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  1. Really weird. There was a filter on both actors that made them look noticeably younger, and I assume the tennis was a nod to them feeling younger too. I can’t tell if anything was “taken” from Sheryl in this process because they seemed to have benefited equally. That being said, they’ve made it clear she’s diabolical, so if they weren’t intending to harm her, why not just fill her in? I’m sure she’d be into it. it’s dumb to nitpick this kind of thing, but did they explain how Kristin is just now realizing she hadn’t made a payment on her egg storage in 11 years? I thought money was t
  2. I haaated this & actually threw the remote in disgust when I finished it last night. I hated it SO much, it made me decide I don’t really ever need to visit Hawaii. Thanks, show, for ruining Hawaii. 😜
  3. Total cluster & echo everyone’s sentiments about the soapy ridiculousness of all the plot points. But! Personally, Lilly’s death gutted me, and I thought it was so well acted and touching. I was angry about it because it was realistically sad (minus the relatively comfortable pancreatic cancer, which is brutal), while the rest of the show is a big treacly mess. I didn’t appreciate that terribly depressing reality check. I also hate that I’m supposed to root for annoying-as-hell Hope over Muriel. I hope she gets a love interest. And on a totally shallow note, is Jack’s nonshowing ex abo
  4. I think it’s important to be mindful of the connotations of specific words, and I always want my friends to feel comfortable and welcome, but I’ll admit I would have used “angry” without a second thought (directed toward anyone, of any race). Is that ignorant of me? Maybe? But I worry that if we constantly run our thoughts through the filter of what might be potentially triggering for a specific person, we cease to see people as individual human beings and instead as a group. How is that better? You’d have a hard time having an authentic conversation, and you would be reducing a person to his
  5. Totally agree with you; it’s not shameful, and talking about it when it comes up organically helps eliminate harmful misconceptions, but the mention also appeared self-serving to me. Like she was looking to paint her sketchy new dude in a good light? If you ask me about my kids, I say I have two. I don’t qualify that one has ADHD, or is tall, wears glasses, etc., because those are just facts. “He has two kids, and one has Autism.” That was the extent of her comment, and I think it was meant for people to nod their heads and say, “awww.” All of this is based on my distrust of Teresa, BTW. She
  6. OMG this is why I’ll Botox until the bitter end! 😂 I take no offense to this, but I’m a very friendly person with a bad natural frown crease & I always think it makes me look like a mean girl! Confirmed! But for real, he looked like a hothead in a few other ways, no? Like his energy was over the top, and he was...real red. I think I watch this show solely for Delores, who is such an enigma to me. I’m fascinated by her disgraced ex, who seems to rank higher than her reputable surgeon boyfriend, and her ability to simultaneously project confidence and extreme neediness and insecuri
  7. I dislike Tiffany tremendously, but I was squirming at Kam’s accusations of stereotyping. I’m not one to believe the Blonde Detective is a secret genius, and I may give her a little leeway for her intellectual shortcomings, but I *think* she was trying her best (and failing, as of course she would) to verbalize something I agree with entirely: disliking a small aspect of something associated with a culture is not disparaging an entire culture. I have ZERO DOUBT Tiffany knew the ladies would think chicken feet were gross. We typically don’t eat feet in the US, although in my part of the south,
  8. I’m amending my previous statement for clarification 😉 I think Melissa’s surgeries were well done because you can’t really pinpoint what she’s done, and she isn’t obviously plastic (neck up). When you look at her in seasons 1 & 2, though, she’s unrecognizable. That much work could really go south.
  9. Mmm, not to be intentionally controversial, but the worst FACE “work” IMO is his wife’s. Full disclosure: I am also 44, and I use Botox, but I cannot handle that frozen forehead with those ridiculous brows and the overfilled lips. It looks cheap. I get it because gaudy and overdone is her home aesthetic, too, but I would think a skilled surgeon would be a little more subtle. ETA: Marge’s boobs are out too much, but they look good. The others are pretty bolted on and look painful. And Melissa’s face looks pretty amazing, considering how much its changed.
  10. That’s been a weird disconnect for me, too, but only because I’m Jeanette’s exact age. She’d have to be a year older than Kate, and Kate would be just entering high school, but they’ve shown her to be homecoming queen. It’s odd because the show is so detail oriented.
  11. I was uncomfortable with the Kary pile-on (and I’m not even a fan) because kicking a woman while she’s down seems to be Andy’s favorite sport. She JUST said her fears about her marriage had come true and he immediately asks her to respond to reader questions related to what a piece of shit she is. AND she’s sick. Alone & trapped in a hotel room. Like maybe he could spread the vitriol around a little bit. I cannot stand Tiffany anymore & decided she was a big spoiled princess a couple episodes ago. I was also wondering how on earth she was gonna keep her job as an anesthesiolo
  12. I feel like Delores is in a rock/hard place situation with her relationship. I can see how David would be hesitant to appear on this show because surely it could taint his reputation. Isn’t he an OB/GYN? The clientele is not the same as a plastic surgeon’s. Is it possible he doesn’t want to commit and open his life and marriage to that level of scrutiny? And I try not to talk about looks, but this group is looking rough. All of them. Reminds me Karen assessing the mafia wives in Goodfellas. “They had bad skin and wore too much makeup. I mean, they didn't look very good. They looked beat-up.
  13. I’m thinking the thing Kate’s not being “entirely truthful” about is her prior relationship with the principal, but the thing that’s tripping me up about Kate seeing Jeanette while abducted is how different she would look to Kate. In the first episode, I wasn’t even sure it was the same actress. The girls aren’t close...would she really recognize her in a few fleeting moments? The hair, makeup, braces, clothes...those are the Jeanette identifiers. And would she still be wearing that dumb necklace? I agree that it could have been her friend who dropped the necklace & Kate made the connectio
  14. If the brother maintained a relationship with the father, I’m sure he was gutted. By her own admission, D’Andra had severed ties and claimed her stepfather as her own - even legally rejecting her biological father’s name. She lives pretty much exclusively off her stepfather’s estate but still took whatever was left to her brother. That’ll cause a rift, yeah. And I don’t even feel guilty judging her for it bc she put it on TV. “Let’s do a cute shot of me going incognito and dropping a letter in my estranged brother’s mailbox! I’ll wear all black, like it’s a little stakeout!” How disrespectful
  15. Y’all, I have turned on Tiffany, and it upsets me because I’ve liked her so much! I don’t doubt that she feels her mom is cold, and their relationship is not all she’d hoped for, and I ALSO know that parents can gaslight and put on a show...but I am just not able to buy what she’s selling. The drama and theatrics are incredible: her mom, who seems reluctant to be on camera, is crying and telling Tiffany how proud she is and how much she loves her, and Tiffany responds by pretty-crying and cradling her own daughter in an I’ll-never-overlook-this-child-the-way-you-overlooked-me kind of way, and
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