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  1. bikebrh

    S18.E20: American Dream / S18.E21: Sanctuary

    Well, it looks like Emma Myles has gotten typecast as "Meth-head or Meth-head Adjacent White Trash". I hope for her sake she can break out of that, because I don't see it as the type of typecasting you build a long successful career out of.
  2. bikebrh

    S03.E05: The House of Special Purpose

    Well, I've seen female cops Gloria's size before, so I'm not having too much trouble with that.
  3. bikebrh

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    Tony was a police officer when he won. The show has had people from all walks of life, all kinds of careers. That's what makes it interesting, seeing people who normally would never lie or backstab do just that in order to win. :) The problem I always had with Tony was that he was a cop who REALLY liked to lie, to the point where even if the truth would get an equal result, he would tell a lie just for the fun of it. I would never drive through the town he was a cop in, not in a million years.
  4. bikebrh

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    ********But if she makes it to the end, what is her argument? "I constantly flipped on and betrayed all of you because it is what I had to do to get to the end?" Evolution of the game yadda yadda yadda. Will that work with this group of players and jurors? ******* That would be an interesting test of how sexist the game/players are. Because that was exactly what Tony Vlachos did, and he won. It will be interesting to see how they react. Although for me, I would have voted her out long ago for her dopey annoying personality.
  5. bikebrh

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    She never won individual (She never got that deep into the merge), but I remember her being a dominant player in tribal immunities.
  6. bikebrh

    S03.E02: The Principle of Restricted Choice

    I've seen thinner and smaller lady cops than her. There's more to being a cop than being physically menacing.
  7. bikebrh

    S18.E16: The Newsroom

    ****The scorpion story is a common story I have heard in a wide variety of TV shows and movies. I first heard it over 20 years ago in a movie, and I'm sure that wasn't the first time that story was ever mentioned. **** I'm pretty sure that versions of that story date back to Aesop's Fables or earlier.
  8. bikebrh

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I think it works [as well as any thing does on this crazy timeline]. Assuming Mer graduated college at 21 [as I did], then took 5 years off, she could've started med school at 26. Med school is 4 years, which would put her right at 30 when she started her residency and the show started with them all being interns [first year of residency]. How old that would Mer the character now, I've go no clue because I think the first 3 seasons were one year, but then after Derek died, there was a time jump ... I have NO idea how long it supposedly has been since their first year of residency. I don't think she took 5 years off. I think 5 years was the number of years that Ellis suffered from Alzheimer's while Meredith was taking a gap year(then coming back to find Ellis in the throes of Alzheimer's) then her 4 years of med school.
  9. bikebrh

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I have seen Ellen in person and she looks great...she actually looks worse on the show...tired or something...maybe the makeup person Pompeo always looks better off the show. I'm pretty sure they make her look haggard on purpose. Also, she's always been a minimum of 8 years older than Meredith. When the show started they were 28-ish, and the first year lasted 4 seasons, so Pompeo turned 40 before Meredith turned 30. Pompeo turns 48 this year, and Meredith is only in her mid to late 30's, since they've only moved about 10 years It causes a problem when they are casting characters who are close to Meredith's age with actors that are MUCH younger. Sarah Ramirez and Jesssica Capshaw are 6 and 7 years younger, playing characters that are 2 years older. Jerrika Hinton, Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams, Kelly McCreary, Camilla Luddington, and Tessa Ferrer are all 11-17 years younger than than Pompeo, playing characters that are anywhere from same age to no more than 5 years younger. The older they get, the bigger of a problem it will be, unless they retcon Meredith and Alex's ages somehow (Justin Chambers turns 47 this year)
  10. bikebrh

    S13.E15: Civil War

    They were in 2018, now they are back in 2017 (there was a shot of the date on an iPad when April was coming back from maternity leave that put it at October 2016--and that was back in October 2016). I guess we shouldn't think about it...or something? It really annoys me when shows are sloppy like this. Naww, I think they are still back in 2014 or 2015. It took the show 4 years to go through their first year, and ever since then, even though they have had a couple of time jumps, they have never moved in real time. So, beyond continuity errors, I still don't think they have caught up, and they have certainly never moved ahead of real time.
  11. bikebrh

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I never cared for Cristina, nor is my heritage Korean or Hispanic. But it is Polish, and I love homemade pierogi. See the difference? Also, Yang made it quite clear to Izzie in season 1 that she doesn't speak any Asian languages beyond what is on a restaurant menu, and that being Jewish by upbringing she is more likely to speak Yiddish or Hebrew.
  12. bikebrh

    S34.E01: The Stakes Have Been Raised (Double Episode)

    Tony is actually scarier in some ways... Imagine getting pulled over by him wherever he's a cop. This is a man who likes to lie, does it prolifically, and almost seems to be one of those guys that like to tell a lie even when the truth might be easier. If I sat on a jury and he testified, I would never convict based on his testimony.
  13. bikebrh

    S34.E01: The Stakes Have Been Raised (Double Episode)

    I'm disappointed with all the Sandra hate. She's one of my favorites. She is the answer to "What would it be like if Michelle Rodriguez played Survivor?" She clearly is doing something behind the scenes that doesn't translate to the TV screen because she appears to be well-liked. I think part of it is that she is a hard worker at camp, which is boring TV. She is another one that age has caught up to though(and 13 years at a sedentary office job). She finally ditched that oversize shirt, but only after after she put on 30+ pounds. She was pretty hot the first two times around. The ones I really have a problem with are Russell Hantz and Tony. Tbh, I kind of wonder about people who like them, even.
  14. Looks like Lennon is knocked up again... I wonder how that will be dealt with on the show, or if they were able to complete filming before she started to show.
  15. bikebrh

    S18.E10: Motherly Love

    Looks to me like Delaney Williams has lost a bunch of weight...he's still the most punchable bad guy lawyer in the L&O-verse though... Has no one but me thought about how crazy it is that the kid shot right over his mother's shoulder to kill that kid? Especially when you consider he didn't like guns and wasn't experienced with them? How could the show film the scene blocked the way it was, and not ever mention that?