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  1. So far I am thrilled with the event final podiums, what a great mix of countries and gymnasts! I'll start with Vault and how wonderful it was to see Rebecca win (and whipping out a surprise Amanar last minute, what a queen!). Her Chengs have been a thing of beauty this Olympics, ironically the one which won her gold may have been her 'worst' one but overall she was clearly the superior vaulter with her impeccable form. Not a huge Skinner fan but can respect her hard work and resilience and her vaults have improved. Yeo getting on the podium to join her dad as Olympic vault medallists, wha
  2. Wow. Well that was a very eventful team final! I think most people have covered the situation with Simone already, she made the right decision to protect her health and while there seems to be a minority of social media trolls, I'm actually impressed that her teammates, coaches, peers and (most) mainstream media have been very supportive of her choice to prioritise her mental health. We have come a long way from when Gabby Douglas was dragged through the mud in Rio and then basically abandoned to cope on her own. She spoke quite recently (when Osaka pulled out of the French) about the huge men
  3. Scores don't carry over and are reset to zero for the final so all the qualified teams will start again from scratch. I think the US are still favourites for gold, I would be very surprised to see them have the same level of mistakes again. I am curious who will go up for the US for each event - will they keep Jordan on Uneven Bars and Beam or just put her in the floor/vault line-up?
  4. Well that was an exciting qualifications! Being in the same time zone I even got to watch most of it live which never happens. Surprised that Russian qualified first but they really did have a fabulous day with their top three hitting absolutely everything. I feel bad for Listunova who was the one 2-pc out, they were all sooo close to each other's scores! It will be interesting to see if they can replicate this performance again in finals - I really hope they do because a close team final would be a lot of fun to watch. Some nerves perhaps for the US team but I can't see them making
  5. cesstar


    It's interesting to see how the extra year has impacted different athletes. For someone like Morgan Hurd who looked in great form winning the American Cup in early 2020 the extra year has been a huge challenge with several elbow surgeries basically scuppering her chances. For someone like Jordan Chiles the extra year has given them the time they needed to adjust to new coaches and peak at the right time. It's a cruel game of luck in many ways! I was really surprised that they denied Morgan's petition, normally they allow athletes like her the honour of being able to complete their journey
  6. I'm a book reader who wasn't a massive fan of Roger in the books either (although I didn't dislike him) so for me it's not about the actors playing them. I think both actors do a great job with their characters. I think the Jamie character is possibly the harder one to get right given the huge amount of charisma he is supposed to project. You need to really believe why people would follow him into war, back in time etc. They hit the jackpot with Sam in my opinion. Roger is certainly a man of his time. This is an interesting contrast with the other main characters who are all, to some exte
  7. cesstar

    Tennis Thread

    The crowd was absolutely appalling, I'm actually shocked by the classless behaviour at the Djokovic game. Sure people can have their favourites but show some effing respect to the players. Boorish tennis fans are really turning me off this sport, it's getting worse and worse.
  8. A nice article on Caitriona in The Irish Times It also states that her and Sam have been made producers for Season 5.
  9. This was great! And Claire had a bit of side-eye going on too. Looking forward to more reactions next season! I thought she had good chemistry with Lord John (although who wouldn't!?). I quite like her as Jamie and Claire's daughter too, those scenes worked for me although it's obviously not romantic chemistry! Maybe their onscreen spark will develop as the show goes on but sometimes it just doesn't happen. It's not a show-stopper on it's own but when the writing around the relationship is weak as well it's harder to overcome.
  10. I'm very curious what you mean by that. I don't know what you felt needed to be earned or by whom. As a viewer I didn't feel invested enough in their relationship to be emotionally moved by the moment (which was clearly directed to be seen as a big climatic scene). To pull off a dramatic run to your loved one reunion without looking cliche or overly sappy I feel like you need to really believe in the relationship. For me personally, I haven't seen enough of them together to understand why they love each other. They have spent most of their relationship apart, she rejected his marria
  11. A solid finale although not my favourite (season 2 is probably). They did a good job of wrapping things up while also laying the groundwork for next season. I feel we got a bit shortchanged on Ian this season but the scene between him and Jamie broke my heart. Really well acted and they sold the emotion. I liked Jocasta and Murtagh, although I'm not sure where they will take it now that Murtagh is a wanted man. I felt so sorry for Bree that neither her parents or Roger were around for her giving birth, and then with Roger not returning straight away... How awful for her. I did
  12. cesstar


    Well, another Worlds is over! I really enjoyed the bits that I was able to see, highlights included Aliya still looking fab on bars, Lui TingTing finally winning a beam medal, Morgan winning silver on floor (I just love her expression and theatricality!), Alexa Moreno winning the first ever medal for Mexico, Simone debuting her new vault (could she end up with elements named on all four events!?), Mai finally getting her AA medal, and most importantly - no injuries! The US team looks so strong, obviously with Simone they have an incredible buffer but this was a really nicely balanced team
  13. cesstar


    Great competition so far, no injuries (I don't think?) and so many gymnasts performing to their potential. Loved Aliya casually throwing out a floor routine even though she's been focussing on beam and bars, she is such an icon. It was adorable to see Morgan Hurd in the audience fan-girling over her! For the US, it was great to see Kara Eaker perform so solidly on beam, what a tough one-event to have to deliver on. She did great. Hurd was definitely on during qualifications, thrilled for her to qualify to floor and bars as well as AA. Although I also really like Riley so it was a shame to
  14. cesstar


    Huh? I didn't know Gabby was going the acting route! I had a quick look and it seems like it's an actual role (i.e. not as herself). I don't have Hallmark but will be interested to hear how she goes! An article on Ellie Downie, looks like she will do AA at the Championships. Apart from Simone, the women's AA field is very competitive this year - Hurd/McCusker/McCullum (it's a toss of the coin who will be the second qualifier!), Murakami, Black, Melnikova, even some of the French and Belgium girls could end up on the podium. Very exciting!
  15. cesstar


    Lol. Don't hold your breath on the decently lit auditorium..... I would love Mai to retain her floor title! That was a wonderful moment when she won last year. Other (WAG) wishes: Hurd medals on floor, Mustafina wins bars, Belgium and Australia make team finals, Romania get a respectable score... oh and no injuries please!
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