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  1. Man, that FJ was a big bowl of fail. The clue specifically mentioned a title character and two of the three contestants name a movie that doesn't have a character in the title. Then, what was that wager? Did he not do the math right and realize he had exactly half of the leader's total or did he just give up and play for second? I really think proper betting strategies needs to be part of the contestant exam.
  2. I know this show has always played fast and loose with timelines, but Barry and Murray being upset about the Eagles game being cancelled due to the strike in March might take the cake.
  3. The real Brea is a professional actress, and a fairly accomplished one: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1538239/
  4. Can we please be done with the whispering at Tribal? That needs to be a new rule, it's ruining the game. Can you imagine how fun that Tribal could have been if everyone had been forced to immediately vote after Jeremy left without being able to talk and decide on a new plan?
  5. Man, you couldn't have scripted the last two episodes any better. Knowing the Davids had the vote steal and the idol nullifier, this was the exact thing I wanted to happen, steal a vote to make it a 6-5 advantage and use the nullifier to guarantee the person you write down goes home. Absolutely beautiful.
  6. The sound effects were from Wheel of Fortune. The Daily Double was the new puzzle sound effect, and it was the bankrupt sound effect on the missed FJ. They played a clip of Ken Jennings saying the correct response instead of the contestant. After Alex read the FJ clue they showed a clip of a foreign version of Jeopardy. Also, if I were the champ, I'd be saying that FJ response of "What is Sydney?" for Asian Cities was an April Fool's gag.
  7. All this talk about the Juneau answer, and no mention of Newport? As bad as Juneau was, at least it's a capital. Newport is a much more embarrassing guess in my opinion. I knew the answer right away only because I play bar trivia and we had that exact question a few months ago. It also helps to know that Montpelier has the smallest population of any state capital.
  8. Really can't believe tonight's FJ was a TS considering I predicted what the correct response was going to be when they revealed the category.
  9. I'm really disappointed the Save is essentially a get out of jail free card. It should be like the hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor, they should be forced to play it before Phil tells them what place they are in. You play it because you think you're last but another team got lost and is behind you? Tough luck, you lose it. You don't think you're last so you don't play it but it turns out you are? You go home with the Save in your pocket. That would actually create some tension as a team struggles with the decision on whether to play it or not.
  10. That was just AWFUL. You're in second and have exactly half of the leader. He's got a tie locked up, meaning there's no possible way he's betting anything. You bet it all and get it you tie and come back tomorrow. Instead she bets enough to cover third place's bet, way to play for that extra $1,000.
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