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  1. HeatherinThailand

    S01.E03: Late

    Initially, I had decided not to watch because I didn't think I could handle seeing the trauma of the book played out over 13 episodes (or...5-7 seasons, which, I too "have concerns.") But, in the end, I felt it was such an important show that I had a duty to watch. So far, I think they are doing a masterful job of expanding the world beyond the book and making all the characters 3 dimensional. This episode left me feeling nauseous and terrified, esp with how closely the protests reflect ones in recent years, and our county's obsession with guns that kill the maximum number of people as quickly as possible. Alexis Bledel is finally living up to her potential with this role and that last shot of her screaming as it pushes her either over the edge or further into the Resistance was chilling. So glad I have to wait a few days for the next episode.
  2. HeatherinThailand

    S01.E02: Episode 2

    When Kim first talked about this on EHG, I was like "This show is my JAM!" But after bingeing it (I live overseas), I was disappointed to discover it's basically a how NOT to run an investigation like this rather than a compelling mystery. I would be a lot more annoyed by it if they didn't point out in the first episode that "there is no protocol for this type of thing." This is the very opposite of a victim-centric investigation. The repeated questioning by the police, the lack of psychological presence during questioning, and don't even get me started on how fast they start treating the victim like a suspect. It's good and worth the watch, but I am happy to report that, at least in the human trafficking and sexual abuse sector in other parts of Britain, this is not an accurate portrayal of how all police actually handle these types of situations.
  3. HeatherinThailand

    EHG 116: The Heat Is On: Summer TV Preview

    Hey, Kim, et al, great news! If you fly to England for the weekend, you can watch Thirteen on BBC3! It aired back in February. In case you want to smile condescendingly while the rest of the country is just watching episode one...
  4. Nobody has addressed this yet, but when Springsteen played, it sounded like a chunk of the audience was booing him. Was that my imagination? If not, why exactly are people upset at him? I feel like I must have missed some political connection or something.
  5. HeatherinThailand

    Adele Live In New York City

    Now I'm crying that I missed this when I was so looking forward to it! Damn you, cross country traveling!! Will it be reaired?
  6. HeatherinThailand

    S01.E13: AKA Smile

    Late to the bandwagon, but just wanted to join in saying I bingewatched the hell out of this show and was completely riveted by Krysten Ritter's gutwrenching performance as well as David Tennant's terrifyingly amazing turn as supervillain. I desperately hope for a second season, because I have not been this excited about a superhero show since....well, ever, I guess. Pure brilliance on every level.
  7. HeatherinThailand

    S02.E07: Officer Of The Year

    The whole timeline of Mark and Emma's relationship has confused me as well. In season one, it didn't make sense to me when they talked about dating sophmore through senior year, because then she was able to get on a plane and become a high powered business woman with no college education after he proposed? And he proposed when they were EIGHTEEN? So, when they said they met at 17, that made more sense to me, and I thought that they must have been referring to sophomore to senior year of college, but that they must have been friends before they dated.
  8. HeatherinThailand

    S02.E08: Celebrate Me Scones

    WHAAAT? Why would we live in a world where that could even be a possibility? Has society as a whole completely lost it's sense of all that is right and good in the world? I can only hope that TPTB have watched even five minutes of one episode and realize the pure gold they have and renew quickly. And thank you to esco1822 for enhancing my life even more by informing me of the Parham/St. Clair podcast which I am currently downloading and plan to binge over the weekend!
  9. HeatherinThailand

    Watch A Trailer For Finding Carter's Season 2.5

    Nope. I can't even with this. My questions begin with "Why in the bloody hell is Lori not in jail?" and continue from there.
  10. HeatherinThailand

    S02.E06: Kimmewah Kup

    This episode just made my heart ache for Maggie the whole time. I was seething when Dan showed up and at Emma's not making him leave IMMEDIATELY after a glass of wine. Even though they named the boat after Charlotte and he helped them best their archenemies, still didn't make up for the precious time that was stolen. And I literally screamed "She worked on that for three years, you bastard" when I saw Dan finished the puzzle, immediately followed by "NOOOOOOOO! SHE WORKED ON THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!" as he destroyed it. Having been both the third wheel Maggie and someone who understands what it's like when someone finishes something you have been putting so much time into, this was a painful episode to watch. I hope the final ones of the season get back to comedy, the reason we all love this show so very much.
  11. HeatherinThailand

    S02.E05: Employee Of The Month

    Dammit Tara, I was all caught up on my tv, and then you and Sarah had to go and convince me to watch this amazing, hilarious show that I immediately binged in a matter of 2 days. These are my people! I am so torn between Dan and Mark. Cause that's gonna get awkward REAL fast if Tina has nothing but time on her hands to spend with her only girlfriends and then Emma becomes Mark's actual girlfriend. A side note: How exactly is Emma contributing financially to this household? Maggie has to get a job waiting tables to pay the bills but Emma, the high powered businesswoman, gets to play with the baby all day long? And how will that work exactly once Maggie goes back to nursing school? Does Emma just have shit tons of cash from being a workaholic for 13 years?
  12. HeatherinThailand

    EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

    I was overjoyed to hear a new edition of Kim's Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. When she was doing recaps for Real World (it WAS the Las Vegas season, btw) I didn't even watch that show, but i would read the full recap every week, JUST to get to read Kim's Most Awesome Thing. (well, that and her hilariously scathing descriptions of the idiots on that show). Every time she comes on EHG, I think, "aww, I miss the most awesome thing. Maybe she'll do one on the podcast" and then she DID! Every time, please. :)
  13. HeatherinThailand

    The Alias Reboot: If Not Now, When(nifer)?

    Best idea I've heard in weeks! There is not nearly enough strong female ass kicking shows nowadays. I totally agree about both the pilot and the cliffhanger being the best of all time. As well as seasons 3-5 being un-canonized. Nick, if this happens because of you, you will be forever my hero.
  14. HeatherinThailand

    S01.E05: Truth

    Topanga, I'm not even from the south, but having grown up in a tiny, super conservative, right wing town, I can say that for this type of community, yes, fornicating is considered not nearly as big a sin as being gay. I was in a church that the week after our state passed an anti-discrimination law, and the pastor spent 2 hours preaching about how this was going to destroy the very fabric of our town and the nation. Spoiler alert: it didn't (and he's no longer the pastor there. Coincidence?). I thought Faith's story was so well done. I liked that they had it be a Christian because there are still so many Christian kids terrified to come out because of everything Faith said, including God striking them dead. There have just been so many suicides (including in my town) of kids who had their communities disown them, that the fact they had it be the conservative Christian girl who came out carries so much more meaning. And I loved Rachel's teary reaction to it and her fight to protect Faith and Amy's desire to come out on their own terms. I was like "see--you ARE a good human being! Quit this show and go work on real tv!" Never thought I would have such intense emotions about a "trashy" tv show!
  15. HeatherinThailand

    S02.E12: I'm Not The Only One

    Literally only watched this far to see Maxlor back together, and now that the show has done ONE THING right, I'm out. The number of "I can't evens" this season followed by rage stuttering leads me to believe it is not good for my health. Every time I'm like "but, isn't the IRS after them? How do they have money for shopping?" or "wait, kidnapping is a federal offense and also she's a minor she can't be subpoenaed and also how could Elizabeth have stolen the girls when LORI GAVE UP HER EGGS!!" (see, rage) I have to remind myself this show is written for (and, clearly, by) teenagers who don't care, so neither should I. Great premise, agonizingly torturous execution.