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  1. Recasts: Sarah Brown was Original Carly, then brought back as Claudia Z And Tamara Braun was Carly2 and came back as Kim Nero. At this point, if the show is hell bent on keeping LWB around, they should kill off Peter and make him someone else. Peter is done ( IMO) he killed Franco, framed Jasus, and tried to kill Chase. I can't see Peter as viable as anything but the mustache twirling villain he is now.
  2. Two and a half episodes in, didn't read the source material. I have some real issues with Yorick... billions are dead, and he doesn't try to contact his mom? He shows up in DC and immediately starts criticizing how things are run ( worried about the dead carrying diseases Mr. Wades into a Flooded NYC Subway to Look for a Monkey?) Not to mention asking Diane Lane to find his g.f. by sending critical resources to Cleveland. ( Don't get me started on the damn monkey) I just wish the ( presumably) last man in the world had one redeeming quality. A flawed character I can
  3. Peter has contacts in Port Charles who keep him posted on Leisl's whereabouts?!! Man, Johnny's guys must be hard up for work.
  4. Yeah, 'Mike' is sweet and gentle, as long as everyone tells him how great he is and never disagrees or challenges him. ( The local cop, Elijah, Jax, Peter). Then he goes right into angry/threatening Sonny-like attitude. How many times has Nina told him to go away because his hostility was making a situation worse? And I'm confused about who the five families are, if that meeting consisted of Mrs Woo, Novak... That third guy, and Corinthos makes four... They didn't let Cyrus in so idk who the five are.
  5. I actually didn't mind Austin talking around the issue of Leo's behavior. He's not a specialist ( although when has that stopped any doc at GH). He didnt want to throw out a diagnosis that could cause a strong reaction. ( Case in point, my niece's pediatrician suggested she could be autistic when she was around 4. My brother and SIL were extremely upset, took her to a specialist, and she was diagnosed with learning challenges, but was not anywhere on the spectrum. ) Which is a long- winded way of saying a responsible doc wouldn't just throw out a diagnosis, they would suggest
  6. Yeah, the 'Jason could be in love with Carly' is some grade A fanfiction bullshit. And did anyone else notice SMike got to call out Jax for 'betraying' Nina... That alone should have caused a few Sonny flashbacks. (Sigh... So much barware, so little smashing)
  7. I'm assuming that because of Anna and Dante's rehashing Creighton-Clark history, and the flunkeys spoke in a foreign language, I'm guessing a not-dead Victor Cassadine is behind these plane shenanigans. Also, Mike was serving white wine with red sauce. So he's dead to me.
  8. It wasn't just that Finn/Chase and BLQ we're working so hard to absolve Willow, it's that they recycled dialogue nearly word for word. "There was never a good time, Chase collapse, then was dying, then couldn't walk." As for Peter, it's not just that his acting is bad, it that his dialogue is awful. Who the hell says 'very well' outside of a period drama. He's just so over the top.
  9. Man, WR is truly gawd-awful. As nonesensical as it is that Nina would fall for Mike knowing his real identity, if she betrays Maxie, and puts Bailey at risk to keep this secret, she's pretty much ruined as a character.
  10. I assumed it was a dress, you know how Drew loves putting Sam in skirts. I'm really wondering how Peter's blackmail of Nina will go? Will he threaten to go back to Port Charles where he's wanted on murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and other assorted charges, to spill the beans about Smike?
  11. Now, the soapy thing for Chase to do would be to give the proof to Michael. Challenge him to choose between telling the truth (Austin does have a claim) or his own self interest ( keeping the Q shares as is) and then have Michael hide the proof and Willow question his character. But Michael always has things made easy for him, so that won't happen. I'm just glad Chase stayed a good guy, I'd seriously be bummed if he was made to be the bad guy just to make Michael seem good by comparison.
  12. Milliwtonin is the perfect name for them!
  13. So what is the point of Peter's return, and to Nixon Falls. It probably means he learns Sonny is alive, and blackmails Nina for... Reasons. And also, crap...why does he have to be alive?!? ( The only upside is that Finn can stop flagellating himself)
  14. I'm just curious how GH's security cameras, which were so numerous that two longtime staffers ( Liz and Finn) couldnt figure out a way to circumvent them to dispose of Peter's body, also failed to capture a single shot of a teenager, presumably unfamiliar with the hospital layout, setting fire to a car. I also was annoyed at Esmee being set up as a foil for Joss instead of Trina. It's Trina's story. she is friends with Ava, she was interested in Spencer (she got doused with fake blood meant for ava). It feels like the show taking away material from Trina to provide a showcase for Joss.
  15. More weird timelines today. It's late enough for fireworks at the four-person 'rager' but Sasha has an ultrasound and Ava is having coffee with Portia. I'm guessing that Spencer is responsible for most of the stalker stuff ( cockroach, hand, stuffed animal, blood shower) but the car fire is Ryan through the hench-nurse. Ryan probably recruited her after people started accusing him of stalking Ava, and the nurse will try and frame Spencer.
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