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  1. hertolo

    The Great

    No, Leo is cute, with that smille and everything. He's not a classic dashing womanizer, but then I guess that's the point. I don't think the show makes so much fun at Russia, but rather at the Aristocracy in general. I love the show as well. I think it's a good starting point for a discussion on history, historiography and our modern culture of memory. Because it is fun at first. And it takes up so many clichees that we can ask: Wait, really? I feel that's worth more than trying to be as historically precise as possible.
  2. It‘s so sad that this show doesn‘t seem to spark much interest. I‘m only slowly getting through all episodes, but this is because every one of these first three has been excellent and a story in their own right. I love the humour and the sarcasm. And even though everything is exaggerated and not realistic, it hits the points it‘s wanting to make.
  3. hertolo

    S01.E01: Nimue

    I dont know. Too many tropes, irrational decisions and too much violence. Not that I couldn‘t take it, but that‘s just not how life works. As I‘ve only heard bad reviews, I guess I‘ll pass on the other episodes.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to exuse them. And that is why a clear shift is seen between the seasons. But "slightly" enhanced? Maybe it's my European perspective speaking here, but it all seemed a little bit much fantastical to me. So yes, I kinda forgot about Montys two helpers, but I did just assume they had to leave as well... What the football team did was more than banter, but I strongly believe to them it only seemed as banter. That's the very problem with so many of these topics: you first have to convince the perpetrators thzt what they are doing is really bad. I though
  5. Guys and Girls, shows like this aren't meant to be a realistic depiction of Life. Just count all the horrible trauma that has happened over four seasons. And all these strange antics, the characters get into. How much time do they have on their hand? So a lot of the questions and discussions (college interviews, SAT, why were those two at the end speech?) are easily explained by how a TV show is produced. No need to explain them in universe, the point of the show is another. And it has learned compared to season 1. For example, they show Jessica and Diego getting a HIV-test. Unnecessary s
  6. Add me in to the line that didn't understand why they had to use the name Rock Hudson. If you change his life arc so radically, you may as well just give a new name. I can see the merits of this alternative history. It's optimistic tone tells us more about todays societal discussion though. But that's okay, we can have other avenues for serious discussion of the media. Series are entertainment and also have the task to wet the appetite. And I do think that this series manages this marvelously. I also like the emphasis that culture is just as political and most often a more productive
  7. I am not as fast in watching so yes, these threads always are a bit strange. Three episodes in, I kinda like the season, especially Uthreds son seems interesting. Otherwise, there is much repeating of tropes, situations, discussions. The world is apparently always ending. But I like that the show makes me go on wikipedia tangents still.
  8. Yeah, what a gay episode. Jack may become a little bit to Mary Sue-like. I know, he lies to his wife and has been to jail, but he is so morally upstanding, it‘s a bit annoying. A little bit of homophobia would have the character appear more realistic or life-like in my mind. He will get some flaws in the next episodes, I am sure. I‘m still waiting for the transformation of Rock Hudson. He was such a huge star, he would have needed to be talented? Also his insecurities here don‘t really jive with him knowing what to do at the gas station in the Pilot. I guess, they needed to knock him dow
  9. I like this episode as it made the „culture is political“ argument so very well. I usually nowadays hear it about European Integration, but it is as true here. Works of Culture can shape our imagination and contribute to a societal discussion, and politics will react then afterwards since it is democratic and democracy is slow (and that‘s a good thing by the way). But I can see how this will result in alternative Hollywood history. That just makes the series relevant for today‘s discussion on societal questions. It is okay, we have documentaries for the facts, this show is about the „feel
  10. hertolo


    Yeah, this show is ridiculous. But I love it nevertheless. Just go with the flow. They ended all the story arcs this season, tieing a neat little bow on a third act-story. Very classic storyline. But then they add a little „two months later“ that can open everything up for an epilogue season. And even if they add a few more seasons after that, these first three seasons will be the storyline they set up to tell. An exposition opener that leads to the main drama set-off (season 1), a diversion that could have led somewhere and introduces other players (season 2), and the solution to the drama th
  11. I liked this episode: Seeing the Milkoviches again and that confusion about who murdered the Parole Officer. Also the kneeling storyline. And the racist aunt. But yes, it seems the storylines are getting shallower and shorter. Seems like they ran to the well one too many times. But it has been a good run for shameless anyways.
  12. For those who didn‘t like this episode or who wanted something „that would move the story forward“, just remember a few episodes back. We got a scene where Jason got all his memories back. That was over in a blink of a second and then he was reserved enough in hell to get Janet out of there. That felt a bit strange, right? We as viewers didn‘t believe it quite (also because it‘s Jason). This is the same here. If Chidi is about to give the answer, we do need to believe he is capable and that is why him remembering his whole life is so important. It makes us understand the genius that will
  13. What a wonderful show. Very self-conscious, but doesn‘t take itself too seriously. Full of plotholes, but they don‘t really matter. Very meta, but set design is more important in that regard than plot. 🙂 This universe doesn‘t have to make sense in itself, it‘s just a good story that makes you think. And that‘s good enough for me.
  14. Just discovered this show by the way of youtube recommendations and had to watch that one clip a few too many times to understand it. I guess, I‘m going to catch up slowly now...
  15. Nah, I can‘t see them making the soulmate thing canon for heaven. That would really push the idea that monogamy is right and everything else is wrong. I do think that they will go past that in the resolution of the story. The episode was good, I definitely get the impression that this show is on its home stretch. They still have a lot of fun and again: you learn a lot by watching the show. See Solipsism.
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