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  1. Yeah I do think the show, especially this season is somewhat biased against girls but you just have to look at the fanbase. Like someone said most of the girls who have won had Derek has a partner and the DWTS audience loves Derek lmao. Like no way Nicole Scherzinger or Amber Riley would have won if they didn't have Derek. I'm happy for Rashad and especially Emma though lol.
  2. I feel when this show focuses too much on the parents it gets more boring
  3. KJ is so cute but like some other people I think Archie is boring lol. I hope they make him more involved in the murder mystery.
  4. fam I really don't know. Watch it be none of those and be some random person that shows up in the 2nd last episode
  5. lol Justin's hatred and obsession of Clay was so weird. And yeah his suggestion to kill him was so OTT. Was it supposed to be a joke because it was ridiculous. I think at that point he was scared of people figuring out it was true because he was telling people it was lies. Also Clay's tapes right before Bryce's who they were all trying to protect. And Clay had the least defamatory tape so they were afraid when he got through the tapes he would report it or tell someone. I agree he is 100% an asshole Like I would rank him a little bit below Courtney and Marcus on an "asshole list" but I still felt bad for him.
  6. I would hope so. The guy was an asshole but I couldn't help but feel a little bad for him. I don't really think he was an inherently a bad person. It seemed his friendship with Bryce made him that way and that he wasn't able to stand up to him but he felt indebted to the guy because he was always there for him throughout his shitty family situation. By the end you could really see that his world was falling apart. But ugh at him for not only letting his girlfriend get raped but lying about it for so long. SMH. And for letting Bryce spread that picture and not speaking up to defend Hannah. If there is a season 2 (which I'm not sure?) he better have changed. On the note of season 2. Would it really work without Hannah? She was the whole catalyst for the show what would season 2 focus on. Tyler's school shooting plans? I don't know if it would work, but they seemed to have changed the ending so much from the book it feels like they are pushing for a season 2. ( I haven't read the book just based on what people told me).
  7. I definitely knew Courntey and Marcus types in high school. The over achiever, super involved gunner types who were focused about their reputation and future and such they had no empathy for others. And yeah your right those are the people they don’t usually tell you to be careful of. Yeah the end of episode 9 shows Jessica definitely had memories of what happened. I think she was in deep denial and wasn't exactly sure if her memories were real. She seemed to really depend on Justin and since he kept on insisting it was a lie she wanted to believe that it was but you could see it was having an effect on her, such as the heavy drinking. I honestly felt bad for her because not only was she raped but she was betrayed by someone she really trusted. I'm just glad she told her dad at the end, meaning he'll most likely do something about it.
  8. yeah I liked that too. It added ambiguity and obviously someone who is depressed would have a different point of view. It did make me wonder about what Jessica said of Hannah being the one to stop coming to Monet when she and Alex got together. Like iI just assumed she was lying to make herself seem better but rethinking about it it's possible. Hannah did seam to shy away from human connection. lol maybe I'm over thinking it though lmao. Hannah was probably telling the truth about that but it did make me think.
  9. mmm ok what was the purpose of having Hannah lie about Zach throwing away the letter was it to show she's unreliable and since she was suicidal at that point she somewhat exaggerated what happened. I've finished the show but I'm till wondering why she lied about that.
  10. Yes this too. Iforgot. You could just feel he was hurting the whole time. I don't know why I didn't expect him to be the one who shot himself I guess their red herrings worked on me lol. I hope he survived. Really the only characters I personally outright disliked were Courtney, Marcus and obviously Bryce.
  11. Yeah I did really feel for Alex. Actually thinking back he was clearly suicidal the whole time. He had no friends, getting into a fight with that kid, pulling out of school activities. The scene where he randomly started speeding in the car with the boys. And although he was kind of a jerk I truly felt bad for him. All he did was make a list. He had a lot of toxic masculinity at his home from his dad and bother and nowhere to express his emotion. And he truly loved Jessica who wouldn't take him back and he messed up the only true friendships he had. And yeah it def seems they are setting up Tyler to be a school shooter. They really did a lot of setting up for season 2. I kind of want to see it. Too many unfinished storylines. I also want to see what happens to Justin and especially Jessica.
  12. Yeah your right actually Hannah did blame herself. I really disliked Jessica initially but by the end I just felt really sorry for her. Like for 90% of the show she was being manipulated and seemed confused and lost. And idk I guess I didn't really like how hannah put that on the tapes for 11 other people to hear. But Hannah did seem remorseful for what happened. Actually a lot of the characters who I hated initially I ended up feeling some sympathy for. But I guess that was the purpose of the show.
  13. lol Courtney bugs me so much. Even later in the show she bugged me worse. And how tf is a gril with gay dads so afraid of admitting she's gay . I didn't get her motivation.
  14. Good episode. Two things concerning Jessica getting raped. One. What was stopping Hannah from saying anything. This really bothered me. Even if she was too scared to stop the rape from happening she could have at least told Jessica after wards instead of on tape for everybody to hear. This just made me feel like Hannah wasn't much better than Justin in that regard. Second. I know the show isn't a PSA and Correct me if I'm wrong but Jessica had little to no memory of what happened so Justin told her it was him that had slept with her when she was passed out drunk? That is still rape even if it was her boyfriend. I just wish the show would have made that more clear. But I know it isn't a PSA. And I agree it's annoying how slowly Clay got through the tapes lmao.
  15. Yeah I've been thinking something similar. Also the suicide scene was just so graphic... I don't know how someone contemplating suicide would react to it. I almost feel like it romanticizes suicide in a way. They should have made it clear she had other options and what those were. Also I didn't expect it to be Alex who shot himself. Were Tyler and Justin distraction because Tyler bought had a gun and justin had one too. I did think alex seemed suicidal the whole time. And I guess since his dad is a cop he had easy access to guns.
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