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  1. hertolo

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    There's a few ways to explain Mindy St. Claire: She may be in a bad place especially designed for her (but maybe belonging to another bureaucratic division so that Michaels Boss couldn't get in), there may have been a glitch when she did that one positive thing (as it was a new category, it could have gotten an insane amount by the accident of 8 billion accountants being wrong?) or it could be anything else really. They've done so many loops that the success of the narrative of this show doesn't hinge for me on every detail being correct. As it is a show that only gradually reveals its secrets, they may have had to tinker with the scenario a bit in the earlier phases. We learned a lot with Mindy that we would miss if she didn't exist, didn't we? I did however see that "nobody got the Good Place" thing coming, but it's interesting where they take it from here. Will it be empty? Will the angels be arrogant stuck-ups or naive do gooders that can't get anything done? Will there be angels or is it just an empty world? And finally, yes D’Arcy Carden was awesome. At first I thought: Will they really do a bottle episode with one actress playing 5 of 6 main characters? (I hoped the other actors would not get paid by episode... ;-)). But again, she deserves every praise.
  2. hertolo

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    I'm catching up a bit going fast through the episodes and I just have to say: This is a comedy, right? I mean it's so over the top. It's not an educational show though with its misrepresentation of the fifties and of what prison is about. That just cements stereotypes. But well....
  3. hertolo

    S04.E02: Do No Harm

    Yes, Claire seem to be modernised to 2018-sensibilities compared to earlier seasons, not even 1960ies ones. I mean the absolute shock of Claire at seeing the Slaves, how long has she been back to the US mainland now? She should have had ample time of contemplating this world on all those slow travels around. And Jaime, how has Claire turned his sensibilities of the time so throughly? At least he should have known what you can do without bringing his aunt into peril herself. I didn‘t know how hard it was to free a slave. I did know that they wouldn‘t be as free since they would have to convince people constantly that they are not a slave. Nice callback though with that explanation to the previous episode and the Riverboat Former Slave who saved his masters life. Speaking of which, they quite quickly dispensed with their colleague dying during that raid (Do I remember that correctly?). I imagined them to go after the robbers or anything, but I guess that is for later in the season? I do like that this show absolutely shows us a „global“ history over the seasons as we often think of history in timelines locked in one place. The rural real Scotland of the first seasons and these slave plantations: (practically) the same time. That‘s very valuable and kind of really up to date from current historical research. Very valuable to let that hit home with entertainment viewers. :) I also like that this is a real adult show. There are no antics, it takes its time and teaches us. The plot isn‘t as foreground as in most other contemporary tv shows. It‘s more like a book in that way. And that is good. Also i now need to go look up whether Riverrun was named after the Tully seat in A Song of Ice and Fire/GoT, the books would have been written around the same time, I think.
  4. hertolo

    S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    Ah, ok, I must have overheard that comment then. There was a lot of talking and setting up in my defense though. Thanks for the correction.
  5. hertolo

    S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    I really have to pay better attention to the Wigs, since well I didn't notice it... I belong to the side that really loved the juxtaposition in the end scene with the music. To me, it was less a "let's put modern music over it for irony", but more a reaction to Claire's romanticizing of colonial North America throughout the episode. In this form, it served a narrative purpose of reminding us viewers that all that patriotic mysticism is really just invented afterward. One of the main jobs of historians by the way is to slowly chip away at all these preconceptions and that's why I believe this song here serves especially well in contrasting the text of a pristine land of opportunity with robbers and uncertainty and no infrastructure at all. Lastly, the discussion between Cherokee and Mohawks seems moot since the opening scene you are referring to had 2000 BC as an indication of time, no? So that's about 3500 years before those nations would have existed. (To be honest, I am not sure on the migration patterns on the American continent, but that are enough years to be sure that those natives would have been totally different). If I missed another reference to the natives in this episode, I am sorry for my tone :-)-
  6. hertolo

    S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    The star of this episode was obviously the over -the-top American-style restaurant. All the puns they put in there, incredibly. It seems to me that they designed this episode around that joke which kinda explains why it is more of a 'basic' episode. Classic sitcom jokes and no big turnaround. And yes, Trevor made me uncomfortable, but I guess that was his point? He played his role well... And since they so quickly got here, I'm curious what they plan next and really have no idea what this could be. And that's why I like this show.
  7. hertolo


    Yeah, why the cliffhanger... I liked all the callbacks in the episodes, it made everything a little bit more coherent. I also like how stupid many of the jokes were, just the right level of silliness. But yes, the humor here is more hidden than with Futurama or the Simpsons.
  8. hertolo

    S05.E13: Damocles Part Two

    Yeah, I understand Monty and Harper wanting to have a break from all this needless drama. And I guess there are good reasons for the other open questions too. Like, they couldn't go in and out of cryo-sleep for a week or so every year, they had to age linearly because... cryo-sleep just functions that way? Like, they didn't want their only son to grow up alone, but .... Harper had a medical emergency? Like, Monty can only work on his own so he never woke up anyone else? I agree with a point made above, it would have bee better had everyone stayed awake for a few weeks at first so they could have aired their grievances. But I do believe that they will have all forgot about them anyways once they wake up next season. I am curious though what that "End of Book 1" Teaser was about. Didn't the book at the base end way earlier anyways? The new planet will most certainly be inhabited by humans. I can't see them creating expensive CGI-aliens, and the previous ships make that possible. What level this civilization will be, is totally up in the air though... But I am sure they will find a way to create drama, violence, misunderstandings, war and so on for the next season somehow, even though that was the most boring part of this season. As for the two final episodes, I don't have much to say. Like with most episodes this season, a lot of action and not much development. All the drama of the whole season was resolved in a quick "the commanders have a plan" & let's shoot McCreary. So yeah, lots of wasted screentime.
  9. hertolo

    S05.E11: The Dark Year

    That was dull, hope the finale will be better.
  10. hertolo

    S05.E10: The Warriors Will

    I'm on Team Monty here. Otherwise that was a filler episode with set up for the action sequences that didn't make sense. Oh, and one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet. If you have a full earth of wasteland around you, don't bury the dead in a fertile spot, go to the desert.
  11. hertolo

    S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    So I caught up, watched in three segments and it was fine. The Finale felt a little bit like a previously on. They seem to have just used the planned set-up for the third season, cut away the locations outside of Europe for cost reasons and shortened the rest as far as possible. Which meant a few awkward scenes and plot holes. Rajan accepting everything would certainly have taken up more room else, and not necessarily in a conflict way, but maybe also in just a long long talk. Or how fast they jumped over the "what do we do in Napoli" situation, I didn't even get the conflict lines there at first. The more peaceful scenes also seemed a bit tucked in. The part on the train where they enjoy music together would have made for an excellent feel-good episode ender. And I kinda found it strange that they put the orgy right at the end, but whatever. It was a fitting end, although I would have been ok with half the story and the normal pace. But this way, their story is told to an end. I wouldn't even want more since more would necessarily mean more of the "politics" and intrigue and less of the awkward "getting to know their powers"-phase which I honestly like more. So, yes, this was fanservice right down to nobody dying when they stormed that palazzo (though I must admit, although I was expecting it, Kala being shot hit me as well ....). But I'm okay with fanservice. Heaven knows, some optimistic outlook and positive notes can't hurt in this world.
  12. hertolo

    S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

    No, Abby is the best character of the moment, because she is interesting. I don't like her either, but I can clearly see her story, her inner struggle, her flaws and what she is trying to do. I can't really do that with most main characters. Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, Indra, Raven, they just fight with each other for a throne. Sometimes one side has the upper hand, sometimes another. That's just boring. What's interesting are characters with plans and convictions, like Monty, Kane, probably even Dioza and McCreary (though here it could be that it's the first time we are seeing them fight and scheme). They kinda botched the 6-year jump. While relations have changed, they tried to introduce mysteries in not telling us how. Mentioning the dark year over and over again without us knowing what it is is faux suspense. It's a trick. They'll get a big reveal, but probably on a rewatch we will be asking ourselves "why?" and "that doesn't make sense". And the repetition will get on our nerves more than it already does... And I don't think the characters have changed all that much in 6 years. They should have learned a lot, instead they seem to do the same mistakes as before, just in different constellations of who likes who... That's not real character growth.
  13. hertolo

    S05.E04: Pandora's Box

    There are a lot of small jumps to get the story moving fast. I'd rather they'd make a big jump to start with a clean slate. Oh wait, didn't they just do that with the 6 year jump, so why do we have to have this convoluted storytelling only intended to get us to standoffs and action sequences.... Boring, but Handwavium as stated above kinda hits in on the head. Yeah, they are not shy about trying out all possible Sci-Fi scenarios now with a sickness coming (Alien?). They also need to if they want to have anything to tell later on if this is not the final season. They will find something for sure, but I just can't imagine what for the moment...
  14. hertolo

    S05.E02: Red Queen

    Catching up, that was just the worst possible way to resolve that situation. Kinda like the opposite of "the Martian" in that it is not about what human ingenuity can achieve out of restricted resources and (here) cooperation, but about how you can destroy a functioning safety instrument as quickly as possible. And I just don't like that story. I would be interested in one about re-construction, about how a transparent democracy was established, about how an intelligent leader made the clans work together by splitting them up, making them learn from each other and building one society. First step, taking away all the weapons. But of course this isn't that show. And that is okay, but in this case, I want to get back to the characters that interest me most which apart from Miller and Jackson is literally no one in there (yeah, what happened to the first boyfriend? Actor unavailable? a death I missed last season?).
  15. hertolo

    S05.E01: Eden

    Stop trying to rationalize the science of this show. We are long past that. This is a TV show interested in the action & romance part so that is what we get and why we need new villains our heroes can fight. It is not a novel or an indie movie which would precisely be interested in the questions of how and why & in any non-romantic relationships. For example, I would have assumed that Monty & Harper would have had a kid in these 6 years. But in the end, all these discussions on "how to repopulate" isn't what the show is interested in. That is just window dressing, it's very much not a sci-fi show but rooted in our own current society. Having said all that, I found the episode interesting. The beginning was a bit long, but I think it served the point well that Clarke had it better in Eden than the ones in the bunker or in space. And the station was clearly deserving more screen time. It's like they wanted to create mysteries by just not telling us what exactly happened... Oh, and I'm already fearful for the cute guy of the prison ship, you know the one they call intelligent and his two non-violent offenders...