans Man & No One Knows -- Does it matter? Should it matter? A post office worker was given three life sentences for raping and murdering a student. Now South African women are saying enough Algeria’s forgotten protesters -- Algerians have been protesting since February. Here’s why you haven’t heard much about them. College student seeks to have racist slur charge erased Little Rock teachers strike over state’s control of district 2 officials, teacher charged in autistic student’s death How Whole Foods, yoga, and NPR became the hallmarks of the modern elite -- Elizabeth Currid-Halkett explains why today’s rich are far less materialistic, but a far greater threat to equality. Attitudes about charity -- A comic on who you extend empathy to and how that affects your worldview. Santa Clarita shooting: Unregistered guns found in home of Saugus suspect; motive a mystery AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal Court rules against warrantless searches of phones, laptops Hello Pot Economy Taxes! -- Support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high -- <snerk> Two-thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization, according to two recent polls. A week after CEO Reed Hastings said Netflix was in the entertainment business, not the “truth to power business,” another exec takes a stab at it. Tldr: It’s still going to get censored. -- Netflix says it speaks truth to power, after all -- Pick a lane, Reed. Where the 1960s “psychedelic” look came from -- The hippie aesthetic owes a lot to Art Nouveau. Oil tankers ‘go dark’ off Venezuela to evade US sanctions Nike’s breakup with Amazon is a lose-lose situation for everyone, including you -- Soon, when you buy Nike stuff on Amazon, it will no longer come directly from Nike. A libertarian group is suing California for allegedly discriminating against men -- A new state law requires all public companies to have at least one woman on their board. -- "Men have staked out 99.9% of all board seats, and we're here to keep it that way." -- Libertarian Asshatery run amok. America’s wilderness is for sale -- We need more copper. Is it worth destroying the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness? Wikipedia: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Nation’s largest utility in long-term deals to sell power A bait-and-switch scam ran unchecked on Airbnb. Here’s how it worked. -- On this episode of Reset, hear how one woman found herself in the middle of it, and how to protect yourself. How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results -- And Bing, Yahoo, Firefox and all the other search engines do exactly the same thing, by altering your queries toward sponsored content. <snore> Welcome to 1996, WSJ. Taylor Swift Rep Hits Back at Big Machine, Claims She's Actually Owed $7.9 Million in Unpaid Royalties -- Best cat fight ever. Guess who's lying? Latin Grammys 2019: Rosalía makes history, Bad Bunny addresses reggaeton snubs
  7. We're running out of seating at the piano bar for all the people that hate MSPhyllis. Gonna' need stadium seating and more wait staff and crank up the ice machine. No point sobering up over the pterodactyl. Yeah, he's awful. The whining and manipulating his corrupt parents is bad enough, but the regression for a toddler's wooby blanket (oddly left behind at Nick's) … What's next? Thumb sucking and bed wetting? NotBilly will crash Kyle's party because Kyle will react rashly and then NotBilly demonstrates to Jack how inept and incompetant he is -- Honestly, neither of them should be co-CEO-ing a Kool-Aid stand if they can't discuss the direction of a product line already in production. They're both egotistical idiots, fighting over who sits in the big chair. Jack is being written like a damned fool. He hands Jabot over to Tweedledum and Tweedledumber and they proceed to bicker endlessly over everything. He embraces Theo Vanderbadhair, Hipster Influencer Boy. For romantic family traditions no other member of the family follows, Jack chooses to ignore the vindictive path Theo has cut through Genoa City. Now Jack's upset Ashley offered Theo a job in Paris because he's an outlier in the Abbott family, like she still believes she is. The hair color/roots were fug, and the dress was very déclassé for someone direct from Paris. 90% of the wardrobe is unsuitable for the scene or ill-fitting. The purses are still great. They've always been boring. Nick plays Don Quixote, forever tilting at windmills to save Chelsea. And Chelsea always ends up betraying Nick to Theo and Dumber doing the Wang Chung Tonight was unnecessary; he's disgusting and she's a half-wit. Their relationship makes no sense. One minute they're sniping and insulting each other, the next their grappling like rabid weasels. <Ick> So TIIC have Theo's paternity morphing from Abbott to Mergeron, but not to the Brooks family? This is the worst origin story ever written on Y&R. SiouxB, I feel your pain. I watch to contribute to the delicious snark of the Preverts. We write a better Soap than anything broadcast. Her grooming and makeup has really improved.
  8. (((Petunia))) It sounds like the rest of the crew is worried if you're not there to take the heat from the "nice lady manager," she'll start dulling her knives on one of them. Put your attention on to something positive. Keep looking for other work. Let George snuggle the bad feelz away.
  9. The Quiet Room -- At the end of an inconspicuous hallway and strategically placed far from the controlled chaos of the trauma room lies a dimly lit waiting area that we in the medical field call “the quiet room.” It is a bland spot; a few soft chairs surround a table that holds a box of crisp institutional tissues. There may be a picture or two on the wall, but generally it is an unassuming room where we physicians tell mothers about the deaths of their children, far too often because of firearm violence. As we make our way to this room, we recite a careful script; we use words intended to ease this painful first-and-only meeting. The reality is that over the years, we have found that there is no good way to tell a mother that her child has died, especially when the unexpected death might have been avoidable. A 16-second spasm of violence leaves 2 dead at Saugus High School South Carolina teen gets life in prison for deadly elementary school shooting One in 5 children live below the poverty line: Here are the states with the highest number of kids dependent on free lunches 'Every Child Deserves to Eat': Bill Would Provide Universal Free Public School Lunches in US Authorities find malnourished girl after online teacher tip How the US betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster Historic flooding in Venice, Italy Garth Brooks wins entertainer of the year at the Country Music Association Awards Wednesday night -- <shrug> You're looking at Country. Big Machine Records Denies Taylor Swift’s Claims of Blocking Music Use French probe into Epstein sex network stalled, women say Data shows upswing in child exploitation cases What are Subscription-based Recycling Services and Can I Join One in My City? Pacific bird refuge struggles as ocean garbage patch grows Tiny deer-like animal thought lost to science photographed for first time in 30 years Plan would protect 21 coral hot spots in Gulf of Mexico AP: At least 1,680 dams across the US pose potential risk -- U.S. infrastructure is on its knees. Former Volvo CEO: I never got a golden parachute. Other CEOs shouldn't either I took maternity leave twice as CEO of Stitch Fix. Here's what I learned -- What average worker can afford to take two 16-week maternity leaves and expect to still have a job? WeWork Wrestled With SEC Over Metric Just Before It Scrapped IPO Eleanor Macnair Photographs rendered in Play-Doh -- This Artist Uses Play-Doh to Meticulously Recreate Famous Photographs The tourists nobody wants London to Sydney flight breaks world record-- A 19+hour plane trip sounds horrific. My husband was a veteran living in shame. He died from an opioid addiction. -- If the VA wants to help vets, they should address the stigma around pain and trauma. A Mining Town Buried in Mud Is Awash in Cash. It Will Soon Run Out. Judge orders a hospital to keep 9-month-old on life-support as her family searches for a solution Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong -- Why it’s so hard to see our own ignorance, and what to do about it. California faces fraught path out of wildfire, power crisis California crisis of fires, blackouts decades in the making PG&E faces potential showdown over its bankruptcy plan PG&E told to explain why it shouldn’t be fined "The Joy of Cooking" and its recipe for success
  10. NJ will trap turkeys troubling Jersey Shore neighborhood Where Wild Turkeys Are So Bold They Knock on the Door for Food Rescue: ‘Unicorn’ puppy doesn’t notice ‘tail’ growth on head Greta Thunberg hitches low-carbon ride across Atlantic Doctors: Warmer world is unhealthier place for children Leader of food security nonprofits to head World Food Prize NFL schedules workout for Colin Kaepernick Iowa paid a security firm to break into a courthouse, then arrested employees when they succeeded -- Huh. Bishop who investigated sex abuse accused of sex abuse Pregnant people are being offered an unproven treatment to “reverse” abortions -- There’s no real evidence that it works and no data on the side effects. NYPD kept database of juveniles’ fingerprints, violating law Judge calls USC dad a 'thief,' gives longest prison sentence so far in college admissions scandal Officer: I quit Proud Boys over fears of ‘far-left’ attacks -- Not because it's a PR nightmare for the police department and the end of your law enforcement career. Truckers file 1st suit contesting California gig economy law Venetian anger after historic flood devastates city How should billionaires spend their money to fight climate change? I asked 9 experts. Why the Elián Gonzalez saga resonates 20 years later -- How a 5-year-old Cuban boy set off an international custody battle and media spectacle. Red Tide Returns to Southwestern Florida Supreme Court refuses to block lawsuit against gun manufacturer brought by Sandy Hook families 17 Secret Waiter Tricks That Diners Never Notice A $30,000 handbag. A disastrous wine spill. And now, a country club is suing its own waiter. I’ve eaten a meal replacement shake twice a day for two years. Here’s what it was like. -- Huel, a competitor to Soylent, is my breakfast and lunch. This is what I get out of it. The Biggest Mental and Physical Benefits of Working Out -- Exercise does your mind and body good almost instantly, research shows. Here's mega motivation to get stronger and healthier. Vitamin E acetate is a key culprit in the vaping illness outbreak -- The sticky chemical has been found in samples taken from people who got sick or died from vaping-related illness. Why it feels like everything is going haywire -- The Dark Psychology of Social Networks How social media makes us antisocial -- Andrew Marantz and Ezra Klein discuss the symbiotic relationship between social media platforms and the alt-right. Clean energy technologies threaten to overwhelm the grid. Here’s how it can adapt. -- The centralized, top-down power grid is outdated. Time for a bottom-up redesign. Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann could be replaced by T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Money Stuff columnist Matt Levine explains Wall Street, WeWork, and how to leave Goldman Sachs for a much lower-paying job What the battle over a 7-year-old trans girl could mean for families nationwide -- Legislators want to have a say in whether Luna Younger should be allowed to socially transition.
  11. It didn't start out that way -- Victor and Adam (Victor Jr). had a close parental relationship up to the point Hope divorced Victor and moved back to the farm in Kansas. A yearish later, Victor visited Adam (3-4 years old); Hope asked Victor to stop contacting Adam because the boy saw Cliff Wilson as his father and she didn't want to confuse Adam when she and Cliff married (no torn loyalties and inconvenient explanations, I guess). Victor saw the Happy Family relationship between Hope, Cliff and Adam, and bowed out of Adam's life. Victor continued to pay Adam's financial support and college tuition. Victor's visit was explained to the boy that he was a friend of the family. How all trace of Victor was erased from Adam's memory was never explained, or how Victor found the wherewithal to ignore his neurotic demand to control everything and allow Adam to be raised by Hope and Cliff without his constant input -- something I always had my doubts about. The deathbed scene was created by TIIC to perpetuate a MMAdam/StutterbarkingAdam vs Victor revenge Plot Plot Plot line; non-stop angsty power plays and violence between the two of them, with attacks and manipulations against Victoria and Nick from both sides, while dragging the entire town of Genoa City into their Oedipus Rex theatrical presentation.
  12. Looks like Corday is preparing to renegotiate player contracts ... by duress.
  13. Cat placed in solitary confinement for "repeatedly" breaking feline friends out of shelter Quilty's Page at Friends 4 Life OK Boomer -- Why old people will always complain about young people Fare evasion costs cities millions. But will cracking down on it solve anything? -- New York City has increased policing to curb fare dodging. It’s resulted in outrage and protests from some riders. One of America's biggest solar panel makers quits manufacturing Teen hospitalized after vaping gets rare double-lung transplant If you are a unionized journalist, this labor ruling should worry you -- America’s top labor law enforcer’s decision may have troubling implications for media unions. Daily Northwestern apologizes for Sessions protest coverage Provocative Atlantic asks How Civil War Can Be Avoided: A Nation Coming Apart Welcome to the Fractured States of America Climate change lawsuits are not going away -- More cities and children are demanding their day in court while key decisions are pending in other cases. China aims to build its own Yellowstone on Tibetan plateau Disney says its new Disney+ streaming service is so popular you can’t stream it -- “The consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our highest expectations.” Translation: Whoops. Sorry, wrong number: Statistical benchmark comes under fire Why is SMS texting a mess? Fixing it is harder than you think.-- The technology we take for granted is actually quite outdated. This episode of Reset uncovers how it might totally change in 2020. Mini Mercury skips across sun’s vast glare in rare transit How Mars photos inspired the first CGI -- It all began with a simple transmission of binary code. Most distant world ever explored gets new name: Arrokoth AP Exclusive: FBI eyes how Pennsylvania approved pipeline Scientists may have just worked out why we hiccup 13% of Americans say they know someone who died after they couldn't afford health care, survey says Two people just got the plague in China. Yes, the Black Death plague -- That's going to be bad for tourism. Dean Foods -- America's largest milk producer files for bankruptcy Had enough of all that serene winter wonderland decor, the birch trees and reindeer and sleighs? Ready to change it up this year and boogie down? Glam holiday décor gets the party started A present for the earth? How to cut holiday waste Police violence is a health crisis for Black families. Marquis Jefferson is the latest to die of a broken heart. -- The father of Atatiana Jefferson is one of too many lost to grief, trauma, and injustice. Hate crimes remain at heightened levels, FBI report finds Singer Andrea Bocelli: ‘Absurd’ to shun opera legend Domingo -- Rape Culture Defense Squad safeguards decades of complaints against Placido Domingo. And Domingo to sing at 100th anniversary Salzburg Festival She's changing the cultural stigma around menstruation Why the Faroe Islands will close to tourists in 2020 Steve McCurry's photos show the complex relationship between humans and animals Schools shut, riot police out as Hong Kong sees yet another day of unrest We bought a $1 house in Italy. Here's what happened next Google Maps Says This Is the Worst Time to Leave for Thanksgiving Travel
  14. People can be so thoughtless and crude with their opinions about personal decisions. Many of those decisions are completely out of their hands or are still in negotiations. Nevertheless, those decisions should only be made by the people involved and no one else.
  15. Australia bushfires: State of emergency -- A record number of emergency-level bushfires have been raging across two Australian states, forcing residents to flee and towns to be evacuated. Australian state declares emergency due to wildfires Wildfires are getting worse. Can new technology make us safer? -- What is it like to spend months living in a fire lookout tower. Severe drought threatens honey bees in Chile -- A decade-long drought is making life difficult for honey bees in the country’s central region. That could mean problems for Chile’s $34 billion food The world's worst air -- India’s latest pollution crisis in perspective The law that’s helping fuel Delhi’s deadly air pollution -- A policy to conserve water resources led to the rise of a major source of air pollution, making breathing Delhi’s air as bad as smoking 50 cigarettes. Human extinction would be a uniquely awful tragedy. Why don’t we act like it? -- How pessimism about the future affects how we think about humanity and extinction. The world’s largest trade deal could be signed in 2020 and the US isn’t in it -- A group of 15 Asia-Pacific countries is aiming to sign the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, in 2020. China’s pork crisis is bigger than you think -- African swine fever in world’s second largest economy has shaken global meat markets Alibaba's Singles' Day sales hit record $38 billion; growth slows Officials Charged A California Woman With Murder After They Found Meth In Her Stillborn Fetus's System -- It's not the first time in the US a pregnant woman has been charged with a crime, including murder, for behavior that prosecutors allege endangered a fetus. Postmodernism predicted our post-truth hellscape. Everyone still hates it. Pop culture unites us as Americans. Will streaming services change that? Stay safe & save time with these microwave tips & tricks Car Crashes Into New Jersey Building's Second Floor, Killing Two People Bashing Bill Gates lets the rest of the billionaire class off the hook -- Bashing Bill Gates lets the rest of the billionaire class off the hook She used to drive for Uber and Lyft. Now she delivers legal weed. -- For one delivery person, driving around with a car full of pot feels a lot safer than the gig economy. The media’s biggest bias is its centrism -- A dean of DC reporting admits an uncomfortable truth about the press. In praise of Diana Wynne Jones, the fairy godmother of children’s fantasy Colorado’s cleanest energy options are also its cheapest -- New modeling shows the state can decarbonize at a savings. The case for spoilers -- Some people avoid them at all costs. I seek them out and I’m not alone. Why protests around the world often involve public transportation -- In Hong Kong, Santiago, and New York City, protesters have disrupted, delayed, or even boycotted subways. Why are there so many bullshit jobs: why they exist and why you might have one -- And why this professor thinks we need a revolution. Sandra the orangutan, freed from a zoo after being granted 'personhood,' settles into her new home
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