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  1. If you are familiar with the Kardashians-- its how they talk. The sort of quasi valley-girl speak where everything sounds breathy and a little creaky/scratchy. As if the effort of speaking in an of itself is exhausting.
  2. Hey-- does anyone know if Sirhan Surgeon got early parole along with all the other murderers and attempted murderers? (but I kid!) Sasha has the vocal fry
  3. I read this a while back so some of the differences I didn't catch. I didn't remember Ralph's son being at camp rather than dead. I think making Holly an African American is an interesting choice. Mostly because King has a tendency to not write AA characters all that well. (IMO the way he wrote Jerome in Mr. Mercedes was pretty tactless and I can't think of a single AA teen/young adult would behave or speak as he did).
  4. okay-- was the line "that guy hanging" or "those guys hanging" because discussing the film after seeing it this weekend. I thought it was "those guys" meaning-- they had already killed Rosie for suspicion of working for the resistance, then they went to her home to see if they could find proof. Which sounds pretty Gestapo-ish to me. It was amazing-- walking that tightrope between silliness and the seriousness of the subject matter.
  5. *sigh* if you're going to do some sort of opioid story, you need to learn how to spell it. O-P-I-O-I-D be better, show. If Brad was smart, he'd give the kid to Julian. That would piss off everybody, including Nelle.
  6. Thank you! He's got a small child who might be napping-- so how about y'all quit with the loud noises. also-- if Harrison Chase and Brooke Quartermain become a thing-- they should be H-Q
  7. I thought they were chem-testing Chase and Brooke-- which seems about right-- Chase/Willow have been pretty smooth sailing for most of their relationship. (except in the beginning when it seemed Michael might make a play for her). So it's time they had a few romantic bumps (the Shiloh stuff was basically just external forces rather than relationship trouble). I'm surprised they're going with an ELQ story-- but I'm curious to see how Michael balances his ELQ job with his Corinthos loyalty on the pier renovations. And I finally learned how big the Port Charles piers are-- 1-26 are legit-- 27 and upwards are for criminals. (I've heard the numbers go as high as 42-- that's the pier where everyone gets murdered, right?) (ahh, I see, based on comments-- Pier 52, not 42, is the murder spot)
  8. Well, it did give Curtis the chance to mansplain to Jordan, the former DEA agent, about the dangers of opioid addiction, Is that not reason enough? I'm assuming it's connected to the "Trina has connections elsewhere on the canvas" rumor.
  9. I'm fine with no host. After the opening monologue-- all the host does is introduce presenters-- and I'm all for cutting out extraneous chatter. I'm one of the few people who didn't like Billy Crystal as host because of his constant, "wasn't that great, folks" slowing down the show, and he also made jokes about how long the show was, which only served to make the show longer! I can't believe they wouldnt at least be tempted to pit husband and wife against each other (Gerwig/Baumbach) for Director.
  10. Didn't David mention at some point-- living in New York? maybe when Patrick was looking at places? The show continues its winning streak, and I learned a new word: habilimented (after Johnny's indecent exposure-- Moira promised the game warden she's keep him habilimented (because that's the most Moira word ever)
  11. I'm wondering if the "proposal" for Robert is their suspicions about Peter's role in Shiloh's escape? Because, of course these idiots are perfectly happy to be rats finks when it suits their purpose-- code? what code? Sonny's going to face another threat to his organization-- ho hum, wake me when its over.
  12. And in the middle of Valentine's flight from justice, Carly still wins the title of 'the worst' on today's show for basically telling Mike's cousin, " the holidays are over, get out." At midnight. On New Year's Eve! Also, why is half the town at the skating rink at midnight on NYE? Not to mention not a funny hat or noise maker in sight. Set dressers, wardrobe and props really dropped the ball, there.
  13. Is anyone else suspicious of all the 'Valentin is Charlotte's father's talk. Laura, Lulu, Jax, Sasha all reference him being a good dad, while Curtis and Jax go digging for the surrogate. I'm wondering if they're doing a paternity switch? I wasn't watching when Valentin first came on, is there a chance Helena just told him he was the dad?
  14. If Orange is the New Black got it right (Piper visiting her parole officer, not the other way around) than I think you, and not the show, got it right. And I everything I know about parolees comes from TV, but Sam probably can't be a PI because possessing a fire arm is a parole violation, so I'm guessing living with a hit man is a no-no.
  15. Best: Kevin as Ryan-- JL obviously had a blast-- and he played so well off MW. runner up: parts of the Shiloh story. The reveal of Willow's involvement-- Wiley's paternity-- her revealing to Chase her past-- her help in getting Krissy out of Dawn of Day. It wasn't all good -- but there were beats of that story that were extremely well played-- and obviously well thought out. It's clear someone was showing up and doing their jobs. It's a shame that Shiloh had to be the evilest evil that ever eviled-- because it meant he couldnt stay around-- and the actor brought really good energy to his scenes-- even playing opposite wet dishrag Sam. Worst: Chachi-- they are going to keep trying to make him the second coming of Stone/Jason/Sonny's chosen one blech.
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