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  1. Joss is officially the worst. Joss was glad Cam didn't shoot Jason, not because it endangers Jason, not because it would ruin Cam's life, but because she would never be able to forgive him.
  2. I'm thinking ( re: Jason's shooting) that the security video cuts out and doesn't show Cam shooting the gun. But the gun he held was the gun that shot Jasus. So Jasus will lie and say the dead bad guy shot him, saving Cam from prison, and ( of course) teaching Cam that Jasus is the good and kind mobster ( blech).
  3. Oh crap! I didn't even think of that. Joss will bring some home, and Carly will recognize Sonny's recipe ( insert epic eye roll). Today was good soap, I'm just so sad Cam is gonna have his life ruined over this. In his defense, he was witness to what was essentially a prison break, and tried to stop it.
  4. I'm so tired of Cyrus going around town, bullying people into being his friends/family. He started out scary, now he's just pathetic.
  5. So, I guess Anna is going to keep telling people, one by one, about Peter's evil doings. First Finn, now Maxie. You know she's gonna spill to Jason eventually. Pretty soon half of PC will know, but poor Chase will still be lying in the hospital, not knowing what's wrong with him.
  6. Again, every character on the show has to be stupid in order for the plotpoint to work. Gladys, the star 'witness' against Jason, was also complicit in the Dev immigration fraud. If Cyrus exposes Brando, he loses Gladys too, and no one can do that math. ( That is, if any federal agency even cares about one dead teen) I'm just relieved that Wiley finally was put to bed, it's hours after the Bernardino dinner and people are still dropping in at the boathouse so Michael can talk about Willow.
  7. The most frustrating thing about the Peter/ Val/Anna scenes is that Val/ Anna have to be stupid in order for Peter's plan to work. He told them he got to Finn ( actually Chase, because of the lazy Susan of doom) at the restaurant. So send one of Valentine's minions to Bernardino's, bribe somebody to find out who served the table, and presto! They could get the waiter to flip on Peter. ( Unless Peter had him killed. ) Also, Peter has been working on his own toxins?!?!?! Mr- Trying-to-be-a-good-man has been developing poisons as a sideline this whole time?!?!? And chose to sabotage Drew's p
  8. He is about two or three episodes away from LITERALLY tying someone to train tracks-- so over the top is his villainy. Here's my question for the two spies, why aren't either of them recording him. He keeps monologging like the cartoon villain that he is. "Someone you care about will DIE if you don't let me GOOOOOOO." I mean, Franco was clever enough to record his confession, but Anna and Valentin aren't, come on show. And Franco's phone is a bit of a Chekhov's gun. I mean I know Peter deleted it, but shouldn't it be in the cloud somewhere?
  9. "when we slept together, in the nursery." Is just so many kinds of wrong. Poor Willow, she sparked with Chase, with Michael, she'll be killed off or Stepford-wived.
  10. Well, if Michael takes over the bidness, Willow should leave him and take Wiley. ( She made limited contact with Julian a provision of the original adoption because of his criminal history)
  11. I'm trying to figure out how the Peter story doesn't end with every one in Port Charles as a suspect in Peter's murder. He is so over-the- top EEEEEVIIIILLL, going around town taunting everyone his crimes have hurt, this has got to be leading up to a whodunnit.
  12. co-sign! the sheriff's bluster can get a little old, so him finally recognizing that Liz's work solved the case, and then publicly asking her (via Karaoke) to come back to work was great. Also, just great low key physical comedy of Alan Tudyk awkwardly eating Edible Arrangements. and I was waiting for the bus flashback to payoff-- damn Terry O'Quinn-- lost his baby!
  13. Monday was just good soap. You had different people interacting (Valentin with Olivia/ Robert with Maxie) you had people not acting like complete idiots (hooray for Maxie changing the locks and Britt for picking apart LWB's lame arguments for getting inside Maxie's place) You did have the comedy gold of Chase's reaction shots to Brooke's belly and the notion that he would 'step up' as the daddy. (also the shot of Nina towering over Sonny) and with Nina coming face-to-face with Sonny-- GH has FINALLY done something interesting with that story. (he 'died' in late December and it's now
  14. If they're keeping Gonzo around, he can teach at PCU, where Joss/Trina/Cam/ Spencer can go when they decide to stay close to home. @perkie1968 brings up a good point about the Brook/Val baby... They just had Britt warning Valentin about Peter's revenge. He's totally gonna grab that baby.
  15. It was good to see CB again, but it just made me mad and sad that his character had to be sacrificed on the altar of Emily/Nic, and that he was gunned down as a cop killer because Courtney wouldn't fess up to shooting Officer Brian to save Jason. I thought there were lots of good interactions yesterday (Valentin and the Coven, Brooke and Michael) but honestly, if Maxie doesn't change the locks pronto I'm gonna go nuts. She should move into Ava's building (the one that has security camera's on every entrance).
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