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  1. Best episode until now. That Nomi and Lito scene gave me goosebumps. Same with the Riley & Van Damme scene. I was kinda hesitant after the pilot, now I am absolutley invested in the plot.
  2. I am new to this show and totally loved this episode. What a great finale..I was really scared for Nomi and Amanita! The lollipop scene <3
  3. What an amazing trailer. Can't wait. d-r-a-m-a-a-a-
  4. Lol, poor Pipes/Taylor. TAYSTEE: Damn, you got, some nice titties PIPER: Oh, thank you. TAYSTEE: You got them TV titties.
  5. didn't know where to write this but I really missed Nicky+Piper scenes this season.
  6. I like Polly too! Hope we'll see her in S4 Loved Gloria this season. One of the best written charachters
  7. Great article! :) I kinda agree with what he says, especially about Schilling
  8. I like Aleida. Am I the only one? I mean, she's a shitty mom but there's still something that makes me like her character. And I loved her backstory
  9. Ops, so sorry if I soundend arrogant, didn't want to :( I was just wondering because basically no one I know watches this show, so I only read opinions all around the Internet and from what I see most of the viewers are not rooting for them. (and I often find myself rooting for characters that everybody "hates" so maybe it's me lol) Btw, I completely agree with you, without these boards I'd feel so lonely lol Also, you well explained why you still like the show without necessarily rooting for them and now it makes a lot more sense to me, and I must admit the writing and the acting are what ma
  10. Once again, I completely agree ;) Her complexity is what makes me like her even more. But most of the fandom is not aware of how complex she is. And the thing that makes me angry the most is how everyone blames her for being "rich". I can't stand it. Seriously. (that scene with Daya and Lorna in s3). I feel so bad for Pipes when she gets blamed for this. Another time I felt really bad for her is when their parents came visiting on her bday, that sad look on her face when her dad couldn't even say a word to her. The only thing he pointed out was how much of a failure she is at 32. But stil
  11. Again, I 100% agree with you. I have nothing to add. That conversation with Yoga Jones made me think a lot, it was the moment I thought: they're def. endgame. Btw it's great to read all this different opinions about Vauseman and their "future" ;) Thanks for sharing "they have to go to Paris and fuck in every bed they find" Lol
  12. Thank God. I still wonder what's the point of watching this show without even caring a little bit about them? @truthaboutluv of course they're selfish but not cruel :S And I think they showed several times how much they love each other. I root for them. can't help it
  13. I have a question for all of you/us Vauseman lovers Do you think Alex and Piper are endgame?
  14. I think i'm one of the few that actually like Alison and Noah. I can't wait for S2.
  15. This. Some of my fav lines come from Piper's mouth. She can be very funny Also here there's another great analysis about Piper's evolution -> http://cavanaugh-and-wine.tumblr.com/post/122824615201/discussing-piper-chapman
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