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  1. Ha, Stupid hair drives me crazy, So busy staring at the stupid hair, that you never hear anything they say. I do think the hair hides his lack of personality.
  2. The two extra shows on Paramount included a lot more conversation and no advancement. The annoying part was the constant wave noises blocking some of the conversations. Not sure of that was to hide advancement or personal information or about people who had not signed releases.
  3. That was disappointing and again, totally unrealistic.
  4. He talks about it, but is he actually putting it into practice? we don't see any masks, no gloves, no talk of what they are doing to keep themselves safe. Hunter was the only one who mentioned he had been tested. He is still traveling amongst the family, and shacked up with Robyn. Robyn claims that she and Sol are have health issues. Maybe he should be with Mary whose place would be safer and pose less risk. Kody is just mad that people are disagreeing with him. And what social distancing is he doing? we all know he is going somewhere to get his hair permed. The questions he was po
  5. Why on earth did Lucas even suggest going to talk to Nathan about Jack? that was overstepping imo Lucas is even up in Henry's business. control freak or God complex?
  6. It's quite disturbing how Robyn and Janelle both kept using the terms...MY Kids and YOUR Kids...what happened to them all being THEIR Kids? very telling even stupid Kody said that HIS kids lived in Flagstaff.... was he talking about Robyn's kids? because he sure forgot about his North Carolina and Utah children. No one even mentions Logan anymore.
  7. I still don't understand why if Kody is so worried about Covid, getting Covid, spreading Covid...why isn't he living in a house by himself? it isn't any safer being at Robyn's. It seems selfish on Robyn's part too.
  8. MTV does seems cheap compared to Survivor. the contestants do get paid to come on the show, like a weekly stipend. It's definitely more for returning vets and you earn more the longer you last in the season. So if you add it all together, CT probably did make more than 500K.
  9. I am not on the Lucas train and won't be. Can Elizabeth ever have a conversation with anyone, without Lucas lurking 2 feet away? and now he is suddenly giving her advice about her other relationships? its overstepping. ... Just like when he attempted to buy her affection at every turn...libraries, books, the mom book deal, fancy dinners. He acts more like a groomer than someone in love.
  10. Nathan seems too slick to me. The dates are over the top and I don't necessarily think they should bring her child on dates, but has he even met Little Jack? He should make some effort to get know the kid and include him in something.
  11. if this was filmed way back in the Spring of 2020, with all the covid starting up talk, why plan a wedding for late 2021. Why not get married on Aug 29, 2020 they never make sense to me.
  12. When you watch this crowd, you have to piece random comments together and read between lines, while adding some past history. No one ever really comes out and says how things were back in the Lehigh house. Back in the Lehigh house days, Janelle worked full time, so Christine raised, watched Janelle's kids along with her own. Not sure what Mer did, besides polish her wedding certificate on the wall. Janelle had one side of the home, probably because she had more kids at the time. Christine lived in the other side in the basement with Meri and Mariah over head. there were stories where wh
  13. Really? I think that Elizabeth and Nathan have more chemistry. She looks at him like she is practically pining for him. I think she is hesitant to go there because he is a Mountie. I think Lucas is kind of sleazy, trying to control things, with him sending off her book to his Mommy. It annoys me how Elizabeth put off Nathan and won't even go to dinner with him, when she ran off for the hotel thing and the champagne dinner with Lucas.
  14. we have one about 20 minutes away and not sure it's worth the drive. Been hearing shelves are empty. But, found out some things are available on Amazon. I ordered the Lime Chili Seasoning and some delicious pricey butter cookies. I think Maddie's baby is about 7 months old, but maybe they film the tell all closer to real time and weren't able to get it done with Covid.
  15. I remember watching shows about living in Alaska where people had to have water delivered. They had these huge 2000 gallon tanks in the basement and trucks would haul in it or you could go and pump water yourself for cheaper if you had the means to get it home.
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