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  1. It's particularly hypocritical of Meri, since she was ready to bolt when she thought she was deep in a relationship with another man. Where was all of this "never quit, we've put 30 years into this, I'm never leaving" thoughtline when she was close enough to leaving that she probably had a bag packed? I guess she is feeling that misery loves company so if she has to stay, everyone has to stay.
  2. Logged on here just to see who joins me in utter hatred of this jerk. His egocentrism (is that a word? I feel like it's a word) is outdone only by his douchiness (not sure about this one...kinda doesn't feel like a word).
  3. Came here to say the exact same thing. I was afraid that my ears were going to start bleeding.
  4. And now my cats are awake and wild at 12:30am because I woke them up when I laughed out loud. Thanks!
  5. Oh my gosh...this show sounds *amazing* and I can't wait to watch it! Just have to finnish 2 more episodes of Dexter, then I'm onto This Farming Life. Thanks! I love farming life, but it ain't easy. You really have to LOVE it. It's abundantly clear that Brandon doesn't like it and Julia hates it. They need to GTFO and let the wackos run the farm. In between creepy discussions about sex.
  6. Brit - Father Brit has the same perma-grin that Brit does. I think she comes by it naturally and the faux (or at least not necessary) braces emphasize it. Ari - Honestly, this girl is ill-equipped to be an adult. She has no capacity to deal with minimal levels of stress, which likely is being exaggerated due to hormones...but I don't think that hormones and postpartum depression are the root of it. Combine that with her entitlement and her view that only her feelings count, and we have a girl-child that melts down at every turn. I feel sorry for baby Avi and hope that a functioning adul
  7. Well...I guess she could have, 'ya know, got to know him and his life history? She went into this whole "I'm gonna have a baby with a stranger and give birth in a strange land" affair with (seemingly) not much thought about his past or their future. And I honestly don't understand why she would have a right to be surprised about him following his culture any more than he has a right to be surprised that she wants to follow her culture. The fact is that they are two imbeciles who had no business procreating and then trying to create a family life without actually knowing the other person and wh
  8. Interesting. What are your sources for this?
  9. Yep...and in his world, that's how it works.
  10. While I don't agree AT ALL with some of Bini's viewpoints, we have to remember that he has had a very insular world. He knows what his culture dictates, but how would he be terribly aware of differing thoughts? Ari is the alleged world traveler, so she should understand that a vast portion of the world is extremely ingrained in their own traditions and beliefs with very little outside influence. He's a product of his upbringing.
  11. No passes given from me. The C-section was a surprise, but popping that kid out in Ethiopa has been the plan for 9 months. They could have prioritized a car seat over a bathtub...IF they could have found one. Apparently car seats aren't regularly used there so they may not even be able to get one.
  12. Oh my lawd - Ari has got to be one of the most genuinely infuriating cast members that has ever been on any of these stupid shows that I insist on watching. She cannot handle one.single.second. of any sort of stress. What an emotionally stunted crackpot. Mybaby mybaby mybaby... So the big Baby doesn't get to claim Avi at all as THEIR baby? Great - go be a single mom in Ethiopa and see how long it feels like the cool thing you imagined being a new mom in Ethiopa to be. And the circumcision that you now think shouldn't happen until Avi can make the decision for himself? So he's gonna cut hi
  13. For me, I DO think it's important to give a voice to addiction issues. I don't believe that everyone has to drink to make this show interesting - that's not the reason why I watch, it just is what they do. I constantly feel terrible for the kids that wind up seeing their moms get naked wasted and putting themselves in unsafe situations. That being said, the way that Braunwyn handled this feels less than genuine. You're on freaking reality show, FFS. Tell everyone all at once, then do a TH that explains the situation, then deal with the REAL issue on the show - alcoholism - rather than the fa
  14. brewgirl


    I just finished binging this (thanks, pneumonia!) It was fine as a way to distract myself from being bored silly, and I thought the acting was pretty good all around. But the plot..jeez. Like others, I found some parts of it to be just too unbelievable. Sophie, Rachel, and the other lady all live next door to each other - literally 3 in a row - years after the school fire. And Eric - father of Craig, another of the arsonists - also lives on the same street. WTF? Did they all grow up in this homes and then take over from their parents? OK. The logical solution to a single arson is
  15. I spent the first 23 years of my life driving back and forth from our house in Miami to our condo in the Keys, so I was curious what the road sign was that was shown in the last few seconds of the show - when John is driving away with "Danny". I froze the frame, and it looks like the sign said "Gilberts Island Resort", but I didn't have my glasses and it was not very clear. So John could be headed to visit Ray Gilbert? Did anybody else catch this, or am I seeing things?
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