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  1. If the deck hands are struggling, and things are getting dangerous, why doesn't Eddie stop sitting around and go down there and help them?
  2. I thought I heard awhile back that Ashley had an argument with Josh. I love Amanda. She adds some chaos and zip to the show. Nany talks a good game but yet again, she is being carried to the end, this time by Kaycee. I wish Nelson would stop talking, he makes no sense and has too many teeth in his mouth.
  3. According to Malia's ideas. it happened off charter time when no guests were on board (just like the fall) ....
  4. Mat disrespected everyone on that boat, with his fake injury. Looks like he is back to flapping his jaw next week. He is pos One person can't be a Mob lol however she acted, that is what happens when the clique gets together against one person. She had no one.
  5. they wanted Lexi gone because she was hard to deal with. We don't always love our co-workers. They got their way and now they are all overworked. Boring episode too. Stupid not to bring Delaney back
  6. Salty? that's a little mild...He lied about his knee, quit twice and the rest of the time tried to dictate what Katie did. You missed my point. I never condoned anything that Lexi did, just saying most of the rest of them were pretty horrible too and are getting a free pass.
  7. I agree with you overall, I am just saying I can understand it. the mob mentality was out of control.
  8. I think Lexi was doing her job when the season first started, but as time went on, she lost interest. She was odd man out and the others had their little clique going. The only one really nice to her was Delaney. Lexi is no innocent, but neither are the rest and she no way deserved everyone going at her like mob rule. When Mat would take jabs and insult her and she fought back (way too hard) she then got attacked by the rest of them. It annoyed me that they let Mat get away with the fake injury and leaving. He even bullied Katie into getting rid of her and Delaney. Wrong or right, Katie s
  9. Devin is funny. Nany, imo gets carried every season. She stays out of elimination and doesn't fare well in the finals. Hasn't she like slept with everyone on mtv?
  10. It's groundbreaking for sure, but explain to me how this is any different than the all the white HGs getting together to vote out the minorities.
  11. Lexi is no saint here, but she did make an effort to keep her distance. Mat is an ass and always makes jabs at her. he started in on her first thing. the crew kisses up to him. but he clearly was a jerk when he faked his knee injury.
  12. Can we throw Matt off the Boat? he is annoying af and totally delusional. He wants the extra stew gone because he doesn't want to move a few things to another cabin. How much stuff can they have. He says if he can cook for 20 people, they can run the interior with 3. Did he just forget all the help he got from Lloyd with dinner...that he is doing family style every meal....that he already quit twice, faked a knee injury to get out of work? the guy is a tool
  13. I am sick of Tory already. You'd think she would have learned something from last season about talking too much. Not a champion, but still thinks she is better than everyone. She was a much better player when she was with Jordan.
  14. ^ and he so thought he was going to win. smug face and all.
  15. I agree with that. I feel the problem with this season was the idea that when it came to voting, the OG cast members kept their buddies around, when they were not part of true couples. Olivia, Jeremy should have been kicked off early on. That stopped other possible late comers to the show, in forming better relationships. A couple like Wes/Aimee never got a chance because of people like Olivia, Corey, Jeremy hanging on past their time. The Cash/Cinco mess also went on too long.
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