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  1. I like Justin a lot more after he's been on GGG so much, but they will never convince me he's the most amazing chef ever! Some of his stuff looks interesting, but I think they need to dial it back with him before they ruin the Goodwill he's built The 3 on 3 chef challenge show went the exact opposite way I expected on each round.
  2. I'd guess most of the stars these days are met with a blank stare and a who? At least those "unknown" athletes would be more fun (and more deserving) to watch than Tonya Harding.
  3. I wish they had gotten a few more athletes from the Olympics from the lesser known sports. This would have been a great time for those who have day jobs to pick up some extra cash and show their stories. They really should have gone outside the box on this season. I love that Chris Mazdzer is on and wish they'd gotten one of the gold medal curlers, too. The young girl from speed skating would have been fun, too. The one who emigrated from Nigeria(?). Erin Hamlin, too. If they can do 3 figure skaters, why not two Lugers. The young snowboarding kid who won a gold. The two female cross coun
  4. When the first Russian closed the gap during the 50km, I couldn't help wonder what they spiked his glucose stuff with. It's pretty awful that I have such little faith in Russian sports that I immediately discount his achievements and the silver and bronze medal.
  5. I loved V/M at the 2010 Olympics but was turned off by Scott's attitude in 2014 and even questioned their comeback. But, they are so far ahead of everyone else to my untrained, casual observer eyes that the scores are ridiculous. P/C should be in 4th (or lower) after V/M, Shibs, and H/D. I can't believe they are going to push a P/C win even with obviously less than perfect skating and a wardrobe malfunction.
  6. Yes, apparently they are Team Montreal instead of Team USA. I don't think V/M got that memo, though. I wasn't really a fan of theirs before but was resigning myself to the inevitable bronze. Now, I'm really hoping they don't medal.
  7. If the Shibs (or any other ice dance team) are skating both programs in the team competition, I think it's a shame. Of the individual entries, the three ice dance teams and Nathan are most deserving of being in the medal race. Since at least two of three ice dance teams will likely not medal, I would have liked to see two get a team medal. I would much rather see the gift medal go to two of the ice dance teams who are all ranked in the top 7 in the world than go to a woman ranked 9, 14, or 43, depending on the second entry. (If it's the athletes' decision to skate both, I don't blame them
  8. kayma

    Figure Skating

    I wouldn't let Adam or Mirai anywhere near the team competition. Both are far too prone to choking to hang everyone else's hopes on. I'd split the ice dance to keep the teams fresh since they actually have a shot at a medal or top 5. I would also send Vincent out to rack up points even if he's less than perfect. Attempted quads rack up more than attempted triples. The men's field is sad enough overall, he'd probably muster up enough points for the team competition.
  9. kayma

    Figure Skating

    I just watched the men's competition and think they should send the top 3. Adam has no chance at a medal and isn't really that competitive internationally anyway. Send the three that delivered when they needed to. I'm sick of the entitlement he and Ashley always display.
  10. I thought Savannah was trying very hard to seem upset - fake voice, deliberate body language, laying it on too thick. She even cracked a smile during her comments. She didn't seem all that broken up to me. I'm sure she knew and isn't the least bit surprised.
  11. I watched an episode with the diners, drive ins, and dives chefs. The final challenge was to make a cheesy, northeastern dish. I guess I never realized how limited chicken parmesan is nationwide for the praise those judges were heaping on. As someone included in the Northeast region, chicken parmesan (eggplant parmesan and haddock parmesan for that matter, too) is always fried. At least it is at every chain restaurant, local restaurant, relative's house, hole in the wall, and dive bar that I've been to. I've only had non-fried versions when I make it at home with leftover chicken. I'm so
  12. kayma

    Figure Skating

    I really liked the Shibs. Maybe, it's because they can't do the romance emo routines. Are Virtue/Moir really that good again so soon? I really liked them in 2010 but now it's all such a predictable schtick that I can't tell.
  13. I really liked in the tour preview that Emma and Val actually danced together. The rest were so busy mugging at the camera that they were barely dancing with their partner. I really loved Calvin. I hope he achieves what he wants in his post-football life. I preferred Laurie over James, so yay. I hope Emma, Lindsay, and Sasha get good partners next year. I'd love to see any of those three win or, at least, make it to the finals. Artem, too. Sharna can take a turn with the token old guy.
  14. Oh, I did not like James's freestyle at all. It looked very high school dance recital to me (albeit exceptionally danced from the extras). The voiceover was weird and threw me so much that I don't think it actually hit any emotional notes. I loved Calvin's. I think Lindsay's the best at freestyles between this and Alek's. I hope she gets a "ringer" next season. I really liked Laurie's. I thought it was perfect for her. I like finales best when they throw out tens like candy. I like it when everyone's happy and excited and the result is left to those who vote. I'm not voting
  15. I don't really get the James love, though I do think he's earned his place in the final. I thought his dance wasn't up to Laurie's and Calvin's; although, giving him immunity was the fairest option and I can't really argue with it. I would have liked to see James dance side by side with Laurie or Calvin to be able to compare. That's the problem with immunity - we don't actually see the best side by side. I thought Laurie's dance came together so beautifully. I love Calvin and Lindsay. The dance off really shows me who I like. Marilu can leave. She seems so opposite what the other con
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